DUall lies and trickery, excess billing, and worst customer service. avoid du at all costs!

Our company has been dealing with Etisalat when an agent from Du offered us "cheaper plans" for our wifi, landline, and sim cards. Indeed the plans were cheaper compared to Etisalat and offering more benefits.

HOWEVER, now we realized why they offer these cheap plans. It is because you will pay more or triple than your plan. They don't have hard cap and you will just be shocked that your 100 plan you must pay 800AED! We asked customer service and they said "WE cannot do anything about it. It;s really like that." What kind of answer is that?

Then, they will send you the bill late. The deadine is approaching and you will just pay the amount without seeing the bill because they will disconnect without any notification. But ONCE YOU SEE THE BILL, you will see unauthorized subscriptions that you are paying for daily for each sim. And if you ask them, they will not even be shocked like it's normal and they will only cancel if you tell them. BE careful AND ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILLS!

They have the worst customer service and branches' staff are not trained properly. We paid the bill yesterday but until now they didnt reconnect it. After calling 4 times, then they said that it was not updated from their side - which is their mistake!

Now, we are cancelling all our lines from Du and switching back to Etisalat. Etisalat has far more better customer service and you really pay what they tell you in the first place! No tricks!

Oct 07, 2019

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