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I had mailed about the issue of cancellation fee of account number 1.[protected], from your side i got reply that the contract which was 12 month at the time of taking connection which is on 19/02/2017. Now you are saying that its been renewed on 14/06/2017 and it has not been informed to me. You can check records for that and i was not informed and had not agreed for the renewal also.After 15 months i had disconnected the connection thinking there is no cancellation charge as my connection was 12 months contract. Its so sad to have an experience like this from your side, as I am regular user of Du Please take necessary action to sort this issue at earliest.


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    right and square Oct 06, 2018

    how to cancell daily data bundle

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    Najib Bencherif Nov 09, 2018

    Ref: 04 241 8192
    I have a serious issue with DU as I strongly dispute the legality and the fairness of paying the « disconnection fees » which amounts to 2, 802.03 AED. I don’t see why DU wants me to pay those unfair charges?
    My contract with DU was for one year. It started on May 2017 and expired on 2018. However, I kept it running for an extra two months, (until July 2018). This clearly meant that the termination occurred two months after the « Minimum Term of one year ». Besides, contrary to what DU wrongly claims, there was no « auto-renewal » involved.
    The terms and conditions of the « standard agreement for DU entreprise customers » stipulates:
    « Article : 17.3. Early Termination Charges if :
    * 17.3.1. The Customer requests the ending of any Service which has not fulfilled a Minimum Terms; or
    * 17.3.2. ending of the Agreement as set out above, results in the ending of any Service which has not fulfilled a Minimum Term,
    The Customer shall pay applicable Early Termination Charge. »
    In my case, the « Minimum Term » was one year (May 2017-May 2018).
    Therefore, it is crystal clear that no early termination charges are applicable to my case.
    I complained to TRA, the regulatory authority, and while the case is still pending, I received a couple of calls from DU customer service. They sounded reconciliatory and pretended to investigate the case. But I have not heard from them again.
    That said, what annoyed me most is the fact that I kept on receiving unwelcome calls and messages from a debt collector company called « Debtplus ». I’m really confused and disappointed with DU and the way they treat their customers, as I’m not prepared to pay those unfair disconnection charges. Please advise. Regards, N. Bencherif

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