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Has anyone had their Electrolux oven fixed after it showed a F15 code. My oven has been rebuilt 2 times, and I still get the F15 code making the oven inoperable. I feel like this is a problem that cannot be solved. And as any of you out their with Electrolux products know, the company is no help. They just give you the run around.


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      Sep 03, 2014

    Hello rosed0053,

    On behalf of Electrolux, please except our humble apologies on your recent frustrating experience. Please allow us the opportunity to restore your confidence. We never wish such inconveniences upon our consumers and want to research your history with us. If you will, kindly contact us at SocialCare(at) with your full name in the subject line and all contact and product information in your email body. Also include the service company’s name that is repairing your oven so we may contact them to ensure we review all of your information.

    Your concern will be re-evaluated with our complete and full attention. We hear your voice and thank you for taking your time to share your important feedback, and again, our sincere apologies for your unsatisfactory experience.

    Best regards,

    Chris Polk Outline
    Outreach Representative

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      Sep 21, 2017

    @Chris Polk This post was in 2014. Have you resolved the error code 15 problem? My oven is now giving me the same error code and I'm reading many horror stories about not being able to repair it.

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      Apr 21, 2018

    From day 1 of installing my new Electrolux oven I have had F10 and now F15 error codes with beeping. Electrolux has sent authorized repair people out at least 15 times. Every part that can be replaced has been replaced. Some parts, ie the circuit board have been replaced twice now. I am beyond furious and insist they replace the oven but Electrolux says there is no need for that. Meanwhile I have to keep buying extended warranty’s every year so they will cover any repairs. Too bad there is t a lemon law for appliances. Meanwhile I am going on Year 3 and the oven is still giving me error codes. I agree Electrolux customer service is the worst. I would not recommend an Electrolux oven at all.

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