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ECPI College of Technologyschool of dishoner

# The teaching staff will give one class an easy test and then change it to a really difficult exam for other classes. I never thought there was anything wrong with this, however it became a problem when half of the answers on the new tests were incorrect. No doubt because the new tests where made with no revision or review. Teachers that dont want to be teachers not putting the time into the exam materials. They just do not care. They probably needed to fail out a few more students because thats what the classes are designed to do. Reduce class size to a manageable small group for clinical or hospital training. Instead of hiring on more staff to cover larger clinical groups students are simply failed out by unethical means such as tests with material not covered at all.


# Well known also is that most nurses smoke. That includes the ones teaching at clinical assignments. This means that they are outside the building smoking about every twenty minutes or so. So here again it is easy to see that the students are all getting that maximum education from ECPI College of Technology. Right! That also means nobody knows really the kind of care patients are getting.

# Watch out for ECPI College. They are very smart and deceptive. In all their contracts they put an ARBITRATION CLAUSE. To be direct this means that after they get your money and throw you out you have to go to virginia where their main office is and pay 700 dollars to have your claim hashed out by an arbitrator. This protects ECPI College from ever having to go to court where you as the student could get a fair hearing. Thats really low. Imagine the dirt these people must be to put that clause in their contract. The lowest of the low.

# The charlotte campus really has their scamming down to a science. Its really ingenious to be able to tap into the hopes and desires of so many people to scam them for money. Last I heard the ECPI Bums charged each student 25, 000.00 for the one year LPN program and about 50, 000.00 for the two year RN program. This skummy money is what they suck out of people who are simply looking to be educated and show kindness to the rest of humanity.


  • Sa
    Saw It Feb 18, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The bottom line is, if a School is Not accredited and other schools will not take your credits in transfer, you are wasting your time and money...I don't care how Good or how BAD that school might be. It could be the best school on earth, but still be a waste of time and money. Life happens. What if you have to move cross-country to care for an ill parent, or your spouse is transferred for their job and can't say no? What if you want to continue your degree to a bachelors or masters? If you can go to a community college and spend half to a quarter as much money, with transferable credits...why would you waste your time and money on an unaccredited school? For time? Impatience is a sign of immaturity. Take an extra year or two and do it Right!

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  • Ma
    Mandi Stattelma Jan 19, 2016

    Stay away from Ecpi emorywood campus in Virginia...they change policy all the time without warning and use a predictor test as an exit exam before taking your boards. If you don't pass this predictor you don't take your state boards and you still owe them $52, 000 and get no degree...just a waste of 18 months of you and your families life.

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  • Ec
    ecpistudent Jun 20, 2013

    I would not recommend it. I am currently a student and went through the same ordeal with start dates changing and ECPI does not consider the impact it has if you are working or have a family. Their financial aid department is terrible and they give you the run around. I am looking forward to finishing up and putting this experience behind me and I would never recommend anyone to ECPI.

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  • Ma
    Maybe1711 Nov 13, 2012

    I just want to point out that'd the above grading scale is pretty much the same for any nursing program. 80 passing, 79 fail. As for repeating 6 failed classes, I have to laugh. I don't know of ANY program that allows for more than 2 attempts at any course before a student is terminated from the nursing program. I'm sorry, but if you fail 6 courses in a nursing program, I tend to agree that you are not cut out to be a nurse. Also, no school refunds your money. You are lucky if they give half if you withdraw at mid term, but that is not common. It sounds to me like the people complaining about this program are jaded because they could not get through it.

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  • Dt
    DTatroe Aug 14, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am considering going to ECPI to become a Rad Tech. I am getting the feeling the school is keeping sometheing from me and other RT students for the Fall 2012 class. I have been given theree different start dates and was sent a letter saying I was accepted. I secured loans and thought I was good to go to only find out that they have not picked the students for thee Fall 2012 freshman class yet? Really...???? Keep in mind I was sent a letter of acceptance to attend thee school! . I tested and did well. The fee for thee 18 monthe program is $42K. It seems to be all about thee money because why would you meet withe theeir FA department first? Also,
    they keep changing the start date. First it was November 2012 then August 27, 2012 and now October 1, 2012 and I still don't know if I am accepted. Is it just me or are they shady? It all seems crazy to me! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated by me.

    D. Tatroe

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  • Ca
    calcasieula Apr 08, 2012

    My comment is in reference to the woman failing 6 classes and had 3 more classes to graduate. Some one posted that they were glad that a person failing 6 classes will not be a nurse. What this individual does not know is failing at MCI is different than other schools.
    The grading scale is 93-100 A
    84-92 B
    79.5-83 C
    79 and below F
    If the above situation happens to anyone again remember that you have rights as a student. There's a school catalog and contacts. You can also appeal tests and grades. I wish every student the best of luck

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  • Ma
    marnic1670 May 11, 2011

    As an MCI student, I worked and sacrificed perhaps more so than the average student because of being a single mother of three small children. To those who made it, congratulations. To those who did not (myself included), I understand. The teachers are wonderful, but the top administrative people are callous. Even if you are passing your courses and sacrificing time with family to submit care plans, they do not care. They would rather throw you under the bus before risking their liability, but only after taking your money. If you're considering MCI for your next career opportunity, think twice and do your homework. One could do just as well and save a lot of money going to the local community college.

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  • On
    OneDayLPN44 Apr 28, 2011

    I was brought to this site by accident as I was hoping to write about my positive experience so far at MCI. I will admit that I am blown away with some of these comments. I can not speak for every person that has ever attending MCI, but my experience has been very good. If you are looking for a school that will challenge you, I would reccommend atleast checking them out and determine for yourself. I was told my grades would not be handed to me, and that was one of the things that attracted me to this school.

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  • Mo
    mom3nurse Apr 28, 2011

    I have been a nurse for several year and we see great success out of MCI graduates. Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, which most find out when going through the program. I am glad that this is a field where you earn your degree instead of having it given to you. It sounds like no one wants to accept some blame for their failures.

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  • Ma
    marnic1670 Mar 01, 2011

    I can relate to the young student who was three mods away from passing, then having the rug ripped from under them. I had repeated only two classes, and was on my way to passing OB when I was informed that, despite my success, MCI was intent on not passing me on to Acute Care. Even before this incident, I would come to Mrs. Lipsmeyer, the Dean of Registered Nursing to inform her of my issues with some of the teachers, and she would point the blame to me even though it was my concern. It is ridiculous to blame a student who is just trying to gather some understanding about an issue. As far as not being " the brightest crayon in the box", like I said, I was passing. C=RN. I would much rather serve one in line at Subway than realize at graduation that noone will honor my hard work and dedication by giving me a nursing job. If anyone out there wants to pursue this issue past complaining and actually sue MCI, contact me @[email protected] We need the name of a good attorney and mass amount of support. Thank you.

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  • Ho
    Honey Whit Jan 19, 2011

    I agree with the previous person. However, if all we do is complain to the air(online) then nothing will ever get done. We have to go or call the BBB, and make a formal complaint. Even if nothing is done right away, at least when the complaints keep coming in, then people will stop enrolling. The problem is that in todays economy people are trying to be resourceful and better themselves and their situation and this school preys on these folks. (Me included). There is alot of mumbo jumbo garbage that they tell you in admissions but you dont get the real story until after they have your money . I will tell you a few things. The Nursing program is 37, 500 now. If you fail 1 test, your out, and yes it is 1 test. No matter how far in the program you are. You as a class have to raise money for your graduation, and sometimes pinning ceremonies are right at the school in the middle of classes in one of their classrooms. They make you pay to print from the computer, even if it is for a school assignment.Some of the instructors really put forth an effort to teach and others really dont give a DAMN. ( Prof. M.C). Her opinion is " I got mine, now get yours". There have been racial remarks made by teachers, and all have been reported and nothing was done. Test questions dont match book material and there has been several several mistakes pointed out in the books that they use. They say that there is an open door policy but INfact when you complain, they label you and then in a kind of nice nasty way, they refuse to assist you in your studies. You also are required to make in school tuition payments from $50-$400, yes $400 a month and thats with financial aid. They block your schedule from attending if you miss 1 payment and the financial aid reps are a little rude. The administration staff will see students in the hallways and dont speak BUT during enrollment, before they receive your cash from the government, everyone speaks. The break rooms have 1 microwave for over 300 day students and 200 evening students. The labs are outdated and have not up to date equipment or supplies, So THINK TWICE OR THREE, FOUR times before you enroll. Save yourself some disappointment. All this for 37, 500 Dollars.

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  • Ma
    madeincuba77 Dec 05, 2010

    I'm a current student at MCI LPN program and all I have to say about all of this comments is, did any of you have actually graduated from here? or your experience is al base on someone alse opinion? i have 9 years of experience as a Navy corpsman and think I have learn more in the 8 month that have been at MCI the 9 years of prior experience, second there is a comment about been avaluated at a hospital "news flash" any and every nursing program require clinicals, the comment about the school letting go the student that fail 6 classes, sweetheart if they just wanted your money they would off let you keep going and failing (dont you think?) not every body was born to have a profetion some times you have to accept you'r just not the brightess color in the crayon box, as for the first comment ignorance is all over it, sorry guys but I'm glad there are people like you that will make my sub at subway or my coffe at 7eleven, thank you.

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  • Un
    UNSATISFIED! Oct 06, 2010

    The staff at ECPI will not fully educate you on the things that you should know! I was so excited about going to the school and then I got this Gut feeling and it was BAD. So I begin to inquire more and one of my co-workers were going to the school. She had less than a week to graduate and she said don't do it. I was in total agreement with her.I called around to different schools and got information and NONE of them would transfer ECPI credits. She just graduated the practical nursing program and is stuck as an LPN not unlessn she retakes all her classes a gain, mind you she just paid ECPI a boat load of money! What a Haux!!!

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  • It
    Itstheclimb May 13, 2010

    I am glad that nursing schools are not allowing people to continue on after failing 6 classes! Bravo!!!

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  • Na
    Nan Wilkinson Apr 20, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish we had seen your comment a while back.

    I have a family member who has been jerked around by the LPN program at MCI - Virginia Beach for 2 years now. She has a C average even after having re-taken (and passed) 6 failed classes. She was very recently told that she is no longer welcome at the school because they "don't think (she) will pass the NCLEX". Guess who was on the "Academic Review Board"? The Director, the Registrar and the Financial Aid Officer. Since when do a Registrar and a Financial Aid Officer have anything to do with someone's academic performance?

    She was only 3 classes away from graduating. She is heartbroken.
    It should be illegal for them to kick her out of school if she is willing to keep going until she passes all of her classes. What gives them the right to decide her future like that? I guess they didn't want to be "blamed" if she didn't pass her NCLEX on the first try. God forbid she should be part of their miserable NCLEX pass/fail rate.

    I guess they will continue to suck the money and the life out of unwitting people who are desperate to get ahead in life. Oh, and by the way...she was initially told that she would be receiving an Associates Degree when she got her LPN degree. Then when they added the BSN program, the LPN program got bumped down to just a "Diploma" program. What a joke.

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  • De
    Deez nuts!!! Apr 14, 2010

    Why would anyone pay so much to go to some school that everyone laughs at? Why not go to a real Univerity?

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  • Te
    terpea Feb 18, 2010

    The truth be told I have had a great experience so far in nursing school at the greenville campus. I have disagreed with some things, but nothing is perfect!!!

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  • Kd
    kdcavi Aug 28, 2009

    Although I don't agree entirely with the original complaint, I must say that something is not right about this school. I saw their ad on TV(which should have been red flag #1), was interested, and visited their website. I gave them my info and they called to set up an appointment for the next week at the Richmond, VA campus. I was curious as to why they have NO information about their program on the website, such as tuition (red flag #2). I drove 2 hrs to the nearest campus to meet with a representative. They were super friendly, but it unnerved me that the entire nursing program was on 1 very very small floor of a 3 story, multi-business complex. Ignoring the bells going off in my head, I got swept up in the idea that I could start classes the next month, as long as I took the pre-requisite classes that lasted 5 weeks. I've never in my life heard of college classes that only last 5 weeks. I was applying to the RN program and despite my high test scores, he told me I may not be accepted because I'm only 18 and they usually accept older applicants. That sounded like a load of crap but whatever. They told me to come back the next week with 100 dollars and a deposit, and my tax returns. I was made out to believe that the total program cost only 8000. During the second meeting, after handing over my 100 dollars, the rep informed me that it was actually more than 30000 dollars. I was floored and asked why it was so much. He looked at me like I was stupid and said that I would be paying double that if I had stayed at UVA. I wanted to say, well duh you idiot, I would be getting a BACHELORS degree, but I just kept quiet. Why any associate's degree program is 30000 dollars is beyond me. He kept saying how great it was that ECPI has no waiting list and that most schools require more than 6 years of schooling for what I could complete in 14 mo. I don't think he was aware that this is only an associate's degree program.

    All in all, this seemed like a great idea, but once I looked deeper, the school seemed like one big money scheme. After talking with various Nurse Administrators who said that this school had a bad reputation among other nursing schools, I withdrew my application. Apparently, once you get a degree from their school, finding a job is difficult, and trying to transfer to a BSN program is impossible, because no one accepts their credits.

    Final Word: save your time and money and go elsewhere.

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  • Ec
    ECPI Grad Apr 17, 2009

    ECPI, at least the online campus and experience, has been nothing but a great opportunity to grow and foster a career. Are your complaints with local staff or something bigger? I've gotten a good education at a fair price. Yes, I paid a little more for online education but it was still much cheaper than say, DeVry (which I would NOT recommend to anyone after the 1 year experience I had there...)

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  • He
    helpy23 Apr 01, 2009

    I can see that this person is ignorant. What is dishoner? Should it be dishonor? You shoud also research the State Board of Nursing? All schools keep money even if the student withdraws. Let me know which one gives money back. Maybe should be clear o your objecctives before you enroll in any institution! Many of you would like everthing given to you. It does not work that way. It also sounds like you clueless about college!!! READ READ READ It is fundamental!!!

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  • Jo
    john Jan 14, 2009

    ECPI College of technology is not a good choice for an education. It is a private school and has no respect for its students. At ECPI the focus is on how to draw the maximum dollar out of every student not how to educate them. The students education is not relevant at this school.

    * The LPN / RN medical school is the worst of all the programs for the students. Although it is the schools cash cow.
    * The school encourages violent exchanges between students to keep them occupied with alternative discussion besides the poor programs and total lack of accountability.
    * The entire nursing staff is located in a single eight foot by ten foot room to encourage infighting and the desire to blame the students rather then where the blame truly belongs.
    * Students are not given access to lab facilities and lab learning.
    * They never tell perspective students that just about fifty percent of them will fail out of school and that the school keeps their money before they start.
    * Students can also be failed based on hospital performance which they are not told in advance either and since there is no hospital training its very easy to throw out students basically at will for any reason.
    There are errors all the time at hospitals on patients that are just covered up . Students cant function in a real time environment due to instructors poor teaching. I say its time for discussion about this topic and especially ECPI school of technology.

    * Teachers regularly debase and threaten students with failure to add tension to an already aggravated situation. It gives them great pleasure to stomp out students.
    * Here is a real zinger if I ever heard one. The schools credits cannot be transferred anywhere. In their infinite wisdom the board of nursing accredited this school but nobody else would. If you pass five or six classes here they are complete garbage because no other school will accept them.
    * Thats another fact they fail to tell perspective students before they take your money. This school is sounding better and better right .
    * It only gets better from here.
    * The Board of Nursing is the accrediting body for nursing schools. This is why there is a nursing shortage. Its not that there are not enough qualified people. Its that The Board of Nursing wants there to be a shortage like an old style union with absolute power. They make sure that the community is always in need therefore the paychecks will always stay high which inturn raises hospital operating expenses and our overall healthcare cost.

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