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A Sep 12, 2018

I was boarding flight FZY 7083 at Liverpool on the 10 September I was asked to check that my hand luggage went into the container it did but was told it had to go down to the bottom. As my hand luggage has 3 wheels on the bottom I had difficulty. I was abruptly told I would have to pay £47 and it would have to go in the hold. I was told to stand at the side of the lady and wait I had to stand there till all remaining passengers boarded. I felt degraded and humiliated through the whole procedure. I tried to explain to the lady that I live in Portugal and came to England on the 27th July with Easy Jet and had no problem with my hand luggage and tried to explain that I have used the same hand luggage on Tap BA Ryan Air Monarch and Easy Jet many times and never had a problem. The lady never acknowledged me the whole time and kept her back to me. As I stood there I could see people with hand luggage bigger than mine and they were told that they would go into the hold free of charge. The whole experience left me shaking I felt degraded and humiliated I am sure a criminal would have been treated better instead I was made to feel like a criminal. I was told to leave my case at the bottom of the steps to the plane. The whole experience had left me shaking. I do suffer from High blood pressure and take medication for this and have no problem. When we were airborne I felt unwell my wife then realised that my medication was in the bag that was in the hold. I don't remember much of the flight and didn't want to say anything as I was apprehensive of the response I would get.The whole experience was like a nightmare. One response I got from the lady when I paid the fee was I will make a comment that you came to England with the same hand luggage. I doubt that she has. I have receipt for the payment. Please do not misunderstand me I am all for people paying if the hand luggage is too big. I had booked and paid for a case to go into the hold on that flight If I had any doubt that my hand luggage was too big I would have booked that in also at a cheaper price. I was always brought up that manners cost nothing and they are ways in handling any situation. The lady in question had neither abrupt and rudeness is all that I received.

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