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Recently I visited the new East Side Mario’s in Prince George.

I was so disgusted with not only the lack of superior customer service, but the melted cheese whiz on the pasta was enough to make a 3 year old gag.

I eventually approached the manager once it was time to pay the bill that I didn't really want to pay, and he had nothing to say. I explained to him how disgusted I was with everything in general, and he told me "Well, I hope you give us another try". I told him "Not a chance would I waist my money" I was expecting to get some sort of gift certificate and I would have considered coming back, but he didn't do a thing to compensate me. Not even a 10% discount, I was even more disgusted with his not wanting to satisfy me as a customer.

I am a regular consumer and I frequently visit restaurant, so sure enough, I will NOT be going back there, and he'll NEVER get my business again, and I want everyone else to know not to go there. And if you choose to disregard my review, best of luck to you, and don't spend too much money, you will regret it.


  • Eg
    E. GIBSON May 26, 2008

    On May 23rd 08 we visited your restaurant in
    St. Albert ab.
    When we presented your gift card, we were advised
    that the card was declined.
    The card number is 627529 56229 5404732 2.
    Please advise the reason that this card was not honored.

    A timely response would be appreciated.

    E.J. Gibson

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  • Ki
    Kim Marren Sep 12, 2008

    I have a really busy schedule and fast easy meals are my way to go, so I went to my local grocery store and bought five of the East Side Marios Entre's. I took them home and put four of them in the freezer and ate the other one that night, and it was fine. The next day I took another one out from the freezer to thaw so i could eat it later on that evening. When I opened up the package the STENCH coming from my chicken linguine was absolutly disgusting!!! I was totally mortified to know that I just wasted a crap load of money on garbadge food. So I took them back to the store and wanted to get my money back and was informed that they are previously frozen. They come to the store that way. SO I SCANNED THE ENTIRE BOX AND FOUND NOT ONE "PREVIOUSLY FROZEN" LABLE ANYWHERE!!!
    So if anybody is even thinking about buying these things, THINK AGAIN!!

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  • Kk
    K Koz Nov 02, 2008

    We visited an East Side Mario's in North York, ON. I have always like the food at East Side's but the service has ALWAYS ALWAYS been very slow. Recently I have been diagnosed with Celiac and they had no idea what Gluten free means, East Side 's must move along with the times. The number of people being diagnosed with eating problems is HUGE. Come on East Side's get it together, pick up the service and get in the "know", if you don't my advise to the public like me, go to Swiss Chalet they are in the "know" and they have a Nutrition & Allergy Guide for you to look at before ordering. I have gone twice now in two weeks, in two different cities are they are great.

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  • phiit29 Jun 20, 2009

    Don't get too gung-ho about Swiss Chalet either. Please don't believe for one second that they are "Celiac friendly". Their chicken sauce is laced with gluten. As is their gravy.
    There is a lack of restaurant standards in that chain of store.

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  • St
    stefen999 Mar 28, 2010

    ive been to that specific east side marios a few times and had no problem with the food...

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  • Gravitytheseducer May 03, 2012

    East Side Mario's is amazing the food is great. Your complaint will not dissuade me from eating there that's for sure. Also, I am sure you finished your meal and they were not willing to give your money back because you didn't mention anything until you had finished eating and were ready to pay. It probably seemed to them that you were trying to skip out on the bill. So I don't think what they did was unfair at all.

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  • De
    Dennis1 Jul 15, 2015

    I have been to the east side Mario's location in Scarborough at warden and eglington. The first time was great as the waiter did a great job. The second time was OK too. The third time the service was terrible. We arrived around 8:30 on a Wednesday night. The waitress was terrible and couldn't wait to go home. I have never complained about any service before because I don't like doing that but I did complain to the manager because service was terrible. The management must have changed as we went back on a Tuesday night. Service was still very slow. Never brought the bread and soup. Main dish looked like it was sitting under a heat lamp for an hour.That was definitely the last time we go to that location. Its too bad because the first experience was a good one but since then went so downhill

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  • Mi
    Mike Evst. May 27, 2017

    The OP stated she was never going again, but then expressed surprise she wasn't offered a gift card!

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  • JKWilliams Jan 04, 2018

    I never could understand what the big attraction is to E. S. M.'s Everything is undercooked. The noodles are the worst. But the chicken comes out like a rubber ball and flavorless. The pizza was C- at best. My friends think it's like, sooo great. I think it's the decorum. Certainly can't be the food.

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  • La
    Laddybugga Oct 21, 2019

    I am very disappointed that the funnel cake was taken off the menu. I never order dessert but when I went to Mario's I always had to order the funnel cake. Usually you can only get a funnel cake at a fair in the summer, but at Mario's I could get one anytime I wanted. Please bring it back. It is the best dessert!!!

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  • Ea
    eastsidemariosuck69 Nov 13, 2019

    Our waitress Alyssa was not very good of keeping our order straight. We ordered calamari before we got drinks and she brought it when we were ready to leave

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