eDreams — booking cancellation without notification

Good morning,

I did a reservation ( [protected] ) for multi city flights from Singapore to Delhi then Jaipur to Kochin then Kochin to Singapore . This reservation has been confirmed on the E-dreams application and I have received one day before departure emails from eDreams for additional baggage's, hotel, car renting, ... means everything was ok !

Unfortunately, when I arrive to the counter for check-in the company ( INDIGO ) told me that they cannot find my name in their system . I called immediately EDreams for explanation and they told me that my booking for the 2 first flight ( from Singapore to Delhi and Jaipur to Kochin ) has been cancelled but the third is confirmed ... I did'nt received any notification regarding this before !!! They suggest to buy new ticket in airport but the price was over my budget off course at the last minute. I had to cancel my vacation s.

In addition, because of the E-Dreams mistake i had to pay non reimbursable hotel ( 2 nights for 340 S$ ), the visas for 3 persons and 2 ways taxi.

This is totally unacceptable and I am waiting the full reimbursement of this booking and compensation for hotel, visas, taxi.

You will find attached capture of the application showing that the reservation was confirmed ( confirmé in French )

Thanks and Best Regards


Oct 07, 2019

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