DUfraud! abusively overcharge

K Review updated:

I signed up the 100AED for 10GB plan, every month they hugely overcharge me. My bills from January to May were like: 126AED, 356AED, 179AED. This month is 282AED. They basically just charge you whatever amount they want. I called to ask for refund, they refused.
PEOPLE IN DUBAI: don't use du! Don't sign contract with them. They are just a monopoly and trying to rip you off!!

fraud! abusively overcharge


  • Rk
    rkdxb Jul 23, 2017

    i agree with you, but you can complain to TRA and also you can write to [email protected], i saw many case was solved against DU with the help of tra and gulfnews reader issue...
    currently i am facing 2 separate issue and i already escalate one to gulf-news reader issue and another to tra..

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  • Da
    DAT12 Jul 31, 2017

    hi what is TRA. I'm facing the same issue..

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  • Rk
    rkdxb Jul 31, 2017

    @DAT12 Telephone regulatory authority, email to [email protected]

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  • He
    hero321 Jan 20, 2018

    @rkdxb just to be cleared TRA means Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

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  • Ab
    Abdullah Imtiaz Oct 01, 2017

    DU is fraud, i extremely disappointed, every month they are charging wrong.

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