Dubai First Recoverycredit card

V Nov 21, 2019 Review updated:

This is complaint against employee Mr. Amandeep of recovery team. He calls for reminder of EMI and while i try to reason with him for a delayed payment looking for a solution, this raging employee doesnt hear a word only to rant the problem on loop with huge EGO. Forgets his place and gets into personal life, continues to rant after several warnings. At last when i requested him to get another member on my case, he takes egoistic call on escalating my file to credit bureau, calls my HR and gives false information to my company, send text msg on card blocks, threatens while we were in middle of deciding a date for payment. This outrageous behaviour and instigation of events was uncalled for and so insulting.


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      Nov 28, 2019

    I had a similar interaction with an employee named Akshay Sawant. I was telling I can pay but only on a certain time. He tells me “I don’t need to listen to your reasons, I just need you to pay”. Guess this is just how everyone in their company operates? No respect for customers

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