Endurance Warranty Serviceservice was not completely honored

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I bought this bumper to bumper service about 18 months ago and have finally paid it off in full. My car's engine went out on me and I was nervous about using this service and praying that it was not a scam. My car sat at the dealership for two weeks waiting on an approval from the warranty service. They said they needed every oil change receipt that I had from the time I purchased the warranty. I provided them with every single one I had (which was all but one). After calling them every day, the woman I spoke to said she needed all the receipts from the time I purchased the car. I told her they requested only the ones from the time I purchased the warranty and she said no, we need every single one from the date of purchase. Fine. So I had to call up every company that I had taken the car to get serviced at during the 3 years that I had owned it and finally found and faxed in all the receipts that I needed. Meanwhile the car is still sitting at the dealership and I am paying for a rental car out of pocket. Finally the 3rd week, I get the approval from the warranty service. They approved the claim but would not approve 2 of the NECESSARY tests the dealer had to do to find out what was wrong with the car. Then they insisted the dealer use aftermarket parts. The dealer would not use aftermarket parts since they would not be able to guarantee the work with it. So after all was said and done, the warranty covered 1/2 the cost of the service, and I had to eat the other half plus the $600 for the 3 weeks I had to rent a car for a total out of pocket expense of $1500! As a consolation, the warranty will cover 2 days rental for $35 per day. Thanks so much guys! Believe me, I have learned a valuable lesson and I will not be recommending your service to anyone. EVER!


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      Jun 20, 2011

    But did they approve ur request? and did u get ur engine changed for the deductible of $100 and nothing else ??
    Plz share soon... thanks..

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