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Car hired from Europcar on May 10 for 76 days and collected from Heathrow airport. This was paid for before I left Australia.
On June 11 a charge of $548.97 Australian dollars appeared as a debit from my bank account ( ref#[protected]) in Australia by EC vehicle Rental, Watford. I have never been to Watford, nor have I ever rented or applied to rent a car from this company.
I would like to know how they got the details of my visa card and would like the Au $548.97 returned to my account!!
What do I need to do??
Regards Roger Williams.
email: [protected]


  • Ji
    jimmysmith Aug 06, 2013

    I have charges on my Diners Club Credit Card of £410.40 on 10th April and 25th April 2013 By the E.C. Group UK Watford. I do not know this Company, but I presume that this is the billing name for Alamo/EuroCar car rentals because as at about this time I hired an Alamo rental car in Quay Street, Southampton for 3 days. You must be joking if you charge £485.40 for a 3 day car rental. I have looked up your website for this car and you are offering it for £88.30 on a 3 day rental. I expect you to refund the overcharge amount for this rental.
    James Vincent Smith
    e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Le
    Lee from Northwood Oct 10, 2013

    Hi we hired a car from Alamo on the 26th Sep till the 1st oct, we returned the car back on the night of the 30th Sep and left keys in drop box, I got a call from Alamo the morning of the 1st asking me why I haven't given the car back, I told them the car was returned the night before, then heard nothing, We went to get some money out of my account last night and found that they have taken £1000 out of my account, when I called them today they told me that the car was damaged, I have asked for CCTV footage and photos of damage but as it now ten days later who knows what they can give me, my point is that if they noticed damage to the car they should have call me on the morning of the return of the car and then maybe we could have sorted this out then, now they tell me it's going to take another ten days.

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  • Alamo Rent A Car Oct 15, 2013

    Lee from Northwood, we are listening and would like to discuss this further. Please email me at [email protected] with the complete details, exact renting location, and any rental agreement or claim numbers. Reference #131015-002035 in the subject box of your email. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris- Social Media Monitor

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