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EmCare Partners Group
3 Century Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054
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1 973 740 0607

EmCare North Division
100 Witmer Road, Suite 220
Horsham, PA 19044
1 800 247 8060
1 215 442 5000

EmCare South Division
EmCare Alliance Group

18167 US Highway 19 North, Suite 650
Clearwater, FL 33764
1 800 507 8874
1 727 507 3600

EmCare West Division
3916 State Street, Suite 300
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
1 800 230 5160
1 805 563 5097

EmCare Physician Services
350 West Cedar Street, Fourth Floor
Pensacola, FL 32502
1 800 444 7009
1 850 437 7700

EmCare Complaints & Reviews

EMCare — er physician billing

I went to the ER at Baptist Health Hospital in Van Buren Ar. on two occasions for flank pain/pylonephritis. The first time was on 6/6/19, and I was admitted for 3 days. The second...

Hospitals & Clinics  · Jan 06, 2020

EMCare — billing

Client Bill #OOD096120068 Yesterday I received a bill in the mail for $372.40 for services not covered by Medicare Part B and my seconday insurance, GEHA. 1) Why is the bill over...

Hospitals & Clinics  · Dec 03, 2019

EMCare — emergency services

I was charged 864.00 for a doctor to check my heart rate, after I refused any treatment. He still said that he needs to check it.i think this bill is outrageous for what he did.i...

Doctors  · Jun 17, 2019

EMCare — emergency medical care at habersham medical center

On feb 5th 2019 I went to the emergency room at habersham med center, georgia. I had medical coverage also. Capt number is 99283. States emergency evaluation and management, lvl...

EMCare — er visit

I visited St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury, CT 03/22/2018. I was recovering from brain surgery which I underwent approximately 6 months prior. My blood pressure was high and wa...

Waterbury Hospitals & Clinics  · Dec 26, 2018

EMCare — $1016.00 bill for a strep swab

I was seen on 9/26/18 at a local CHI "Emergency" facility that appears to be that of an Urgent Care facility. I believe that is the intention of this organization in order to bill...

Lufkin Hospitals & Clinics  · Dec 20, 2018

EMCare — billing for doctor that no one has heard of!

I have a billing from EmCare with a doctor's name that does not even appear on the staff/doctor directory. We saved each doctor's business card that we saw and this name is not...

EMCare — unethical

I was saw by a P.A. on 10/21/2015 at Saint Joseph Emory Hospital by Kendall Gallman after I went to the hospital emergency room as I feeling like heart was pounding and I had also...

EMCare — improper billing and

EMCare failed to properly file a medical bill to my insurance company in proper way and have refused to fix the problem. Instead they sent the bill to a collection agency...