Duke Energyextra fee on already high bill!!!

T Aug 02, 2018

This company is a complete rip off to the average consumer!!! I go to pay my bill today and see there is a extra charge for a deposit of $355, that I knew nothing about, no notice in the mail or email to provide information, no nothing!!! My bill is high every month, and even though I pay it late, it always gets paid! Now you go and add an additional $355 and don't notify me of it??? What kind of greedy bs is that??? People are out here struggling while big companies take every drop they can from blue collar families! My bill this month with this extra charge is $817!!! What the [censored]??? Then customer service tells me that they can break this amount up into 3 payments, ontop of my already extremely high bill. So now there's $117, added to my $195 bill, and that's for 1 month!!! I wish there was another option for consumers in this part of nc that we could have a choice. Duke progress energy sucks!!!

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