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tens unit and supplies

After being in a car accident last january I went to physical therapy for several months. A sales rep from emsi contacted me about tens unit and came to my home to deliver it and stated no out of pocket cost to me at all. Then I started receiving monthly supplies and being billed!! I called her directly and got that cancelled. But I now have been receiving a billing stating for $125 for almost a year and every time I get it I call the toll free number only to be put on hold music for over 30 minutes at a time. I've literally called customer service 10 times or more. Every statement they sent me I write a big ole note to cancel and send return instructions... Unit was never used.. No one ever responds and then like a month later they send another statement.
I have now sent one more request for return instructions asap. If I do not hear anything I will be reporting them to the state of florida and obtaining an attorney

continues to charge for supplies not received or needed

Upon my return from Afghanistan I was given a TENS unit from the military for back injuries. I retired in Jun 2016 and this company keeps sending me bills for batteries or electrodes that I never received. I have ask this Electrostim Medical Services to stop sending these items several times since I am now covered by VA vs. military. I've requested TRI-CARE get involved but all they did was stop paying the bill. Since I have to now pay for these things they are basically taking advantage of a situation.
it is so frustrating to continually get billed for products never received, OR product I don't need.
This company takes advantage of the military system/retirees and should not even have a contract with the military. I have sent three request to EMSI, the latest being Oct 17 to resolve this and no luck.
IF you can help it, do not deal with this company. The exploit situations to get $$ from people who do not need their services and pray that we get tired of asking to stop being charged and pay them because it is easier.
I paid them once, but this is so frustrating.
And if you ask your self why I pay rather to fight with this company, back injuries were not the only problems I came back from AFG with. so as far as i'm concerned this company also hopes for Service members who are exhausted from this 'pebble in our shoe" service.

fraudulent company!

I never even met the sales Rep. My chiropractor ordered the unit and had me pick it up at my appointment. I then started receiving supply after supply that I never ordered or asked for. I called my chiropractor and got the Sales Rep's name and called him many times as well. They billed my insurance company for all of these unwanted items as well. After several months of call after call, the only way to get this fraudulant loop to end was to have my account disabled. The nightmare is not worth it, especially considering the unit itself has an inflated price. Buyer beware!

  • Hi
    Hilden Aug 19, 2017

    I finally got rid of this company. They billed me for the unit that I returned to the physical therapist for a couple of years. My insurance paid them over $800 for it and they wanted $292 from me. I decided that if they kept sending a bill with a postage paid return envelope, I was going to make it cost them money. I stuffed the envelope with heavy things including pennies and nickels, an old cell battery and cardboard. It must have cost them over $1.00 for postage. I was planning on doubling the weight each month, but that stopped the billing. I had tried everything. Talking with them, filed a complaint with insurance, lots of texting. Nothing worked until I sent them the heavy envelope.

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  • Ed
    Eduard0 Apr 23, 2018

    How can I get rid of this i keep receiving stuff that I'm not asking for!!

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  • Pa
    Pamela Hogan Jun 25, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the opposite problem. I can’t seem to get any supplies. I have called. Oh sure, we will send it 3 to 5 business days. That was over 6 months ago. Then, they state the doctor did not fill out forms. The doctors office submitted multiple times. Battery dead won’t charge, No reply. Giving up. Waiting to hear from doctors office and insurance company. Will never do business with them ever again!


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Overcharging Insurance - Shipping Supplies Not Ordered

They double billed our insurance for the one unit we purchased, and billed for rental fees even though we purchased it outright. Our insurance has fabulous coverage, but even so, we would have had to pay more than $1000 out of pocket. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital, and only paid $250 out of pocket, so when we got the EOB from the insurer, I knew something was wrong. BC/BS had a great deal of difficulty contacting them, and finally got them to resubmit, but even though BC/BS said I only owed $135, they still billed us for more than $1000.

I have since paid what BC/BS said we owed, and wrote instructions to cancel all further deliveries, yet they still keep sending supplies we didn't order. Don't do business with EMSI. If you do, you'll be sorry.

  • Sn
    sniffy637 Jul 29, 2015

    EMSI is the worst. My doctor ordered a TENS unit for me. It arrived in the mail about a month later & it does help some with my back pain. Then, about a month later, I receive a letter from EMSI stating I have to have a medical apt w/my dr to verify the TENS unit is helping me & everything is ok. The letter said I had to see my dr AFTER 5/8/15. Because of a rare cancellation I was able to get an apt for 5/11/15. I completed the paperwork by EMSI stating the date & time of my apt, my dr.'s name & contact info & sent it back to them. Then, about 2 weeks later, I get another letter stating I needed an apt AFTER 5/13/15!! I called & told the lady who answered that I had already received a letter & complied with the 5/8/13 date & my apt was 5/11/15. I told her to check my file. She said she did not have to check the file, the first letter was sent in error, I had to comply with the second latter's date. Now, let me say I was pretty upset. I use military medical (retired military) & it is very hard to get an apt. My dr happens to deploy a lot & is in & out. I explained that to her & she said it did not matter I had to go by the second date. She said she had no control over the first letter. So, I am now waiting until my dr returns from deployment to reschedule another apt. I would not recommend them nor deal with them if I did not have to. One hand does not know what the other is doing. Very poor way to run a business. No wonder MEDICARE is running out of money & slicing the dr payments. With companies like EMSI, who don't know how to manage or run their business, is it any wonder that MEDICARE has so much fraud? WOULD NOT RECOMMEND EMSI!!! DON'T USE THEM!!!

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  • Hi
    Hilden Aug 19, 2017

    @sniffy637 I finally got rid of this company. They billed me for the unit that I returned to the physical therapist for a couple of years. My insurance paid them over $800 for it and they wanted $292 from me. I decided that if they kept sending a bill with a postage paid return envelope, I was going to make it cost them money. I stuffed the envelope with heavy things including pennies and nickels, an old cell battery and cardboard. It must have cost them over $1.00 for postage. I was planning on doubling the weight each month, but that stopped the billing. I had tried everything. Talking with them, filed a complaint with insurance, lots of texting. Nothing worked until I sent them the heavy envelope.

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I was lied to

I was told by matt klein territory manager that i was covered under my insurance because i told him i did not want his machine till i talked to my insurance compant he told me he did and i was covered and i am not there not in my network since i couldnt make it to him he brought it to my house droped off no instructions i used it once it made my neck and arm hurts more after the use of this product then they mailed more stuff for this machine with no directions and now are tryinf to make me pay for it a used the thing once i mailed it back to them now there charging me 203.89 after my insurance did pay them 189.39 i do not fell that i should pay for this since they lied to me i would never have taken it if he didnt tell i was covered thats alot of money for i one trime use of a product i didnt want

  • Kn
    know from experience Apr 18, 2012

    The reason that happened to you is because that is what the company trains their employees to do. They say to tell the doctor/patient that it is covered under insurance but if for some reason it is not, the patient can sign a hardship form whereas end result is they do not have to pay. FYI illegal!!!There are a few reasons as to why this is unethical. 1) Why would a patient want to sign a hardship for something they were given the impression would be covered by insurance?how humiliating! 2) Even if you sign the hardship form EMSI will try to collect some money on a monthly basis. Gotcha! 3)If you out right refuse to pay, which anyone who is unfortunate enough to get caught up in this scam should be, they let it go and do not try to collect. EMSI becomes happy with whatever insurance did pay them even if it is not the full amount they billed. That way of billing is against the law!
    Did I mention you can google the devices they sell and get them for a mere fraction of what they bill insurance companies and ultimately you! Listen we understamd doctors/service companies/hospitals can bill for services, but when does it become a raging red flag that what they bill is grossly inflated and the only one earning is the owner of the company? i could go on and on-but you get the point.

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  • Em
    Emanuel Cifuentes Apr 21, 2015

    i had a sugery back in 2010 because my joint came off and i was giving this product. i came to my natal country Guatemala ando since i came here the device wont work and i really need you to help me.

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These guys are scam artists and LIARS!!

On or about July 5th, 2010 I received an advertisement in the mail from EMSI that says; "Is the media talking about your company and products?", so I sent them an e-mail asking for more info. About 2 days later I get a call from Steve Friedman, the president of the company. He told me all about the company, what they do, how they do it, etc. and then we talked about the products and business I wanted to do the PR campaign for. He said what I had (my products and business) is perfect for this campaign, so he sent me a questionnaire to fill out. I did, and I listed EVERYTHING about my products and business that I wanted to do the PR on, and I made it VERY clear that this PR campaign was about (and ONLY about) my products and business. Well... after he schmoozed me and lied to me and got me to sign the agreement and send him the $7, 445.00, he arranged a conference call about a week later with the EMSI staff. We did the conference call and during that call I was told that the campaign will NOT be about my products or business, but rather about "me" and my expertise in my field and that MAYBE I could get my products and busines "mentioned" during the interviews and ad campaigns, but there would be no guarantees. This is NOT what their ad says, it is NOT what I was EVER told before signing the agreement, it says NOWHERE in the agreement nor ANYWHERE that directions can (and will) change, and now they say since I signed the contract (that says "no refunds"), I am stuck having to pay the $7, 445.00 for something I do NOT want!! Had I have been told BEFORE being lied to and coaxed into signing and paying, I would have NEVER signed up for such a rediculous campaign. "I" don't need, nor want, any PR... my products and business need the PR!! They say they promote your PRODUCTS abd BUSINESS in their ads, in conversations on the phone, in e-mails, and so on, and then they change directions once they get your $ and have your signature on the agreement, and they won't refund a dime of it. This is fraud, false advertising, misleading customers and is an absolute scam and a crime!! I have ALL of the e-mail correspondances as well as the original questionnaire they had me fill out and fax to them that CLEARLY says this campaign is about my PRODUCTS and my BUSINESS, not about "me", nor that I "may" get them mentioned in the campaign. Who in their right mind would pay for something they MAY get? I mean, COME_ON!! These guys are RIP-OFFS and CROOKS!

  • Ma
    Marti Carlson Aug 02, 2011

    Following are:

    1. An email in which Mr. Johnson says he is sorry and would take down any complaint filed online,

    2. Facts related to this complaint not included by Mr. Johnson.

    From: "Arron Johnson"
    Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 15:59:44
    To: 'Steve Friedman'
    Subject: RE: Your Refund

    I was advised by my lawyer to not communicate with anyone for any reason. Maybe not the best advice I've ever gotten. I am sorry things didn't work out well. I WILL remove the complaints on-line. The one's I am not able to remove, I will post a comment that the problem was resolved and a full refund was issued. Please know that I DO thank you for the refund.


    From: Steve Friedman mailto:[email protected]ated.com
    Sent: Friday, September 10, 2010 3:42 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Your Refund

    Aaron: First let me tell you that your credit card charge has been reversed and below you will find the receipt as documentation for your records. But, I have to tell you how surprised I was to learn of your online complaints about our company. After receiving your email about a refund I sent you 2 emails and left 3 phone messages trying to reach you about your request. I made it very clear in my phone message that a refund was not a problem and I just wanted the chance to talk to you to clear up any misunderstanding. On my third voice mail message I even expressed concern that I hoped you were okay as I hadn't heard back from you despite my emails and voice mails. It's unfortunate we didn't have a chance to talk.


    This complaint from Mr. Johnson came as a complete surprise, especially since EMSI partner Steve Friedman, immediately upon learning of Mr. Johnson’s concern about the contracted publicity campaign, attempted to reach Mr. Johnson.

    The following information should fill in important data that Mr. Johnson did not supply in his complaint.

    Steve Friedman sent 2 emails and left 3 phone messages trying to reach Mr. Johnson. In the phone messages he assured Mr. Johnson that there was no question that we were prepared to give a refund. However, Steve received no response from Mr. Johnson to either the emails or phone messages.

    EMSI offered to give Mr. Johnson a refund even though there was no contractual obligation to do so per this excerpt from the agreement that Mr. Johnson signed: “If Client cancels campaign, EMSI will book media equal to the amount of money remaining on account. If client prefers to not do any further media upon canceling the campaign, any funds on account will be deemed non-refundable.”

    The service Mr. Johnson contracted EMSI to deliver was to arrange interviews on talk radio and online and offline print coverage through which he, as spokesperson and an expert, would be able to give his message that would tie into his products and how they would be of benefit to listeners/readers. The number of radio interviews and print impressions/viewers per month is guaranteed and EMSI has been doing so with clients for more than 20 years.

    It is false for Mr. Johnson to say he filled out a questionnaire in advance of signing his contract stating he wanted to only promote his products. No such questionnaire is ever used as part of the sales process. It is only given to someone when they sign a contract, pay for our service, and officially become a client. Mr. Johnson’s agreement was signed July 15th and his questionnaire was received in our office on July 23rd.

    As publicity experts for over 2 decades, EMSI includes as part of our standard marketing and sales the education of prospects that publicity is not the same as a paid infomercial or advertising and there is no guarantee of what the media will air or publish and no guarantee of resultant sales from publicity.

    Steve provided Mr. Johnson with this information prior to signing the contract, both in phone conversations and also in a document describing our company and services, emailed to Mr. Johnson in May. In addition, Mr. Johnson has been getting our email advices on publicity for years, about what publicity is and how it differs from advertising.

    So it is disingenuous for Mr. Johnson to say he wasn’t provided with information about what his publicity campaign would entail.

    It’s unfortunate that Mr. Johnson didn’t respond to our attempts to reach him, so this matter could have been amicably resolved and clarification could occur. We value our clients and our mantra is to service them and foster great relationships with both current and former clients, as evidenced by our longevity in the business and testimonials we have garnered. When our clients win, we win.

    As Mr. Friedman stated in his voicemails to Mr. Johnson, we intended to give him a refund and have done so.

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