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Flagler Hospital reviews & complaints

Flagler Hospital complaints 7

Flagler Hospital - Refused treatment in er and were thrown out

Good morning, Perhaps you can tell me why this happened & who was responsible. I need answers or I may have to go to the media & elsewhere for help. This has caused me health problem...

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Flagler Hospital - ER visit with a completely apathetic doctor and staff

I believe I was a victim of discrimination at Flagler Hospital ER on Monday, May 24th, 2021. I went in for help regarding my mental health issue of bi-polar. I needed help with my medication...

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Flagler Hospital - Emergency department

My mother has mystenia gravis, and a 9 year old pace maker, has never had to call 911 for an emergency. But while on Vacation she almost went into mystenia crisis. Immediately when the ambulance arrived the comment from one of the attendes was " im sure thats not the case" referri g to mystenia crisis. She was having trouble breathing her heart rate was going up to 120, and this woke her up at 2:00am... So if she has anxiety..it would understandably be due to the fact she knew something was terribly wrong. She had been told my her specialist to tell immediately if this ever happened about her conditions..that were brushed off, and they were just sure ..was not the case..
She was made to walk to the ambulance, as she barely could, and was extra stressed that she was not being taken seriously. She knowes That death is an outcome to mystenia crisis when your attendees are not familiar with your condition. The uncaring, passive, and sarcastic maker of all we came in contact with was horrifying. We left, I helped her out of the hospital, grabbed a wheel chair myself, and we Traveled back to our local hospital where she was taken care of. It was seriously a joke, she only had her bp checked, and a lot of judge mental uncaring looks. Avoid at all costs from our experience

Desired outcome: We would like my mothers glasses returned,and never deal with this place again

Flagler Hospital - Dr. Ward

My girlfriend and I came into Flagler hospital tonight to get checked out as I have been sick for over a month. We got in quick and we're ready to see what the issue was, hoping that some tests could...

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Flagler Hospital - emergency room, to observations, unable to admit due to unavailable staffing

Poor care, 11/1/2019
Emergency room ct scan diagnosed as intestinal ischemia. Checked in about 10:00 am
So I'm in observation, can't get a room upstairs, because they are short on help, was told yesterday the 23 hour observation time was up so had to go to a regular room, that was about 2:00 11/2/2019
11/3/ 2019
7:15 Nurse drew blood 7:30 Went to the bathroom, still blood from bowel, showed Japanese, or Chinese, nurse, she just ok. Went back to bed still not connected to Iv. Ice in water pitcher is water, told iv nurse needed ice, only allowed ice...It is now 9 am
Checked out AMA about 11:00 am

Flagler Hospital - emergency room

The care received from the staff and doctors was excellent. But the er was filthy and is obviously not being cleaned. I voiced my concern to the doctor and nurse who said that this is a frequent complaint. I was told that the cleaning company had just been changed due to the poor performance and this new company is obviously not doing a good job. I am a former er nurse and a cancer patient. I have pictures that I am attaching. This has to change. It is appalling. Hospitals should be clean.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Flagler Hospital - poor care

My partner checked into the emergency room with severe pain in his lower right side. He had a cat scan and was told he needed an immediate colonoscopy. He was told he had to drink two small bottle...

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