ECCOecco cruise ii women sandals

Dear Ecco,

This summer I was going on a trip with a lot of walking activities. That's why I decided to go with a brand that is known for its comfortable shoes. In June, I bought women sandals (model Cruise II) and wore them twice before going on a trip. However, it was summer and my feet were probably sweating because when I took them off, there was an unbearable unpleasant odour coming from the lining of the sandals which was impossible to get rid off with different methods of cleaning or deodorizing. I wouldn't say a thing if this was something that happens with my other footwear. But these are the first sandals in my life that had such a nasty reaction and after only 2 times wearing them. They were absolutely not suitable to take on a trip with this smell and I decided to make a complaint in the store where I bought them. Since it took some time to process the complaint, I had to buy another sandals (BTW, much cheaper and not producing any odour in a month of wearing them). When I came back, my complaint was rejected twice with the reasoning that I cannot complain about the odour. In that I disagree. It seems to me obvious that the lining material for these sandals is not chosen very well, a combination of microfibre and foam even though comfortable, absorbs the sweat during warm summer months (the sandals are designed for) and releases it whenever sandals are taken off being very unpleasant for all the people around.
I hope that you could take my complain into consideration and allow me a return of the sandals or a refund.
Thank you.

Sep 29, 2019

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