I was saw by a P.A. on 10/21/2015 at Saint Joseph Emory Hospital by Kendall Gallman after I went to the hospital emergency room as I feeling like heart was pounding and I had also had some what I called seizures but also mini strokes. I was really dizzy, nauseated, fatigued, and just not feeling well so I got a driver (Uber) to get there as my vision has been impaired from swelling on brain. They took me back to a room and began asking question and started a few tests but after I saw the assistant that came in I mentioned that I recognized him but was not clear where right then so I had my computer with me and decided to look up his information online at vitals/healthgrades which he did not like so he left room to go take care of "crazies" that really needed help and when I asked to go to bathroom when nurse came in she said it was not needed as they did were sending me home. I was told they saw nothing wrong and I needed to leave right then which confused me so I said asked if I could at least see or take tests with me the nurse said sign and leave. I did not sign as I could not even read the paper she gave to me to sign but I did start to put my clothes back on but before I was finished security came to door (2 males) and stood with it open and said they were to escort me out. I was not offered a wheelchair and when asked to let me finish dressing without door wide open to everyone but that was not a option as I was told to leave right then or else. I was trying to just leave but had no way to go anywhere since the driver had left so they not only wanted me out of room but out of hospital altogether as Security said they were to escort me from the building. I sat down to figure out what to do in lobby and they still said no and after me making many attempts at getting a ride I left. This was unbelievable as I had not caused a scene of any kind so I was left to get home with only a sidewalk and my white cane. I had to walk to I got a ride (not safe) in Atlanta to go home 60 plus miles north of Atlanta, GA. Now I am really not feeling well and my feet are beyond swollen and blistered.

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