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Completely disappointed with this bank!!!
I am not sure if this complaint will be taken seriously at all by the dubai first management but still I wish to express my utter disappointment on the service and customer relations of this bank. I have been dealing with this bank for past 2 years now to cancel my credit card and the bank is continuously forcing me not to cancel the card by forcibly implying fees and penalties on me. I have been in contact with the agent named "sonia" last year whom I had the whole conversation about cancelling my credit card because I cannot afford to keep it anymore and they are forcing me to pay the annual fees for the time I would not be even using the credit card. They gave me conditions to fulfill if I want to cancel the card which I did last year and then when I asked to cancel the card they are forcing me to come to their bank and then cancel. This bank does not even have branches in dubai. Only one office in burjuman which is far away from my work place. The bank is only open on weekdays and obviously I am working on weekdays and cannot have time to go so far away. I therefore could not manage to go. No again this year they charged me the fees even after asking last year to cancel the card. This bank is forcing me now again to pay the fees. Why should I pay the fees for the year when I will not use the card at all? The bank is charging me fees for next year in advance when the card will actually be cancelled??? This is ridiculous service to get from this bank after being a customer for 13 long years. I have seen online a lot of complaints and I also see that the bank does not even care to reply to the complaints raised by its customers. I think the bank does not care about anything but ripping off their customers! This is the worst bank to deal with. The burjuman office has only 3 people working. The bank looks being on the verge of final closure and therefore they are trying to rip off any customer they can by forcing them to pay illegal fees. When I got this card I was told that it is free for lifetime. This is completely illegal now to charge me any fees!

  • Updated by Saurabh007, Apr 11, 2019

    I can see that nobody from bank cares about replying the complaints from customers on this complaint board.

Apr 11, 2019

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