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Dear Edreams Customer Service:

On December 23, 2019, my sister, my two nephews and I flew from Mexico City to Lima Peru on Interjet 40 2890 with the intention of connecting to Latam Airlines Group flight LA 2029 to Cusco that evening.  Our flight to Lima arrived 34 minutes late which left us less than an hour and a half to deplane, claim and recheck our luggage, meet the security requirements and check in for the connecting flight. Needless to say, this was not possible and we missed our flight.  We were told by airport staff that even if we had the full two hours to make the connection, we would likely have missed the flight anyway given the layout of the airport. Airport staff informed us that this is a very common occurrence for flights booked through edreams. As a result of missing the connection, we spent about 4 frustrating hours with airport staff trying to find a connecting flight in addition to finding a hotel (none were available that evening).  We got to our hotel around 11:00 pm that night and had to leave again at by 1:00 am to catch the new flight. As you can imagine, the lost time and sleep had a very negative impact on our short vacation.
The original flight was booked on the Kayak website through edreams.
The total cost of the airfare for the new flight $855.24 USD and the hotel Holiday Inn Airport Hotel cost came to $401.69 USD.  Please credit the card you have for me on file with $1, 256.93. I have attached an image of the receipts for the flights and hotel.

I very much appreciate your help with this matter.

N. Lubka

missed connection
missed connection

  • Updated by N. Lubka · Jan 21, 2020

    Edreams booked our connection from Lima to Cusco too close together and failed to provide enough time to deplane, claim our luggage, recheck our luggage, meet the security requirements and get to our gate. The managers at the airport informed us that this is a very frequent occurrence with flights booked on edreams. We wound up having to purchase 4 new tickets as well hotel accommodations. Edreams refused to reimburse us.


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