eBay Shopping Geniescam


Be careful of this company, they make promises of making thousands by giving away free software, they also claim that it was designed by a ebay software developer, and it is ebay certified.


They will rip you off for $199 and $30 a month for a "license" to give away free software called shopping genie.

I was ripped off for $197 and $30 a month until I discovered that the software they refer to as shopping genie was actually something YOU CAN GET FOR FREE at ebay, called "ebay to go"
they are charging $197 for this!!

Dont fall for this scam!


  • Valerie Jan 09, 2007

    Evil eBay scammer. They did not respond to repeated emails or calls a month after they recieved payment.

    Since it was a small purchase, eBay wouldn't do anything to help in the dispute process.

    Had to file a report with the US Postal Inspection Service in order to get any results.

    Things I've learned from dealing with this eBay scammer: Look up their home number on File a report online with the Postal Inspectors. Forward abusive emails to eBay.

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  • Valerie Feb 16, 2007

    I am a finally back in the US after a few years as CEO for a major global 1000 company based in Moscow, Russia.

    I recently returned to start my own business. My complaints, range a bit as you'll see:

    1) eBay has been sending me an invoice for a service purchased on there web-site. I've never been a part of eBay, nor, subscribed to there service or anyone affiliated with them. You do NOT do business online from Russia, even personal. I've got no wife, no eBay history...must be my dog!

    I am warned this is beyond the 30 day limit??? So, I called.

    Upon calling the 1-800 number to complain, I was connected to a call center in VA - after complaining, I was hung up on by the call center rep. eBay really has no idea what/who they are gettig involved with.

    2) I recently joined just to get to know some new people in the city, OK and maybe that special someone.

    If you go to the "My Account" tab (if you are a member), you will most likely (though you think it is your account info), be guided to Dr. Phil for a subscription to a magazine, and guess what I learned...the web-site debits your account no matter what, no matter who or why for Phil's publication. How many people have been cheated out of money here...I only learned about because, ironically, I bank online.

    If my bank would not have notified me that this "automatic" charge for some magazine (which I don't know of or care of) was being charged to my card, I'd of stopped it. Dr. Phil - be ashamed and reevaluate your relationship with BTW, will not give me the money bach for that, nor the subscription. And you help so many people feel better about themselves...

    I've only been back in the states for 6 weeks. Many things have changed...many the same. Unfortunately the above is in the gutter for me. And, if this is America, I am ashamed to call myself one.

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  • Wi
    Wing Jazz May 07, 2007

    This is an ebay store. I purchased an item through auction, a vintage clock, that did not work. I dealt with Ron Kiker, Phenix city, AL

    Mr. Kiker was very reasonable in suggesting that I return the clock for a full refund. The clock was returned, and Mr. Kiker said he would issue a refund. The refund was never received, despite repeated attempts to resolve this with Mr. Kiker. Complaints were filed with ebay and Paypal, but as it was in the complaint process, the dispute "expired"--apparently I was too patient with Mr. Kiker. In any case, Visa ultimately issued the refund, but I felt it was important for people to know that Mr. Kiker, and Findero's on ebay, were completely unresponsive to my requests for the refund. aka Findero's location Phenix City, AL

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  • Pe
    Peggy Foote Jul 09, 2007

    Someone out there is ordering Grant Master, Easy Google Profit, and E-Bay Auction Monster, using my name, address, and phone number. I'm receiving notification of my order thru an old e-mail address and by phone. Of course they refuse to give me the entire credit card number, only the last 4 digits. I don't have a credit card with those digits... that I know of, unless the idiot doing this also obtained a credit card in my name. Feds have been contacted. Anyone else experience this?

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  • Th
    theresa zerello Jul 14, 2007

    I bid on an item,my daughter bid on two shirts without telling me,well we won. I know its my fault for not checking my ebay. But i tried to make it right. Ive been on live chat about 8-9 times, contacted customer support numerous times, sent emails to trust and safety dept many, many times, then they tell me i have to contact the sellers myself, so i do, 3 times each. I told them i didn't want the product just wanted to pay for them,i think all 3 totaled about 25.00. The third time nothing from one of them, the other was very rude, and the third told me that he found someone.

    Who wanted to pay and if i contacted him again i would have to deal with him and his attorneys. Wrote back to ebay about being threatened and they did nothing. I just wanted to pay them and lift the block so i could continue to use my ebay, nothing.

    I tried to cancel my ebay account, i cant even do that until i resolve the issue with the sellers, well the sellers wont deal with me. I think ebay should have some rules for the sellers and at least help the bidders with their problems. I am not a criminal i made a mistake.

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  • Ap
    ap Jul 19, 2007

    Same thing just happened to me. I can't see any charges on my credit cards yet, but they have my first name & email address.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Jul 25, 2007

    First of all I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to Ms. Foote for any inconvenience she may be experiencing in regards to this matter. We take reports of fraudulent activity very seriously and are investigating this claim in order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. I have verified that the two accounts with our company, Grant Master and Easy Google Profit, have been canceled.

    Ms. Foote, if I can be of further assistance, or if you are another customer experiencing any issues that you'd like to discuss further, please contact me directly on my cell phone at 435-773-1795 or via email at [email protected] and I will be happy to address your concerns immediately.

    If you simply would like to contact our customer service department for assistance that number is 866-396-5718.


    Ryan R.

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  • ^^^ Aug 29, 2007

    Ebay should prohibit the selling of gift cards regardless of how they are obtained. I work at a retail company and know that when customers return items without a receipt they get a store credit. But with our company, we use plastic cards that don't say store credit but they say gift card. We have dishonest customers who steal for a living just to return items and get store credit to sell on Ebay. I know that its probably a long shot just to get Ebay to understand this, but I thought I would try. Its hard enough having to return this merchandise and face these customers knowing full well what they are doing but not being able to do anything about it. It might help, maybe just a little, to cut off the selling on Ebay.

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  • As
    ashish Sep 04, 2007

    Is it true or false?

    Mr. Paul Morrison
    #195 Edward Road, London W2 1EY United Kingdom.
    TEL: (+44) 709 465 9016
    [email protected]

    Dear Ashish Pathak,

    I want to Congratulate you once again on your recent winning of £500,000.00 British Pounds(GBP). This lottery is aimed at promoting ebay marketing and the use of internet across the world.

    Your details has been received and your winning Records is in our database as a winner. It is pertinent to inform you that Your winning certificate and the exact amount you won has been deposited in Bedford Country Bank Plc here in London.

    it is HIGHLY important that you write a formal letter to the bank applying for the transfser of your £500,000.00 British Pounds(GBP) deposit by eBay Award Teams.

    Contact the Bank immediately, Please provide them with the below Bank Telegraphic Transfer details. As soon as the transfer has been approved, the bank will directly contact you with a notification letter.

    I advices you call the bank (Bedford Country Bank Plc) for quick proceesing of your winning

    Note: Alway keep me updated in case.

    Mr. Paul Morrison
    TEL: (+44) 709 465 9016

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  • Ma
    Manas Kumar Nayak Nov 01, 2007

    I have bid for 3 items in e-bay from the Company RCM Macromegamart. on 29th i have received mail that i have won 2 products and go for the payment. I had paid the amount through my credit card using e-bay paisa pay. There was also confirmation from their end. On 30th Oct07 i got a mail from ebay security dept that the company's transaction is canceled and you contact the vendor or your credit card dept for refund. Now I'm in puzzle what to do next. In one day complete product range was vanished from the site. But the vendor was transaction for last few month in e-bay. :(

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  • Sh
    Sherry T. Eckel Dec 13, 2007

    In August I bid on Ebay and won Dr. Quinn DVD's for $193.50. I sent a personal check for this amount to ApropoAuctions, LLC, 7486 La Jolla Blvd., Ste 289, La Jolla, Ca. 92037. It is now Decmeber 13, 2007 and many email conversations later with Eric Poelman (a deceased service man) I have not received this item nor a promised refund. I have copies of all our correspondence so far. In researching this company and Eric Poelman I discover I am a victim of a crime.

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  • Ma
    mamacats Mar 12, 2008

    I received a notice telling my that my account had been suspended because I did not comply with their company ethics. I was given an email address to where I could communicate. I wrote to them and asked them why.

    I have NEVER purchased OR sold ANYTHING on ebay.

    Ebay responded back and said that I could re-instate my account if I sent them a copy of my credit card statement, my bank account statement, my drivers license and a few more things.

    I was SHOCKED!! In a world where identity is being stolen every single day, why in the world does this online company need all of this very private information from me just so I can look at what people have put out there for sale?



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  • Su
    Susan Apr 03, 2008

    You probably got a spoof e-mail. The real e-bay would NEVER ask for that information and would not have contacted you if you never bought or sold anything on e-bay. I have been an active ebayer since 2004 both buying and selling and have received MANY spoof e-mails and real e-mails from ebay. Please take the time to go on their site and read their recommendations for avoiding such spoofs, but don't down the site for spoofs!

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  • Pa
    Paul Apr 30, 2008

    Horror story about a seller trying to blackmail me for positive feedback.

    Auction-genie-inc is the mother of all EBay a**es. I bought 4 items from him. He knew he had provided me with a lousy service and that EBay was about to change the rules (seller will no longer be able to leave negs.) So, fearing that I would leave negatives and he would no longer be able to retaliate, he blackmailed me: either you leave 4 positives or I'll leave 4 negatives before they change the rules and then you'll be forced to go to mutual feedback removal. I'm not going to do that, I won't be blackmailed by this guy, but I'll spread this story as fast as I can. Obviously I have already reported him to EBay (the idiot blackmailed me using the EBay system) but I really don't expect them to do anything about it. Nobody should buy anything from auction-genie-inc of Little Falls NJ and no one should trust them to sell stuff on EBay. I'm going even further, no one should buy anything from EBay, period. I'm done with them, this is the last straw.

    As I understand, I'm not the only buyer who had to suffer this.

    And yes, I'm in favor of the new system. I hope it'll put sellers like Auction-genie-inc out of business.

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  • Br
    Brandon Grieve May 30, 2008

    You obviously need to do your homework a little better. I am in no way affiliated with this company but know people who are, and I've seen the software work. They are not charging for the software; they are charging affiliates for the right to hand out an unlimited amount of the software. If someone just wants to download and install the software, they pay nothing. The bottom line is, how is the company to stay in business if they spent millions of dollars developing an application and simply giving it away?

    Oh, by the way, Ebay to Go is nothing like the Shopping Genie. Shopping Genie is an Ebay-certified application, and has access to search the Ebay database. If this were a scam, you know as well as I do, that Ebay would not allow this. They have too much to lose.

    So before you start calling something or someone a scam, you should really check your facts first; because if you're wrong, you can never restore their reputation.

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  • Un
    UNC May 30, 2008

    I ordered 2 magazine subscriptions on ...e-bay ...from... subscriptions4less..$50.00 worth..
    The e-mail I sent was returned...non deliverable! If you have to wait 60-90 days for your merchandise you... Can't even leave feedback...I got ..RIPPED-OFF !

    ...DONT BE A SUCKER !...

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  • Ma
    Matt Mayes Jun 01, 2008

    It is not a scam. You buy a license to a piece of software just like you would Microsoft, except unlike Microsoft, ebay wants you to give it way to everyone you can for free. It is a useful tool. I use ebay all the time, it was slow and a pain to find what you wanted but the big killer was that the bid time was not listed in real time. It is with the widget, that is worth using it right there and it is not intrusive on your desktop. You think it is a scam, don't use it. Where is a scam that is free. I have been paid $884 in 12 days. Where is the scam. I just want people to use the software, I could care less if they buy the software. Using the widget cost you absolutely nothing. Wonder why ebay does not mind, well it is driving about 14% new business to the site, There!!! The genuis of the concept people is that ebay has postioned themselves with major search engines, saying, just look here befrore you buy. That is good for the consumer, that is free market capitalism.

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  • An
    Anthony Jul 19, 2008

    The My Shopping Genie is not a scam- Shame on you for running your mouth like you actually know what you are talking about. You are simply an idiot that needs attention. You also could use an education... Please visit to learn about The My Shopping Genie business opportunity...

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  • Mo
    mountain man Jul 19, 2008

    I got off to a terrible start with e-bay first I did what most people do set up an account only not pay pal but where E-Bay could just help themselves to a fee.
    Everyone is required to do this right to use the site.
    Any way I advertised and they took my $2.50
    and the next week and so on for about 10 weeks and no sales so I closed my bank account and closed my
    E-Bay account. I specifically told them when they billed me again I'd be paying with cash and thats when they decided they would bill me again (glitch in pay -pal software) causes it to maximize e-bays bill no matter what you do. normally they would have your money no matter what the amount you are unlikely to ever get it back or spend more trying to get your money back. This caused E-bay to be sued once before and when I found out this was the case it gave me resolve to fight e-bay over $2, 50
    and then they decided to add a another fee. They claimed on the second unauthorized charge that they tried to automatic bill pay out of my bank account and the bank charges a fee for that, E-bay then gets billed and bills you. I argued with customer service and then they said I owed $25.00
    not $2.50 I paid cash once but never got credited for that I paid a second time cash again no credit to the account This is all to do with pay pal software and they know it. Time for another class action lawsuit E-Bay is the single biggest scam out there it bills twice and thinks it's got a right to charge fees directly out of you account even when you have specfically phohibited it. When you threaten to file a FTC complaint they will slip a zero in you amount due an threaten you credit. Someone needs to replace some code in pay pal software I don't care if it's their engineers or not.

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  • El
    el chapo Jul 29, 2008

    This e bay shopping genie is pretty cool and you can make a few bucks by helping e bay drive new users to the site and off of purchases - I have seen better mlm company ideas before - really - but the software is cool. i would not sign up for the get rich part of it as i figure 300 bucks invested today will be worth more than what these people think they will make but that is the case with 85% of these mlm deals - but of course some are making a LOT of money right? I mean one guy is making more than bill gates ...ha ha ha...anyway - they are not scam artists but hopeful people and not too high pressure.

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  • El
    el chapo Jul 29, 2008

    You are so stupid - and obviously so are we posting on a site with 5 comments on it about some thing that is suppsed to be HUGE!!! EVERYONE WILL USE SHOPPING GENIE...

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  • Ro
    rosemarie francis Aug 11, 2008

    supera telcom say i need to get this doff my name i do not live in fl

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  • Br
    BritishTex Aug 27, 2008

    Be very careful about selling on eBay. The system is now set up to support big businesses (power sellers) and actual retail companies who sell under a shop name but are actually clearing their unwanted sale stocks. The only other way you can make a small amount of money is by selling your unwanted items that you already have and so don't need to cover purchase costs. My husband is a marketing executive and laughs at how people think they will make an income from eBay. Firstly, many of the wholesalers you will be referred to are clearing the unwanted sale items and you will end up buying at a price which you will be unable to sell at. On top of this, you will pay a listing fee, a final sale fee, a fee to Paypal (which is owned by eBay) to process before you can even look at making money. What they don't tell you is that the average time an item takes to sell can be THREE MONTHS - that means 12 lots of listing fees. Many of the markets that you would think will make money simply don't - and that includes clothing, car parts, electronics. eBay is the main winner here. My husband has seen the statistics which show that most people who try and start businesses on eBay are expected to struggle on for about six months before it dawns on them that they are losing money - usually eBay expects to make about $1500 in charges during this time - get enough people doing that (and they do) and it is no wonder that this company rolls the money in.

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  • Ga
    Gary Gile Sep 08, 2008

    The next thing Dan will be saying is that the USA government is a scam and to beware of them. They make huge promises and then have the nerve to tax us to pay for free handouts they provide for the less fortunate.

    I can't argue with the fact that the owners of MyNet Universe and some of the key promoters may not have the cleanest reputation. But most of what one reads is written by people who failed themselves and aren't willing to face the fact that they are responsible for their failure, not any company or any product or any other people.

    The Genie 2.0 software is one of the most powerful software on the market today. It does much more than just search eBay for the best buys. It is given away free of charge and the people that are licensed to give it away are paid $1.00 for each download and use of the software. So with a little effort one can recover their one-time $199 investment and make a lot of customers very happy.

    So where is the scam?

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  • Wo
    woodyfelix Sep 11, 2008

    I won an item on ebay, paid for it on August 13 08 and never received it, buyer dosent explain . when am I gonna receive it ? Buyer took off with my money.shame on her. filispa is her name.

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  • Ro
    Robert Snyder Oct 01, 2008

    I have had recent experiences much the same with eBay sellers. My wife had ordered a COMPLETE computer from a seller and got nothing but an empty tower. I recently recieved a printer from "ShopOnSite", upon arrival, it had no ink cartridges or power cord. The powwer cord for this HP printer is more than the printer itself. They said they would refund ALL my money. I have not heard from them since! I still have two items to pay for on eBay. I am expecting the WORST!

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  • Co
    collegegal Dec 21, 2008

    Do not purchase from masterone32 on ebay. I bought an item from them and have tried to contact the seller but the information on their profile is bogus. Have contacted PayPal and should hopefully get my money back.

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  • Cr
    Crossbones Dec 23, 2008

    I have sold a graphic card over Ebay. The customer first complains that it lack a certain piece of it. Then he sees that it's a piece that comes with a stronger power supply he needs. So he go buy a power supply the fifth day he writes again saying that the card has the six pin plug is broken and is almost loose from the card. The card was a used one i had it for a year, and changed it for a stronger one. It was in perfect shape. I cleaned it up with dry air. and it was perfect. First he said the six pin plug was missing then it is loose on the card. He pull a claim on ebay so i have to give him a refund and the f... wins and i have to give him his money back. And i will get back my card now broken that he probably broke himself. So i have no money and no card to sell I'm loosing 97$ totally because i won't be able to sell it again. Thx Ebay just hope everybody sees you can't defend you sellers. That's pathetic.

    A very peed off seller

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  • Da
    David Barriga Jan 04, 2009

    What can be done to assure that I will not be charged in the future. They have the visa acct. # I contaced my bank, about this distract sitiution. The charge went thru anyway -3 charges total, $103.21. OH! good news just found out I was credited for 2- charges, $49.67, total $99.34, man, I can sure use that amount. $3.87 was not credited(starter kit CD), never recieved. I called my bank, about this problem, they told me the only protection to prevent unthorized charges is to change the Visa to a new acct. I'm disable and on a limited income (SSI), and the bank is far away. Please let me knowASAP your professional advise. [email protected] 480-766-8073

    Note: Another scam, Acai berry, con.#1177345, 801 -208-7490/7685, total$80.00

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  • Bi
    Bill Feb 13, 2009

    Bait & switch operation. Do not order from them.

    I purchased a 512MB Compact Flash for $88.50. I recevied a call from them the next day saying that the price was now $147. They put low prices on their web site to get high ranking on the price comparison sites but when you try to purchase it, they switch the price.

    If they advertise a price, they need to honor it!

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  • Lg
    L.G.L. Ford Mar 03, 2009

    Around June of 2008 I ordered software from Auction Monster. The information, that I had, simply said that I was only purchasing the software and was only to pay shipping and handeling. There was no further agreement, concerning a users agreement, future billing or licensing.
    Since the time of my order, I have been billed $59.95 every month. This has added up to nearly $500.00.
    I never saw, or read, any user agreement. Nor have I used the software.
    Please correct this error. I am unable to keep paying this money, especially for services not received, or used.

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  • Br
    Bruised09 Mar 04, 2009

    eBay will not protect you. In reality, they run a wild west "buyer beware" marketplace. As soon as people get that down, the less rip off victims there will be.

    Protect yourself. Forget eBay or paypal-eBay arbitration or security. Use ONLY Paypal and link it ONLY to your credit card. When you get ripped off, ask your credit card company for a charge back. You will immediately get your cost AND your shipping back, the entire amount charged to your card. When a random buyer wins at the eBay arbitration lottery, you never get shipping returned.

    It gets better. Paypal then charges the seller for 1)the complaint & 2) for the "service" of taking the money back and returning it to your credit card account.

    Meanwhile, make a practice of avoiding big sellers with PowerSeller ratings above the Gold level (the rating is not for serving buyers but for making good money for eBay and eBay-Paypal) It is my suspicion that eBay intends for buyers to assume the ratings are for honest and good service. The large PowerSellers get lots of support from eBay & Paypal. Buyers rarely win against them and the minimum 30 days to get a responseruling from eBay just happens to be enough to expire the time your credit card allows for you to contest a bill. Try to buy from sellers with a few hundred to several hundred positive feedback and 100% positive feedback rating. I sell with a partner. We have 100% and thus we know what it takes to do that! Scammers who prey on sellers target smaller sellers with 100% positive. They use threat of a negative as an extortion weapon. So sellers with a few to several hundred 100% positive feedback take an occasional hit to keep the 100%.

    toolhaus is a foreign website with a program that lets you enter a seller's name and toolhaus often digs up Powerseller negatives and neutrals eBay hid from us. eBay tries to block toolhaus but alas, toolhaus programmers are talented. Just search google for toolhaus, go to the site, bookmark it. When you are shopping eBay, just highlight and "copy" the seller name, click on the Toolhaus bookmark and then paste the name in the Toolhaus name spot and press enter.

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  • Ma
    Marie Apr 16, 2009

    Signed up for a free kit to help selling on Ebay. Got a call about kit that I would be receiving it but would have to pay s/h cost gave her my credit card number .My grandchildren came over and when they left I could not find my credit card I had left out, I looked all over the for it, dreading that they might have taken it outside and left it I called my credit card co to report it lost.Then I called the sellers lounge to give them a different cc number.They answered sellers lounge I asked "Is this Ebay?"No, its the sellers lounge. I realized then that all this time I was under the assumption that the call WAS FROM EBAY. I did call Ebay to be sure this was not a call from them I was told it was a Spoof.I was luckyI found out in time!

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  • Ni
    nitadar4 Jun 11, 2009

    signed up for the sucess kit never recieved it in the mail unable to access site. they have taken more money off my card. The phone number given does not work ;tring to contact them to no avail.

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  • Di
    dirtroad25 Jun 11, 2009

    same thing happened to me and all I did was request information for supposedly 1.96

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  • Sa
    Samul munford Jun 26, 2009

    I like a few others Saw this advertisment on Google, and thought it was the real thing,
    And for1.95 it seem worth the try. Since I "m not working thougth I could make some fast
    money. sent for the kit.But when I check my bank account there was and extra 49.95
    taken out. then two nights ago I recieve a call on my cell phone from a gentleman that said he was
    from ebay, but do to the fact that I was in the right area we were cut off. So later I recieve a text send a 10 digtal mobile phone number.the no was 1-801-878-8330, then today
    June 26th I recieve a Cd, Some Kit. It cost me 50.00plus, I guess have to learn a lesson, but reading
    some of the others complain, So now I go to my bank a have it remove maybe i "ll get my money back.

    But to others I"m saying check things out before you do something that may cost you.

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  • Gl
    Glen Jun 28, 2009

    I was recently trying to sell a ps2 on ebay. It sold and the next day I got an email from ebay saying do not ship it because they used fraudulent means to pay. So I refunded the money and relisted it. It sold again to the same guy on a diffrent account, so I refunded the money again not wanting to deal with him and relisted it. The next day it sold to a different person. Just to be safe I waited until the last possible day to ship it and I did not get a ebay warning email, so I shipped the ps2 and the following day I got an email saying do not ship it.

    If your selling any consoles on ebay or right now I highly advise you be very very cautious especially if it is to.

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  • An
    AndrewAuction Aug 04, 2009

    A better way is to publish your complaint on first and then complain on eBay and provide them a link to your published complaint on - this makes your complaint and their responses public, where others can see and read. It is also very useful for reporting fraudulent sellers and leaving negative feedback which shows up high in search engines like Google (just do a Google search for leonmad or majabali to see what I mean). Don't just let off steam, get your complaints ranking high in the search engines; hit them where it hurts with publicity!

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  • Le
    lexgregory Aug 05, 2009

    I love my shopping genie. I signed up when it first came out. This new technology is great! You know what I love about it? You don't have to sell ### on ebay but you can make money on it no matter who sells it because someone downloaded YOUR software and uses it to shop so you can even get paid in your sleep. I do not like to sell things online. I tried Herbalife and had my house stocked with all this unnecessary merchandise. I think Herbalife rocks, don't get me wrong. Unfortunately, having my home stocked with merchandise is just not for me. I just give my genie away and people out there shop using my widget and I get paid. Where is the harm in that?

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  • La
    lallygirl 1947 Aug 10, 2009

    I have recently tried to sale a few items on e-bay as a first time seller. My item sold for 25.00 with shipping cost of 10.35. Then i got an e-mail from e-bay and pay pal saying i owed $15.59 for this sale. What a rip-off. I called e-bay and pay pal and was told that they could do nothing about the charges, even explaining the reason for the charges. I would have been better off throwing the item away. Never again . You re better off giving your items away than dealing with these people. What a scam!

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