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Dollywood reviews & complaints

Dollywood complaints 89

Dollywood - Recent visit

Our 3rd year coming to dollywood for thanksgiving vacation, tickets were for friday we do not live here and are visiting, this particular day was extremely bone chilling cold, we noted many shops a...

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Dollywood - Bring a Friend

I purchased a season pass under the impression I could use Christmas bring a friend but after purchasing the pass I see I cannot.My grandchildren will not be here until Christmas eve. I was also going to purchase one for my husband so we could use them both to bring both our grandchildren but I waited to see if I could still use them the next week. When I call I was told no I could not change the date. Very Disappointed

Dollywood - Disappointed with how they treat disabled

First, upon entering the park we looked into a motorized cart which none were available. Mary decided to say you have to be 16 anyways. Well she's 22. Even though she looks younger. We found her to be very rude and not helpful. We did end up having to rent a stroller that kids go in because there's nothing else available. Next, we realized that the rest of the family were on the cars and we found the handicap lane after meeting them there after our other experience already. We followed the line and the very rude worker ignored us at first then snapped where is your pass not realizing that we needed one was very rude and ignorant. I am a veteran and as I did receive a discount I found it very upsetting how my disabled niece was treated by more then one employee. To top it off we were there because my niece just lost her mother to covid four weeks prior and we were trying to do something fun for her and her siblings.

Desired outcome: Response/ Training for staff members for disabled

Dollywood - Red’s diner inside dollywood

My boyfriend and I visited Dollywood on Sunday Oct 24. We decided to eat at Red's diner what a huge disappointment. I stood in a long line and it was time to place my order. I ordered the burger combo with a drink and just asked for no cheese ( I am dairy free)
My boyfriend ordered the same thing but with cheese and drink We finally received our order and I only had 1 fry. I told the lady we should have 2. She told me if I wanted another fry I would need to get back in line. If I did that my burger would be cold. The drink even water was completely empty. I can't believe I paid $23.00 for that service!!!

Desired outcome: Refund

Dollywood - Need Dolly Parton’s help can you help the get to her

We are reaching out to you because we are about to lose our community church and graveyard. The people who have the church and graveyard obtained the deed to the graveyard and church without advising the community about their actions. This church and graveyard the land that it sets on was donated by my grandparents in 1957 to the community. We do not want your money we only want someone with a voice that could be heard. Evidently ours is falling on deaf ears. We would only asked you to look at this and see if it is morally right not legally right. We are running out of time and me personally I am trying to keep what my grandparents intended This church and graveyard To be used for. The community of friendship. The sale is next Wednesday, 3 November. If there is anything you could do or say we would appreciate it.
Name sake
Claude Dennis Harvey
Email - [protected]
Cell - [protected]

Desired outcome: Need Dolly’s help to not lose the Community Church & Cemetery

Dollywood - Dollywood

I visited on 10/11/21 it cost my family 340.00 to visit also 20.00 parking. It stated low capacity when I went online for reservations. we arrived at 1030am day of visit and it was packed to the fullest ... very disappointed there was NO food places open but a couple... so much was shut down and everything was very dirty, trash was all over the ground through out the park. We did not get to even eat due to the food lines being over a 2 1/2 hour wait and so was the shops. could not even get a drink !!! had to drink water from the bathroom which was very nasty. We pay for a good time for our family and it was more frustration than pleasure. Waist of our money and I expect someone to make it right with us or I will spread the word of the selling of Dollywood and that it is NOT a good place to visit in the Smokey's. I know I am not the only one who has had this complaint either. I'm not out to get something for free but this was ridiculous and needs to be made right, especially If this is any family oriented business at all !!!
My email is [protected]

Desired outcome: Frustration

Hi there Missy.

I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that your visit to Dollywood was different than what you were expecting. It sure is a popular place for anyone visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.

I will say I'm rather surprised to see such a negative review so blasted quick. Heck, it was only yesterday that you were in the park.

Maybe you should try stopping back during the holidays. There's always plenty to do and the eating is always good. Make sure to bundle up though. I'm sure you'll have a really good time.

Dollywood - Would not refund my money for 3 pass holders

I am writing a complaint about no refund of tickets and mugs that I bought on January 5, 2020!!
Due to covid in 2020 me and my family could not go to Dollywood due to the fact that everything was shut down. And then we got covid right at Christmas!!! Thanks to China!😡. And when they did open Dollywood up the mask mandate started. And we couldn't get off work and go. They did extend the pass holders, but we still could not go. And I had talked to a woman that said as long as we didn't go at all we would be refunded!!! But the lady I spoke to said they were not refunding any of the 2020 season passes!!! Well that it a bunch of bologna!! When my husband hears about this he will be furious and we may not go back to Dollywood!! And we really enjoyed going down there!! I know this is a hard time for everybody, but seriously if people cannot go due to medical issues with the mask mandate they should refund your money!!

Desired outcome: Refund my season passes

Dollywood - Season tickets

I bought a gold senior and a regular senior season pass for 2020 but COVID happened and I called Dollywood to see if they would refund my money. The agent I spoke to said yes but if I wanted to as long as I didn't use it for 2020 I could roll it over for 2021 or depending how COVID went ask for a refund then.
I made several attempts to reach Dollywood customer support in the past two weeks to request a refund due to the Delta variant, low vaccination rates and high number of COVID cases in Tennessee and how unsafe it would be to go now ( it is worse now than last year) and agent said they would not refund. I explained I was told I could request a refund from a previous agent from a 2020 call but I was again told that they will not roll the passes over again nor will they refund the amount of the passes back to me even though they were not used in 2020 or 2021.

Desired outcome: Refund

Dollywood - Ride attendant on thunderhead

Got on this ride as soon as we got to the park. Had my phone in my hand. Ride attendant asked if I was sure I wanted to ride with my phone. I said yes and she said ok. After the ride was over and we had not even came to complete stop yet, she came over and was practically in my face yelling about how I pulled my phone out on the ride. I calmly said that I had it in my hand when the ride started and she just kept fussing. I had to maneuver around her as she was still practically in my face. Then she started threatening to have me thrown out of the park. I walked away but it put a damper on whole day and we left after only a few hours. I have never been so disappointed and disrespected in my life. I love Dollywood but don't know if I'll go back.

Desired outcome: Would like our three tickets refunded.

Dollywood - Season passes

I purchased season passes to Dollywood and Splash Country last year. Due to Covid the passes were rolled over to this year 2021, but again due to some risks due to Covid and a sick elderly mother who resides in my home and is susceptible to anything that could cause issues with her lungs and breathing being brought into her, I do not feel comfortable with visiting the parks this year again. I have been told that they will not roll the passes over again nor will they refund the amount of the passes back to me even though they have not been used, splash country only has a month left for the season and only 6 months of dollywood left to enjoy. I am a single mother who cannot afford to just blow money like that and I am very upset that I am having this issue.

Desired outcome: Refund or Rollover

Dollywood - Lifeguards

My family and I visited splash country on 7/19/2021. I have never been more disappointed on a vacation than I was on this day. My child was racially discriminated against, and I am livid. My child...

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Dollywood - bad experience

Very Very disappointed in Dollywood! The photos and all that we had seen looked beautiful. Along with shops and food. We got to the park early and it was NOTHING like what we saw. Things are outdated rides and areas of the park. For how much we pay to get in we thought it would be wonderful. A lot of things were closed rides and snack eating places. Couldn't find the day cups at any of the beverage places. The photo day pass was not working. Places to eat or get snacks/drinks had long lines due to maybe a handful of places only being open. Also the shows that everyone talks about was not playing either. So we come to Dollywood for the wonderful shows and nothing was showing. For how much we paid for 5 adults was way over priced. Very upsetting!!

Dollywood - Terrible customer service

I have been trying to contact someone to purchase a season pass to the Dollywood... For a couple of weeks. I have left my number for return calls... Two or three times they call back a hang-up... Not sure why... Starting to think u may not what me and the three other people at your park... Very sad in a time when you should be extending your hand to help make people put a smile on their face instead adding to heartache

Desired outcome: Solve problem

Dollywood - Can not reach a Dollywood representative to speak to

I received notices from Dollywood via mail and e-mail that my season pass will expire on 6/15/2021. i would like to renew it before it expires, but I can not reach anyone at Dollywood. I have spent hours on the phone, but no one ever picks up. I have left my number several times in the que for a call-back, but no one has ever called back. I have had a Dollywood Senior Gold pass member for many many years and would hate to lose my pass; however, I can not go to Pigeon Forge before June 15 and can not reach anyone by phone. I have also sent e-mails, but have not received any replies. In the past, I have always renewed over the phone (have problems with the internet). I would like some help please! [protected]

Desired outcome: I would like to be able to speak to someone at Dollywood who can help me.

I know your feeling... same here... not a card holder since 2015... but wanted to this yr.. An same with you... my deal ends June15th... Best bet... they will pick up phones on 16th...

Dollywood - Misleading ads

Dollywood spends millions on advertising. I have not found the advertising content so misleading as I have their website which gives a customer service phone number, but lets customers hold for hours without an answer; gives the opportunity to hold your que and by entering a phone number for a host to return the call but that never happens. I ask, how can one plan a trip to Dollywood when questions are not answered on their website and phone calls are not returned? That is extremely poor customer service. Perhaps Dollywood needs to spend less on advertising and more on customer service. I'm not sure we will ever buy passes again.

Desired outcome: Improved customer service.

Dollywood - Parking

I went Friday April 14 for the first time in over a year. I went to Section A for Handicap and found that it was being paved. I had to park in Section D/E. Both my friend & I are seniors. The park was closed on Tuesday & Thursday. Why not do the pave on those days. You could have had Section B for the Handicap. I've been a Dollywood member since 1984. I will not renew my Gold pass anymore. The shows were far below the standards of Dollywood. Seniors go to the shows not the rides. I'm very disappointed in the park.

Desired outcome: It is time to go back to normal

Dollywood - Job fair employee

I am currently at your job fair at Dreammore Resort with my niece. We both came to get information and apply for a job. We approached the woman at check in, Everett is her last name, she cut me off, and hasn't helped me at all after helping my niece. I was interested in learning more about a job with Dollywood, and she is very dismissive, even ignoring me standing at the check in desk a second time to try to ask questions.

Dollywood - Theme park experience

Today's visit to Dollywood was a complete nightmare. Rude employees, ridiculous Covid-19 rules and the crowds were unbelievable. We waited in extremely long lines for everything! Food and drink included... 1.5 hours in a line to feed young children is not acceptable. Interrogating toddlers as to how old they are, so they can be forced to mask is also unacceptable. Rude employees yelling at us to pull our mask up was the epitome of hostile. We will not be returning and several others agreed as we were waiting in yet another line to exit the park. Too many people, too many insane rules (is this America?) and too many rude employees! We will not be returning, and we aren't the only family from today's experience to share this sentiment.

Desired outcome: I hope things change for the sake of this theme park. When we came in June of 2019, we had a lovely experience. This was a nightmare and a terrible waste of money and time.

Dollywood - Won’t refund/ roll over my season passes

I called back in august to get a refund for my Dollywood passes due to Covid and didn't want to expose my family. I worked in an emergency room so I was exposed everyday. Well I called several times between august and January to only get the busy signal to ask about my refund. It is now March 2021 and they are now telling me that I don't qualify for a refund because we used our passes in Nov. b4 new season passes 2020 they left a note. They didn't call me to tell me I didn't get it. I called several times and Cldnt get through. So $535 is wasted I have friends that also went in nov. and they got their season passes rolled over all upgraded to gold and also gave them splash country passes as well. I'm very disappointed. I want my season passes to at least roll over to current season.

Desired outcome: I want my passes to roll over

Dollywood - Lack of response

I originally filled out a contact form online a week before Thanksgiving asking for a refund of our passes we reserved because we had to cancel our trip due to covid. They emailed me back within one day saying I needed to call to get a refund. I called several times and after waiting on hold countless hours I left my phone number in the queue to get a return call each time. I have never heard back from them. So I have filled out several contact forms online again asking for call and have not heard back or even gotten a response to them. From the looks of it on facebook many other people have not been able to get in touch with any customer service representatives.

Desired outcome: Refund

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