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Edward Jones - Placed in wrong Portfolio

Dorla Cole
32 Meadow Street Tioga, PA 16946

I opened my account on 9/2/2021
I was very specific with Ryan I did not want to loose money..
My Risk Profile states Moderate
Ryan has me in a 99.83% stocks
I called the office on 12/2/2021
Ryan sent me a email on 12/3/2021 stating "Miscommunication, or poor communication on his part" I should of contacted the main office at this point...
I want all fees returned...all money I should of made returned to my account
I want to talk to another Financial Advisor to make my account mirror my wishes.

Desired outcome: Return of all fees ...all money put back in my account that I would of made if placed in the right investments


Edward Jones - Trust Company

My brother and I are beneficiaries of a trust for our Mom. We had to switch to EDJ because the original trustee Wells Fargo had refused to accept the role of trustee. Upon first introduction of the trust department we had very little to any communication at all from the trust dept, Jennifer Delbert was awful. No communication consistent misinformation and outright lies. One of which was which we were told that all assets must be liquidated into the trust, including a small condo which Mom wanted to stay in the family. Her and Brandi Hill bullied us to sell the property and we refused. They said it had to be sold under the terms of the trust. After talking to a fiduciary attorney, not only was this untrue, but he strongly advised us to research a new company which we did and they happily allowed the property to reside in the trust. We decided to move the trust over to a better fit and shortly after found put more lies. There were 400k of an annuity which had supposedly been transferred to EDJ but we found out no one at EDJ had even reached out to them let alone managed the asset. Upon moving Edward Jones charged us a 29, 000 "fee" for their "services" over 5 months including fees on the 400k of the annuity that was never even transferred into the trust. These people are a conniving group of money hungry liars. Never a thought to give a service, just after a commission and a fee. Beware people, there are far better options out there in a smaller family oriented firm.

Desired outcome: waiver of the fees charged

Edward Jones - Breach of Contract

my father passed away in April of 2021. He left a contract with Edward Jones in Menomonie, WI. The man in charge there is called Mike Braatz. Mr. Braatz refuses to acknowledge the contract. I have contacted his office numerous times. I have spoken with him twice, and his assistant several times. They refuse to honor the contract that my father signed, and they also signed. I do not know why they refuse to honor this contract. Our next step is to file a declaratory against Mr. Braatz and Edward Jones.

Desired outcome: the money my father left for me


Edward Jones - Edward Jones financial advisor

Edward Jones Acct# [protected] and Account # [protected] Magdalene lague. On Oct 21, 2021, I Magdalene Lague, called Laurence Lutvak my financial advisor at Edward Jones to purchase stocks. I wanted to buy shares of DWAC which were selling at around 30.00 a share. Laurence looked it up and said E.Jones did not allow me to buy because it was a risk. On Friday Oct. 22, 2021 DWAC rose to over 131.00 a share. I was going to invest 50, 000.00 in DWAC at the roughly 30.00 a share the day before it skyrocketed. Because of Edward Jones policy I lost over $200, 000.00's. On Friday Oct. 22, 2021 I called the [protected] no. and complained on the phone. This is not the first time E.Jones has done this to me...I was also prevented from buying more shares of Hertz. I am transferring my accounts to T.D. Ameritrade and all the people that I sent to Edward Jones will be told so that they can also remove their accounts to T.D. Ameritrade. I want E. Jones to remove any transferring fees from this transition as it is the fault of this company that I lost over 200, 000.00. First of all this is my money and if I lose it's my fault. Financial advisors can advise but it's my choice to look out for my best interests. My game plan was to purchase the stock and sell for the profit, then down the road I would purchase them again and hang on for the future. What Edward Jones has done to me is totally corrupt I could not purchase them any other way because my money is tied up in E. Jones. Had I known that I could not purchase anything I wanted to, I would never have chosen Edward Jones.
P.S. I want whatever fees that Edward Jones charges to be waivered and if they are not I will seek legal council and sue Edward Jones for the losses of the stocks that I could have made. Sincerely, Magdalene Lague

Desired outcome: I want my fees waivered when the transfer is complete and E. Jones needs to change their policies

Edward Jones - Complaint on refusing service

I called my broker today to purchase stock and was told that specific stock was unable to be purchased due to edward jones policy has a block on it. Do you realize it is my option on what I want to...

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Sep 22, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Edward Jones - Personal information shared over Text/sent to clients

I am a current on-call at Edward Jones, I informed my field supervision director that a full-time BOA at my office had texted me photos of clients pages with account numbers and names on it. This BOA I also recently remembered sent the top page of a portfolio to the correct client but mixed up the portfolio information so they each got each other's statements. She deserves to be disciplined, however, I have not heard back from my field supervision.

Desired outcome: BOA is fired from her position.

Edward Jones - unethical behavior, not answering questions, too pushy on too many other products to buy

Our FA is all over the place and jumps around, not staying on task pertaining to the subjects we ask about. We have to constantly make another appointment to continue our conversation about questions we've asked. Yesterday was the final meeting we will ever have with him. He messed up on our account and deleted 200+ thousand dollars because he said he duplicated the entry. His secretary doesn't follow through with requests we have to withdraw money in a timely fashion. Recently we asked for money and it took her nearly a week to start the process because she said she was "just too busy with long term care workload."
Our FA uses too much industry jargon, expecting us to understand. He told us that if we didn't like his services that we could go elsewhere.
Yesterday (8/23/2021) he got condescending and angry/frustrated and stared across the table without uttering a single work for about a minute. We have lost faith in his ability to handle our account and will be looking for a new FA.

Desired outcome: We would like an investigation on this matter.


Edward Jones - Statements

In looking over my mothers statements - we received one statement from May through end of June and one from the month of July. These statements are 15 pages of nonsense with repetitive tables and extremely hard to compare to previous statements. My mother pushes them aside and says "I can't understand these". So, EJ please either stop sending them and save the trees or come up with something that a high schooler could simplify. One portfolio summary says everything adds up to 660K and the other 527K ending at about the same time. Then we received a third color printed statement with pie charts and more tables. Don't understand how anyone puts up having a company so disconnected and at the help of so much money.

Desired outcome: LOL


Edward Jones - Accounts [protected]

Having problems at your Hudson Florida office with Mark Rediger I sent 2 email and he is not answering have to call to get information. First I see 26, 000 in my account. He did not inform me that redemption was coming up. I was took that the offices are notified well in advance. Also I put an order in to Sell Lord About on 8/9/2021 it was not done. I called today and he told me it was in transit to the new company I am dealing with He said he told me this on Monday No information was given to me What is going on there Harley Seibel [protected] Please let me know when this is taken care of

Edward Jones - Unethical behavior of financial advisor Mrs. April Pruitt, advisor from montpelier office

I am writing today to lodge a formal complaint and ask for an investigation to be placed into one of your financial advisors, Mrs. April Pruitt, on unethical behavior on part of a financial advisor...

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Edward Jones - Manager Katie Wathen.

In 2008 I went to Edward Jones to buy only Microsoft at 16.35 a share, 40 shares.
and Google stock at about 30.00 a share. That was all I wanted, it was my dream. Katie Wathen took me by the hand led me on a long string of buy and sell, collecting 2% on each transaction. Some days she made over 600 dollars while leading me on. One day we sold Google and later that day bought it back at a higher price. I never got my only Microsoft and Google stock, drownding my dream and eventually realized she was using me as her personal bank machine, out right fraud. When I left Edward Jones she was visibly angry. Please pay me back and fire Katy Wathen. Thank you.

Edward Jones - Derrick Roberts - inept

My father passed on 12/25/2020. I contacted Derrick, the account manager for the joint account with my mother several days later, but before the end of the year to arrange the transfer of the account to my mother's account, and ultimately to a trustee for her in Indiana.
We had correspondence back and forth and our last communication (on Feb 4, 2021) was a voice mail from Derrick that he was "getting it transferred" on that day.
I was surprised to learn that this never happened. In fact, there was apparently a second account (with a zero balance) that Edward Jones DID transfer. But they refuse to transfer the main account (approx $255K). Derrick has NEVER tried to call me to let me know this, nor explain the reason why.
He is fully aware of the circumstances and multiple people have contacted him to resolve.

Desired outcome: Transfer the balance of the account with NO fees into the account number already provided.

Feb 20, 2021

Edward Jones - Employee

Hi, I'd like to file a complaint against employee Walt Ruesch out of your Champaign, IL location. He called me from [protected] and harassed me at 7:38am on 2/10 about a family matter that I have...

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Edward Jones - My mother’s living trust and associated annuity

My mother was a long standing client with Edward Jones. She was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2003 and passed in 2005. She made sure she had all affairs in order. She worked with an attorney to set up a...

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Edward Jones - Unethical behavior

I had an IRA account with Edward Jones Berea, Ohio for many years. On 2/18/18 I received documentation from New York Community Bank (my former employer) to rollover my ESOP funds to Edward Jone...

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Edward Jones - Policies regarding hidden unnecessary unethical "fees"

I am already used to being charged for my stocks being held in ed jones because I like to keep things all in one place to make it easier for my heirs. Just recently I have come to know that when I...

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Edward Jones - Service with Michael McKinney

I have Michael McKinney out of Racine, WI. as my financial advisor. First off I would like to make a report about how I was moved from my current advisor from Kenosha, WI where I live and then they...

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Jan 16, 2020

Edward Jones - advisor

My advisor of many years, Raymond Waters, has decided to spend much personal time with my wife. He also has restricted my access to "MY" account information. When I went into his office to get my...

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Edward Jones - unethical behavior

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Edward Jones - unethical behavior

Kayla Stark is having sex with her Client which is my husband Jason Bragg in her office. I have pictures of their snapchat messages. On snapchat you can change anyone's name, so my husband changed it...

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