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D Jan 14, 2020

I am writing as someone who has been in customer service and what Duke offers in my case as I know customer service is that you have found every excuse to not be customer service oriented and therefore your front line people answering the phone are not armed with critical information or the ability to access it. Then you have them give the most unrealistic excuses to me as a customer as to why they CANNOT call me back when there has been a resolution to my problem. You see I was told that if Duke called my number with information about my problem, they couldn't be certain it was actually me they are talking to. Seriously, why could they not use the same verification standards as when I call in to Duke. When I questioned a supervisor, she first said they don't have the ability to call outside and actually someone else could know my information and therefore they could be giving information to the wrong person, really? That is the biggest bunch of malarkey I have ever heard. So I went on to ask the supervisor, then have them email me? And guess what the answer to that was, no, because what if they sent my information to the wrong email address?
Duke Power's policy to not reach out to customers is just a matter of knowing you don't have to because where else can I or anyone else go for their electricity?
The way I see it, there are as many excuses as is necessary to dictate the customer is made to realize that no matter what, Duke doesn't practice customer service, AND THE PROBLEM I'M CALLING IN FOR IN THIS INSTANCE IS NOT MY FAULT. I sent a payment in as I have done for years via automatic draft from my checking account. The December 2019 payment never posted as paid. I have confirmed with my bank the monies were sent 12/11/19, and my payment was cashed.
My problem is that I called Duke on 12/30/19 when I received a past due notice for the December payment. I was asked to send in via fax information from my bank statement that showed it was taken out. I have faxed that twice now, once on December 30, 2019 and then again on January 10, 2020. Since December 30 I have made five phone calls to see if this issue has been resolved because Duke Power cannot advise me. The most glaring problem with customer service is that NO ONE has been able to answer is whether my fax was received. Without that knowledge, it's impossible to know if my case is even being addressed. Apparently whoever receives the fax doesn't have any way to communicate with your customer service people or vice versa. I have been told there is no way to confirm receipt of that fax I sent other than when my case is resolved or there is activity to report. That I find extremely bizarre that your system is not connected with the service reps that answer your phones, therefore no one can confirm receipt of my fax.
I have called in five times and still no resolution. I still don't know if my fax I sent in as information to solve my problem was received, and NEITHER CAN ANYONE VERIFY. And what I see as a bigger problem is due to Duke being the only player I have to supply my electricity, a monopoly. It allows situations like these to go on because the customer has no choice. Because of this monopoly, Duke most likely will not change their policy, you will never lose any business over your policies. Plus there's no one else the customer can switch to.
Drew Naylor

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