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DR Horton Home Builders Spring Mesa Arvada Colorado

Things to notice before you buy a D R Horton house:

1. All grades are certified by Carrol/Lang Surveyors to be less than 3:1 grade. Notice the back yard at 7744 Umber Ct. It appears to be much greater. Ours was. Notice this throughout the development. DR Horton denied this until I had it surveyed. They still have not reimbursed me for repairs to resolve this problem.

2. Drainage problems. The bottom of our driveway appears to be lower than the street. So water from the swale along the house drains in toward the house.

3. Upgraded carpet is seeing through. I called Shaw Manufacturer about this. They stated they were not surprised by this as it is the “lowest density” they had ever seen.

4. Kitchen cabinet-doors continually warp. About 30 new doors have been installed in 3 months. These are the lowest grade cabinets by Aristokraft as per their website.

5. Windows leak, rattle, screens are difficult if not impossible to remove. I was told this is how they are. These are some of the cheapest made by Alpine Window as per there manager.

6. Lights flicker/dim when others are turned on. Told by customer service this is also normal.

7. There are no heat return air vents in spare bedrooms. Therefore these rooms stay much colder than the rest of the house.

There are many more issues too. The Vice President of Quality was at the house and informed me that all of these things are normal in a D R Horton house.


Allied Insulation-Danny [protected] c-[protected]

AVI Roofing-[protected]

Ranch Plumbing-Brighton [protected]

CTI Creative Touch Interiors-[protected]

Alpine Truss-[protected]

Roaches Drain-[protected]

ECI Electrical- [protected]

Appliances- [protected]

4 seasons-[protected]

Alex- [protected]

DRHorton Cust SVC-[protected]

Midwest Regional Office

20860 Kenbridge Court

Suite 100

Lakeville, MN 55044

Main Office: [protected]

DR Horton Corporate- [protected]

West Brothers- [protected]

2/13/08-Left msg with George Seagraves VP. Spoke with Holley Rassmusen VP sales and Cust Rep. She will work on issues.

2/14/08- Left msg with Seagraves. Allied Insulation has not showed up. Spoke with Alex-He will call. He is also working on a solution to the attic fans. Danny from Allied Insulation showed up 2 ½ hours late. He could find no problem with the insulation.

2/18/08-Spoke with Holly Rasmussen, states she has notified Mr. Seagraves of the problems and he is now in charge. He has not returned my phone calls. I have left a message with his secretary to schedule a meeting with him-Sheryl Seagal.

2/20/08-Spoke with Karen at the regional office. She gave me the corporate number [protected]. There I spoke with Annette Claxton. She connected me with Sheryl Seagal. Sheryl states she never received any messages from me but did speak to Holly Rassmusen yesterday about my issues. Sheryl states she will forward my name on to Mr. Seagraves.

2/21/08 Left message with Alex in regards to progress of all repairs including heat, drainage and cabinets.

3/13/08-Left messages with Mr. Seagraves, Sheryl Seagal, Terry Woodson and could not contact Brain Matte. Currently cabinet repairman Kevin is 45 minutes late for appointment to make repairs. Spoke with Scott Davis VP of Construction. He will visit the house next week and get back with me. Spoke with Annette Claxton at corporate. She will again forward email to Seagraves.

3/20/08-Spoke with Alex. He and Salomino would like to meet 3/27 to review drainage problems. He has also arranged for 4 Seasons to put a “trap” in on the exhaust fans. He will also have CTI come to look at the hardwood flooring as was discussed in their inspection 3 months ago.

3/26/08- MSG left at CTI in regards to hardwood floors and at 4 Seasons about exhaust vents.

3/27/08- Curt Salamino and Alex came to the house. Salamino explained that DRHorton would give us new carpet at their cost if we did not like the carpet that is installed. He asked me about the windows and explained that the air/dirt leakage is normal and that he has this in his house too. He said they would cover all warranty work. He said there is nothing to do about any drainage problems. CTI and 4 Seasons are scheduled to come 4/3.

4/3/08-CTI came to look at the hardwood. Chris stated “there definitely is a problem”. He wants me to call him back in 2-3 months to look at it again. This is what he told me 3 months ago when he was here. 4 Seasons came and installed “loops” on all four exhaust vents.

5/8/08-Latch broke off nook window. Alex came and replaced it with one that works opposite to all the others. Window does not fit right therefore latch broke. Alex attempted repair but could not compete. Notified of multiple other screens do not come/out. He will have Alpine window schedule with me to make repairs.

5/29/08- Have not yet heard from Alpine Window. Spoke to Alex last week about this. He said it is ordered.

5/28/08- Alpine Window has not contacted me. Left msg with Alex.

6/4/08- Have not heard from Alpine window. Spoke with Alex. He will again call them.

6/5/08-Leak in basement on North West side. Alex came and says water came in from around the window. He will call to have the window resealed.

6/11/08-Multiple calls to Alpine Window. One return call stating the dates I gave him do not work. Alex states he is the only guy doing their window work so he is very busy.


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    Sunsetlover Nov 02, 2010

    This is so sad.

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  • Ow
    Own123 Oct 31, 2018

    There is a broken curtain blind for the back door. Can you have someone come and fix it. If someone can come this week to fix it that would be good for me.

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  • Ja
    James Blyden Feb 11, 2019

    On December 7, 2017 i sent in a request along with a warranty inspection for 614 Drysdale Dr, Orange Park Florida 32065, Lot 463 Forest Hammock concerning water standing on my lawn between my neighbor to the right and my neighbor to the left after heavy rains. Two to three men came removed a couple pieces of sod placed a couple of new sod and left

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  • Jy
    jyotin Jul 13, 2019

    Dry wall cracking everywhere paint done very poor quality walls are uneven
    warranty people not responding. Garage floor start cracking. Warranty people set appointment and not showup on appointment. Roof not done well .Yard not level left very uneven. Leaks water from wall. Baseboard work done not right. Give the water ditch as a gift in backyard.

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Spells Oct 07, 2019

    This air conditioner has water in the pan it's the second time this has occurred I need someone to please come out to see why this keeps happening also so the seals in the showers are gone and the tile in one bathroom is cracking and the arm on the stairs in cracking

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