Dragonplayaccount on old device to new device


My name is Alexander Santiago poker name Poker Cowboy.I just purchased a new divice cause my old were acting up so on 9-15-17 was my last day playing with the old divice so on 9-18-17 finally have my new divice and I tried to recover my account on wich I have more than 300 million chips to no avail.this is the second time around I changed divice and tried to recover my account to no avail.Am a regular customer and had spent alot of money as you can find out on your system and aint fair the way Dragonplay family have handle my issues never ever gave me the outcome on my issues last one was on 2015.since 9-18-17 I have sent your department few emails concerning my issue to no avail.I really appreciate if someone can help me to recover my accout or guide me on the right path so I can redeem my account, Am not asking for hand out but the chips that I paid for it.Thanking you in advance for your support, have a good night...
Alexander Santiago..

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