Ear and Balance Institute Covington LAdr. gerard gianoli scam surgery

T Jun 04, 2018 Review updated:

May god save your life from this place and from these doctors.
Don't believe to any magic surgeries that cured dizziness even if you read hundreds or thousands of miraculous blurry reviews. My surgery with Dr. Gerard Gianoli was nothing but an ear butchery that ended up in a series of life devastating neurological disasters and that condemned my life into an existence of sheer misery, after which Dr. Gianoli disappeared into thin air.


  • La
    LA5 Jan 17, 2019

    Soileau and Gianoli Inc. two evildoers, operating an internet death trap; every person stepping into their office is an opportunity to cash money. You know when they are lying when you see their lips moving. If you get hurt there do not say you did not know.

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  • Lo
    Louisiana2 Mar 03, 2019

    is this truth finally surfacing ... too many people in the "Gianoli System" have cooperated with the bringing of innocent people under his knife, too many people were rewarded from his fraud, his partner Soileau made a quiet living all the way to his retirement, Ms. Harvey, the so called Dr. Harvey built her career on his lies and on the back of those who suffered his terrible injuries. And all this would not have been possible without the cheer-leading band of Anne Chaka, the manipulator, who happily accompanied the victims into their abyss. And the institutions, those that were given the mandate to protect the innocent people but drown within their own corruption turned a blind eye for the party to go on.

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  • Ar
    Ark lark Mar 30, 2019

    Do NOT, Absolutely do Not go to Gerard Gianoli. He will tell you that you have an inner ear fistula if you have balance problems, put you on horrible medications that will make you much worse and then convince you that you need surgery. Once done with the surgery, you will feel even worse and he will not acknowledge unless it is to say that the problem is that your other ear needs surgery, too. He IS a scam artist.

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  • Bt
    BT35 Sep 26, 2019

    I was treated by Dr. Gianoli for what appeared to be Meniere’s. He told me I had permanent damage to my ear and was going to be deaf. He wanted to do lumbar puncture, then surgery, I refused and he put me on different meds that had me like a zombie. Luckily, I found another Dr. who was wonderful and got me off all of the meds. My hearing is normal and I have been doing great for many years. He might be a very good doctor to others but I am done with him! I am happy to tell him his diagnosis was WRONG! Dr. Gianoli has no empathy and I doubt he is honest, he made me feel so scared and sad. Always get a second and third opinion – and find someone who cares, who accepts insurance and has no “I am God complex”.

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  • Jk
    JK50 Jan 17, 2020

    Dr. Gianoli is a one-size fits all doctor. He completely misdiagnosed my problems and because of it I have been in much worse shape than when I first went to him. He takes terrible notes and he was not at all receptive to learning that he was not correct. As a result of his treatment, and the drugs he prescribed, I have terrible tinnitus due to his surgery. It has taken me a long time to get back to where I was (which was uncomfortable enough) before I saw him. I would recommend seeing other doctors who have experience with head trauma if you have balance problems and you have had head injuries, as there are reasons other than the inner ears that can cause inequilibrium.

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  • Ad
    A dangerous doctor Jan 29, 2020

    People. Don't trust this doctor. He is dishonest, dangerous, careless, and eager to perform invasive unnecessary surgeries. I trusted him despite getting 4 other opinions informing me not to go through a surgery he recommended and consequently lost my hearing caused by the surgery he performed on me. Red flag to warn the naive people, "hundreds" of positive reviews.

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