Eircom Customer Care Service


eircom Ltd

1 Heuston South Quarter, St. John's Road
Dublin 8

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1890 260 260(Customer Service) 0 0
1800 773 729(Sales) 0 0
1747(Prepay) 0 0
1905(Billpay) 0 0
1800 601 701(Small Business) 0 0
1800 400 200(Medium / Large Business) 0 0
1800 255 255(Corporate & Public Sector) 0 0
+353 1678 8888(Head Office) 0 0
+353 1430 7085(Billpay) 0 0
+353 1430 7066(Prepay) 0 0
+353 1411 5085(Eir Mobile Sales And Care) 0 0
+353 1765 2035(Small Business) 0 0
+353 1468 8530(Medium, Large, Corporate & Public Sector) 0 0

Eircom Complaints & Reviews

Eircom Limited. Private Company Limited / contract unable to be fulfilled by eir

Jan 19, 2018

Hello, I wasan eir mobile customer (billpay), my contract was until March 2018. In December, Eir were advertising bundle deals of broadband and mobile phone. I discussed with staff in Eirs Cork shop the possibility of a bundle, My broadband was with Virgin. They checked and said yes all...

Eircom / Unprofessional


Eircom provides an abysmal service. Until enough people complain nothing will change. The anger I feel towards this company makes me sick. I live in an isolated part of the country with 2 small children. For years I have paid line rental for a line that doesn't work or at least work...

Eircom / poor broadband


Eircom is the worst company ever! Eircom Broadband (8Mb) - usually I need few times a day to reset the modem to make it running somehow. I’ve tried Skype connection to do some training courses online but after few trials I’ve given up! Because those services require...

Eircom / broadband


In general Eircom is not doing anything else except charging you for a service they don’t want to provide! sorry telephone is working fine but broadband is a big, big joke - few times a day I need to restart the modem to make it working somehow. Eircom “customer service”...

Eircom Limited private company / Beware of this scam!


eircom.[protected] Subject: Eircom Lotto Winner!!! Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 23:44:45 IST Eircom Limited private company 1 Heuston South Quarter, St John"s Road, Dublin.Ireland. Congratulations! I am happy to bring to your notice that your email address have just won youthe...

Eircom / fake lottery


a mail came to me some days ago telling me that i have won a sum of 2.5 million pounds as i have emerged a winner of some kind of lottery system which was conducted by a company called eircom. i would request you to take some actions against these criminals who are looting innocent peoples like...