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Complaints & Reviews

blisters from sandals

I bought a pair of Ecco sandals to wear on a three week trip to Europe. I wore them before I went on the trip and they seemed fine. After one day, my feet began forming blisters and continued to form them during the rest of the trip. I had to buy an expensive pair of tennis shoes and padded socks to protect my feet so I could walk! Thankfully, the Walking Company took them back. My feet are still healing after I've been home a week and a half!

[Resolved] cracks in soles

I bought a pair of Ecco men's shoes in October, 2009. After wearing them for less than six weeks the...

[Resolved] disintegrating soles

When the soles of my Ecco MX hiking boots turned to gel and layer underneath disintegrated and tracked black...

ecco shoes customer service

bought some rx-7 sneakers from the ecco outlet in clinton, ct. one sneaker is completely off in the wrong...

soles falling apart

I'd been a huge fan of Ecco shoes for over 10 years. But I will not buy another pair now that I've had problems with multiple pairs. The problem is that their soles turn to mush and fall apart. It's almost as if they'd turned to jello.<br />
<br />
My biggest gripe is that their customer service dept has a bunch of douche bags working for them. They kept insisting that the warranty coverage is only for one year - even for manufacturing defects! They offered to send me a copy of their warranty so that I can review it; what an unprofessional thing to say to your customer!<br />
<br />
I asked to speak with their manager and ended up leaving a message on his voice mail; and of course, I never heard back.

  • Pm
    PM49 Jun 28, 2010

    The soles of mine turned to mush also. There's some kind of inherent defect in the sole material.

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  • Ef
    e f desmarais Nov 24, 2013

    apparently from what I read from other complaints ecco plans on doing nothing to correct my problems with my two 2 pairs of expensive ECCO SHOES hopefully i will hear from you people at ECCO ED DESMARAIS 65 LAKEVIEW ROAD LINCOLN R I 02865 E MAIL [email protected]

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soles rotting off

I have 8 pairs of Ecco shoes that are cursed with rotting soles. This is upsetting, as after a few yrs of...

shoes (sole) falling apart

Shoe Style ecco shaker My Dr. recommended your brand. I bought a few pairs a few years ago.The reason I buy...

soles tear apart

I've bought four or five pairs of Ecco Track shoes over the years because they were especially cushioning for my disabled ankle. That the soles finally started to break up has been hardly surprising considering the punishment they endured, but my latest pair were not nearly as robust. The plastic soles literally ripped open. Ecco don't offer a repair service, and I couldn't prove when they were purchased as they were a gift, but Ecco recommended a shoe repairer who, surprise-surprise, features a resoled pair of Ecco Track shoes on its home page! Has the manufacture moved east to save costs, and have standards lapsed? The photos show my new pair of Eccos on the right. The pair on the left have seen a good year and a half more wear! From now on I'll be looking elsewhere.

soles tear apart
soles tear apart


soles fell off

Bought my husband a nice pair of Ecco dress shoes...even if he doesn't get "gussied up " all that often. Needless to say they sat in the closet, but when he tried to wear them recently for the first time in a while, the soles split across the ball of the sole and chunks of the heel and toes fell off. I took them to a cobbler, he told me he has seen alot of these and there is nothing he can do. There are websites that I can mail the shoes to and get them repaired for $65, but what will I get back? Anyone try this ??? They look new on top and rotton on the bottom. So much for a quality product...

terrible experience

I purchased a pair of Ecco walkers several years ago. Most compfortable shoes I had ever owned, and the most expensive. Walking 5 miles a day, I wore them out .. the soles anyways, rest of the shoe still looked great. I stopped in at an Ecco retail outlet to purchase a replacement pair only to find out they had been discontinued. Why do shoe manufacturers do this? Feet haven't changed much in the last 2, 000 years, you would think someone would have come up with a perfect shoe by now. Anyways, I wrote a complaint to the company (Ecco) never expecting to hear back ... my warranty had long since expired. A couple of months later, I found a nice little box on my front portch. Opened it up ... lo and behold, a brand new pair of Ecco walkers ... compliments of Ecco. Only problem, these new shoes (even though more expensive) are crap compared to my old ones so I hardly ever wear them. Moral of the story is ... never associate a name brand with quality ... and ... if you have an issue with a product "good", or, bad let them know about it. I think sometimes companys hear so much negative feedback they tend to overlook the things they were doing right.

  • Je
    Jeanjean Mar 23, 2010

    I have bought Ecco shoes for years (for sheer comfort) - I own ten pairs currently. I did own 12 pairs but recently two of them simply disintegrated. Each had been worn over a 2 year period sporadically - about 10-12 times in all! One pair was bought in Brisbane, one in Auckland. (The ones still sound were all bought in London...fingers crossed!).
    I am totally shocked after reading the list of complaints here - is it really possible that the company are simply ignoring this problem???

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  • Sh
    Shmoozeville Mar 23, 2010

    My absolute favorite hiking shoes were Ecco. My only regret was not buying 5 pairs at the time and putting them into deep freeze. ;)

    I did discover that after a few years my heel had completely disintegrated from simple exposure to the air. But this was after more than a year of non-use. That was certainly an interesting find.

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  • In
    Inge Moerth Aug 22, 2012

    I am surprised of the negative input of Ecco shoe wearers. I have a different experience. About 7 or 8 years ago I purchased a pair of sandals, they look great and walk great. I walk them every day, hard. Even walk in my gardens and then wash them. The soles look like new. The only thing that is most uncomfortable is, that a few days ago the Velco strap loosened and I nearly fell on my nose. Thankfully, I did not crack a rib and was not the worst for wear. I will definitely try another purchase of Ecco shoes. The strap, of course, must be repaired. Perhaps I picked their quality sandal with the clover leave of luck. Sorry to hear that my walking friends had such bad experience. Inge M.

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fall apart

My Ecco Shoes just fell apart, with very little wear and great maintenance - they always had shoe trees and were polished regularly and the temperature was always fine. The soles just crumbled all over my car mat, staining the carpet with sticky tar. Don't buy Ecco! the leather part of the shoes is still in great shape, but the soles are now a gooey tar.

There is now a Facebook Group - Ecco Shoes Suck! - please join to increase awareness about poor quality of Ecco and also to band together to demand they begin to stand behind their products.


  • Da
    David Foot Apr 15, 2011

    I also had sandals that I hardly used (like maybe 5 times).
    When I pulled them out of the cupboard after a couple of years the soles had turned to jelly - they were completely unwearable.
    It sems that this is a common problem due to faulty manufacture but Ecco refused to refund my money, only agreeing to a discount off another pair of shoes.

    I don't buy rubbish twice.

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  • Jo
    Joan Phillips de Vives Oct 25, 2013

    I have two pairs of Ecco sandals of which the soles have disintegrated. I spoke to the distribution manager of the Country ( Ireland ) where I bought them, and was told that rubber perishes as do car tires, if not used constantly!! I guess I should have worn them day and night!!! What sort of fools do these people take us for? Something has to be done to stop these things from happening. Joan Phillips de Vives.

    P.S. Needless to say, I got no satisfaction. I now buy RIEKER footware.

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cheating customer

Bad experience (add words) :
Mr K Moore, I agree with you too. I bought a pair of this Ecco in HK to my dad celebrate his birthday, the reason I bought because he loves the pair (ECCO) he is wearing now (MADE IN JAPAN) that he bought many years ago in HK, after we back home open the box happily, we by accident pull out the shoe pad found out a word 'MADE IN CHINA' printed inside the shoes on the shoe pad which is not very very obvious be seen if you simply just look into the shoes, we questioned WHY NOT printed 'made in China' on the sole of the shoes but NO WORDS show on the sole????
We don't mean products made in China is bad, but since the price is expensive, HKD1300 (even after discount, it is HKD1040), the sales of Ecco said the shoes is made in Europe, we questioned why the shoes is not made in Denmark or Europe but CHINA !! The shoes made in China, it really doesn't worth HKD1040 for a shoes since we know very well about China. Why sales of Ecco cheating us??? WHY ???? Also the sales said the shoes have air-max, I think the sales also cheating us too !!!
Ecco claims itself a Denmark shoe making company, it is cheating he customers by printing MADE in CHINA inside the dark side of the shoe, we are very disappointed, I also think my dad will experience the same as Mr K Moore soon.
Ecco, you will lose four more customers forever (include other family people) !!!


ecco.com > men > business > basic > boston > Art. no. [protected]

  • Ec
    eccowalker2 Apr 27, 2011

    I bought a pair of Ecco Walker in HK more than 10 years ago. It is still going strong, because it is made in Japan. I like this shoe a lot and I was looking for it when I visited HK recently. They are not made in China and comparing to mine, the quality is very poor. It just looks cheap next to my old pair. I have other Ecco dress shoes that had sole problems. I bought two pairs of the same style by different colors at the same time. After a few months, one pair's sole cracked across the ball of my foot. The other pair was fine. Go figure.

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  • Ec
    eccowalker2 Apr 27, 2011

    correction: ...They are now made in China...

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I have had to call ECCO customer service dept. and not had any problems I don't know how some of you can...

three times with three different ecco shoes!!!

I am not that big of a sucker that I bought more Ecco shoes after my fist one disintegrated, I just had a shoe buying spree one year.

First were my City Walker Cap Toes. I only wore them ~2 times be year. After a couple of years in the box, the sole of the heel started to break off in large chunks. They had a total of MAYBE 48 hours of total ware on them! I sent them in and they were replaced.

Second was a pair of Gore-Tex Track II High. Same thing, heel started to fall apart in chunks. Sent them in and they were replaced.

Third was a pair of Life. These turned to sticky gummy goo. I really though I stepped in someones discarded gum. So I start to scrap the sole of my sole on the cement sidewalk. The gum keeps coming. Black gooey gum. It turn out to be the sole of my shoe. It DISINTEGRATED!!! I never wore them, and now they fell apart. I am sending them in, we'll see what happens...

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! My most expensive shoes that I never wear cannot last longer than my crappy tennis shoes that I wear ALL OF THE TIME!!! WTF

ECCO has to really get their act together.

  • Ku
    kuntakinti May 02, 2009

    I found the same happening to me with 3 different brands of shoes: Picolin, Ceruca (Spanish) and a pair of rather expensives spanish snake-leather boots called barrats( I should have know- barratos means cheap. The soles of all just desintegrates suddenly after hardly ever using the shoes.
    My two pairs gave up after using them just once after 2 years in storage while my wifes pair only lasted 1 month. Looks as though some new material is used by several manufacturers to make sure you must buy again soon. It a blck material a bit like rubber but it just crumbles away.

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  • Ti
    TiborJ Dec 28, 2009

    Totally agree with you had the same problem with 6 pairs- kind of the same silly idea of Ecco being the best shoes ever made- NOT- bought all this within a few months time. Little or no wear and they fall apart after some time spent in the box. Really crap shoes. Some got replaced with other shoes, and they seem to last longer. I only had problem with those with whitish rubbery soles including slippers, shoes, boots whatever.

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  • Ec
    eccoluvr Mar 08, 2015

    Ecco shoes are made using a polyurethane rubber. The more the shoes are worn the better. If the shoes are just left to sit there unused the rubber will harden and then start to disintegrate. Think of the tyres on a car. If you park a car and leave it sit there for a few years you would be a fool to drive it as it would be unsafe. Try wearing the shoes you invest in and don't leave them sitting in a box in your wardrobe!

    -1 Votes
  • Vm
    V Marcos Jun 25, 2015

    Ecco shoes are not worth anything! I had three pairs and one of those I used twice a week and the sole still came apart in chunks. I have a Bally sneakers I have had for over 10 years and are worn only a few times and they are still good as new and I did not have to pay the amount of money that Ecco wants for their shoes. When friends ask me about Ecco I tell them not to buy as the quality is not there.

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soles/heels blew apart

While in New York with only my Ecco lace-ups for shoes, I was horrified to discover they the left heel had shredded itself at some point during my stay.
I've read some of the complaints here and since I'm certain my shoes are more than one year old, I won't even bother attempting to deal with what has been universally described as uncaring customer service.
My main problem with the shoes is that they were quite pricey yet have self-destructed more rapidly than any other shoe I've owned in my life (running shoes excluded). The heel system is SO fragile, that even the heel that did not blow out felt vulnerable to a similar fate. My DocMartins also had air cushion soles and NEVER fell apart, even after much more use than these Ecco's.
Thank goodness they were the only pair I've owned as they are certain to die as the last pair I will ever own.

  • Le
    lesbronx May 29, 2010

    When you read the complaints on the web you realize that everyone is having the same experience; the heels and soles disintegrate. Why is this company still in business?

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  • Le
    lesbronx May 29, 2010

    When you check the various websites you find that the vast majority of compaints about Ecco shoes are the same; the heels and soles disintegrate in a short time.

    Why is this company still in business?

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  • Ca
    Captain Eddie Apr 24, 2017

    As you can see from photographs of my seldom worn Ecco shoes I have experienced the same defect in manufacturing most of the people on this site have. A couple of bad things come to mind, first I have in the past recommended this company to friends, second, I have other Ecco shoes and have no confidence wearing them out in public.
    My shoes came apart at a very large function early on in the evening and gained much attention as staff had to be summoned to clean up the mess I made tracking crumbling foam or whatever is in the heels all over very expensive white carpet.
    This is not my first experience of soles disintegrating on Ecco shoes. The first time I just thought it was a
    Flaw with the style I bought however it is obvious everything Ecco makes has serious problems. I have Johnston & Murphy shoes that are twenty years old that look like new and have had more wear than these Eccos. I could not get my photos to upload here.

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poorly made shoe

These shoes are the worst shoes I have ever purchased. They are advertised as medium width shoes, but in...

soles desintegrate - on brand new shoes

STAY AWAY FROM ECCO SHOES. I have purchase several pairs of ECCO Shoes, and in every one of them the soles have disintegrated after being worn for a short period of time and they do not stand behind their brand. This has not happened to me with any other brand, and I own MANY pairs of shoes

The latest case was a pair of sandals, which I wore only a couple of times. And I mean a couple of times, the upper portion of the sandals are brand new, with absolutely no sings of wear AT ALL. If you would like it I can send you the pictures so you can see them. I sent them to ECCO, and they returned them this week indicating that:

1.- “Ecco offers a one-year warranty on all their shoes. After evaluating your shoes, it has been determined, based on the model that they exceed the one year warranty period.”

2.- “When repairing Ecco shoes, we remove several layers of the original sole. Unfortunately base layer of polyurethane is deteriorating, therefore, we are unable to bond a new sole to your shoe.”

As you can see, when buying ECCO shoes, you must find out when they were manufactured, to make sure that you have a chance at the “one year warranty”.

It is amassing that shoes of this cost, and claimed quality, will fall apart after wearing them for only a couple of times. These are totally undependable shoes. Absolutely not a shoe to be taken on trips when you plan to do a lot of walking, or you run a good chance of having to buy a new pair of shoes to finish the trip. Like I said, I only wore these sandals a couple of times, and now I can through them away.

  • Ki
    Kirk Strauser Sep 13, 2008

    This is a well-known and widely-experienced problem with Ecco Shoes. See http://honeypot.net/my-ecco-shoes-are-junk for a lot of stories. If you still have pictures, please send them to me and I'll post them.

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  • Gr
    Grace Yu Mar 28, 2012

    I have few pairs of ecco shoes during these few years. i bought one new pair of ecco shoes in end Feb 2012 at singapore ION shop. The disign is nice but the shoes sole is very slippery during the raining day, i could not control myself and had a fell against my back until now still not recovered and back still painful. I will not considered in future to purchase Ecco brand of shoes. it really bad experience of it. I think the shoes quality are no good compare to last time.

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outer sles disintergrating

I bought nice Walking Shoe Ecco, black Lace up with Gore -tex, water proved. The outer Soles have...

soles deteriorate

I have a number of pairs of Ecco sandals and boots. The soles have deteriorated after little wear on 3 pair...

sole deteriorate

I have a pair of Ecco shoes where the soles have deteriorated. Rest of the shoes are in perfect like new condition. The layer of polyurethane has deteriorated where they are unable to bond a new sole to the shoes.

They are over a year old and Ecco has a year warranty. It doesn't matter if they are made of defective matterial, Ecco does not stand behind of their product. For such an expensive shoe this is unacceptable.

This is my second pair of Ecco shoes where the soles have deteriorted. I had always thought Ecco to be an excellent brand to buy, but not anymore. I will never buy Ecco shoes again.

  • Ph
    P H Jul 02, 2008

    Same story. Ecco replaced the soles and they fell apart too.

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  • Jo
    John Pettitt Sep 16, 2008

    I also have had the same problem with a pair of sandals. The sole has come away in chunks. I was going to send them back until I saw your email, but realise it is a waste of postage and time. Thanks for your comments. I too will not buy another pair of ECCO sandals.

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  • To
    Tom Nov 09, 2008

    Same problem Bought a pair of Track II Ecco shoes to celebrate my first pay check out of college. Payed over $100.
    A little over a year later, the sole had deteriorated and started falling off. The leather was still in great shape but it was too late and not the kind of sole that can be redone.

    Love the styling. Hate the quality.

    -- Tom

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Carlo808 Dec 01, 2018

    I had the same problem with my Ecco shoes that cost me $200. After time, even if you dont wear the shoe that much, the rubber on the bottom just starts crumbling, you can just literally peel it off with your fingers. The funny thing is (I mean that in a sarcastic way) the reason I buy shoes that cost more is not only the comfort but that they last longer, so I thought, I was wrong in thinking they last a long time.

    - Paul B.

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