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anne arundel medical center / ultrasound customer service

Sep 14, 2018

The ultrasound technician did not want my husband to be there with me during my transvaginal ultrasound. Extremely rude and unprofessional. Her name is Cherrel. I also need to say that the bathroom sprayed water 3 feet in the air and I had to walk through a giant puddle barefoot. Extremely...

anne arundel medical center / BILLING


Not only does a patient have to pay their Co-Pay to the Dotors that you visited / have appointment with at the Medical Offices of Anne Arundel Medical Center but Anne Arundel Medical Center also wants you to pay them (because the DR you visited has a office onsite) for being at their...

anne arundel medical center / No treatment


I went there with severe pain in my left ear, causing me to cry uncontrollably throughout the entire visit. My husband asked them if they could give me something for the pain while we waited, such as a painkiller, heat pad, or heated blanket. Their only response was "There are many people...

anne arundel medical center / treatment of family in hospital


my husband was seen in the er with a tick imbedded we couldnt get out. it was a weekend and dr's office were closed. the nurse would not let me back with my husband. my husband is terrified of hospitals and wanted me to go back. as a nurse myself, i know the appropriate thing to do i...