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Enbridge Gas, Torontopoor and horrible customer care

We have oil heating, and the water tank also is oil fired and started leaking. As it was still summer, and instead of going for a new hot water tank we decided to apply for enbridge gas line. In the first call itself we explained to them that there is no hot water and we hope enbridge will rush up the installation process. We sent all the required forms on the 29th of august, and called back. The CSR confirmed the week of 21st of September, enbridge is going to lay the line for sure. The week before also we received a call confirming the same.
But the actual week, nothing was done until friday. We had to make several calls, the CSR gives another no., and the lady overthere says she cant reach the contractors. After 10days, the blaim was put on the city, that they didnt send the water locate. So we called the city, and the next day itself the water locate was sent by the city. Acutally it looked like enbridge didnt put it as a rush, and so city was taking little time. But after getting the water locate, even now it is not done, and enbridge now is saying that ours has to wait.
Since a month and half there is no hot water in the house, and we are heating water on the stove. This is the worst Customer Service ever that I had seen in Canada. Since 22nd of september, I had called Enbridge atleast 3-4times a day, and spent atleast 30mins a day about the same, as every time I have to explain to them from beginning. Enbridge needs to understand the value of time and the discomfort too. Also they need to handle their contractors more professionally, and priorotise their calls properly.


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    Bontan Dec 07, 2009

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    C.E. McLaughlin Dec 11, 2009

    Like everyone else I have been hit by the economic downturn and now the threat of a new tax is going to add to myself [and others] financial woes. As a responsible tax paying, home owning, self employed citizen, I do my best to pay my bills in full and on time. However sometimes I am forced to pay everyone a portion 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/2 of the amount due. Ordinarily it may take me a month or so to get caught up where everyone is paid on time and credit happiness is shared by all. I am just an average person so I cannot be alone in the UNFAIR PRACTICE that has Enbridge insisting on placing a $420.00 DEPOSIT on my account. Now it doesn't take a math genius to realize that if someone doesn't have the funds to pay their account in full, for 3 months in a row [but has always made a reasonable payment], what makes them think I can come up with OR that they are justified in receiving a whopping deposit? Remember I have never written a bad cheque or missed payments for a long period of time. Are there other out there? Also when I called to discuss this with the head office NO ONE ever returned my call.


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    ganou Jun 17, 2010
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    Short quick out line to my story. Purchased a house in Feb 2010, got my first bill from Enbridge in March...checked out the bill as it was astronimical, so went a checked the meter reading (it says they did a reading on the meter on this bill.) Ironically enough it was far less than what I was billed for so I called and they opened a case. Gave them the meter reading, and they said they would send someone out right away to ensure I had given the proper reading (ok to second guess my reading, but its just 5 simple numbers on my meter)

    So jump to April, May and June...still getting bills on all 3 months, all with estimates and each time I call to correct the issue because they are charging me for over 300 cubic meters each month, and I used less than 100. I get every excuse given to me about why its still not correct nor has my case been resolved. I've been told the meter reader could not open the gate, I've been told there is a dog in the back yard, I've been told they were once told they were not allowed on my property, I've been told that its hard to use the new computer / web based system and now today get told that it could take another 3 months to resolve. All the meanwhile my account billing has been suspended till this is resolved (because I refuse to pay 600 dollars for gas that I have never even used) I have been proactive in trying to rectify the issue, as well as not get dinged with a $600 bill. I've giving them actual meter readings each month since I got my first bill and still no answers. The case is still pending.

    So four months and still no resolution, I know I would get fired for not doing something for over 3 months at my the hell do they get away with this?

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