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Dollywood - Misleading ads

Dollywood spends millions on advertising. I have not found the advertising content so misleading as I have their website which gives a customer service phone number, but lets customers hold for hours without an answer; gives the opportunity to hold your que and by entering a phone number for a host to return the call but that never happens. I ask, how can one plan a trip to Dollywood when questions are not answered on their website and phone calls are not returned? That is extremely poor customer service. Perhaps Dollywood needs to spend less on advertising and more on customer service. I'm not sure we will ever buy passes again.

Desired outcome: Improved customer service.

Dollywood - Parking

I went Friday April 14 for the first time in over a year. I went to Section A for Handicap and found that it was being paved. I had to park in Section D/E. Both my friend & I are seniors. The park was closed on Tuesday & Thursday. Why not do the pave on those days. You could have had Section B for the Handicap. I've been a Dollywood member since 1984. I will not renew my Gold pass anymore. The shows were far below the standards of Dollywood. Seniors go to the shows not the rides. I'm very disappointed in the park.

Desired outcome: It is time to go back to normal

Dollywood - Job fair employee

I am currently at your job fair at Dreammore Resort with my niece. We both came to get information and apply for a job. We approached the woman at check in, Everett is her last name, she cut me off, and hasn't helped me at all after helping my niece. I was interested in learning more about a job with Dollywood, and she is very dismissive, even ignoring me standing at the check in desk a second time to try to ask questions.

Mar 15, 2021

Dollywood - Theme park experience

Today's visit to Dollywood was a complete nightmare. Rude employees, ridiculous Covid-19 rules and the crowds were unbelievable. We waited in extremely long lines for everything! Food and drink included... 1.5 hours in a line to feed young children is not acceptable. Interrogating toddlers as to how old they are, so they can be forced to mask is also unacceptable. Rude employees yelling at us to pull our mask up was the epitome of hostile. We will not be returning and several others agreed as we were waiting in yet another line to exit the park. Too many people, too many insane rules (is this America?) and too many rude employees! We will not be returning, and we aren't the only family from today's experience to share this sentiment.

Desired outcome: I hope things change for the sake of this theme park. When we came in June of 2019, we had a lovely experience. This was a nightmare and a terrible waste of money and time.

Dollywood - Won’t refund/ roll over my season passes

I called back in august to get a refund for my Dollywood passes due to Covid and didn't want to expose my family. I worked in an emergency room so I was exposed everyday. Well I called several times between august and January to only get the busy signal to ask about my refund. It is now March 2021 and they are now telling me that I don't qualify for a refund because we used our passes in Nov. b4 new season passes 2020 they left a note. They didn't call me to tell me I didn't get it. I called several times and Cldnt get through. So $535 is wasted I have friends that also went in nov. and they got their season passes rolled over all upgraded to gold and also gave them splash country passes as well. I'm very disappointed. I want my season passes to at least roll over to current season.

Desired outcome: I want my passes to roll over


Dollywood - Lack of response

I originally filled out a contact form online a week before Thanksgiving asking for a refund of our passes we reserved because we had to cancel our trip due to covid. They emailed me back within one day saying I needed to call to get a refund. I called several times and after waiting on hold countless hours I left my phone number in the queue to get a return call each time. I have never heard back from them. So I have filled out several contact forms online again asking for call and have not heard back or even gotten a response to them. From the looks of it on facebook many other people have not been able to get in touch with any customer service representatives.

Desired outcome: Refund

Dollywood - Covid 19 gold pass/regular pass cancellation request

My name is Randy Creech and my wife is Jill Creech. We have purchased season passes for Dollywood for years and enjoy going to the park. Our card numbers are 2718991 and 2718989 (Gold Pa...

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Dollywood - No refunds

I purchased tickets for 10/28/2020 for my daughter's birthday so we could see Pumpkin Luminights for the 1st. We were unable to attend due to the inclement weather. We saw online where it allowed us a chance to use the tickets up to 5 days from the time of purchase as there are no refunds. We attempted to utilize the tickets on 2 separate days and was unsuccessful on both of them due to the park not being open even though it stated that it was on the website. We have attempted to phone in a complaint but that hasn't been helpful either as no one answers the phone and when you ask them to call you back they have not. At this point all I would like is a refund.

Ordered tickets thru payment plan and credit card got compromised. needless to say a payment did not go thru. got an email giving a number to call that just keeps saying number is not available at this time please call back. finally got thru was put on hold and number dropped. tried to call back got message again that number is not available please call back. I have been trying to call since 9 this morning and it is now 3.

Dollywood - Tickets

We purchased 3 day tickets and of these 3 days we got to go 1. The other 2 days the parks closed early or the rides were closed due to bad weather, over 10 miles away. We were even told by one of the employees to "head to the front gate, if we did not like it". We did just that. This was the worse trip we have ever had and will never go back or recommend dollywood to anyone. I have requested a refund and have tried multiple times to talk to someone. I did finally get through on the phone once and they were to call me back. I am trying again today and have been on hold for over 2 hours! This is the worse customer service I have ever known.

Dollywood is a wonderful park to visit but, unfortunately, they cannot control the weather. The safety of the guest is of great importance.


Dollywood - Reservations

My wife and I tried to make reservations for a getaway weekend and was denied due to our income level. I am a disabled veteran who received the bronze star from desert storm and get 1500 per month. My wife is also disabled and receives a 783 per month. I am really disappointed that Dolly Parton would allow this type of discrimination to occur. We didn't make enough to stay at her resort.

Cpl. Aaron Benson USMC disabled


Dollywood - Customer service

I visited Dollywood yesterday 8/31/2020 with my 2 adult children. We witnessed an instance that made us feel uncomfortable and set a negative mood for the day. We were seated on trolley C to ride to...

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Aug 14, 2020

Dollywood - Refill cups customer service

By the old car restaurant at the dipping dots the man was rude and wanted to know where (what station) I bought a refill cup. What does that matter? I paid my money for a refill cup and this was very disheartening. I thought Dollywood was supposed to be friendly. Very disappointed in the rude staff member. Not sure if we should come back again or not :(

Jul 14, 2020

Dollywood - Customer service

I received a hateful message on messanger from a Pete Owens my Facebook has apparently been hacked but his smart [censored] hateful tone I will not deal with. Yes I did work Dollywood till 5/1/20 my family is part of ogles and we always spoke highly of Dollywood to the people that always rent our vacation homes but not now. I will not tolerate rudeness and accusing. It's a shame that he is the one that represents UCB a nice family place. Dollywood owner needs any help screwing up the image it's had how issues over the weekend?? We will send all of our renters to soaky mountain. If this guy contacts me agian I will go legal and he had been reported to Facebook for harassment

Jun 08, 2020

Dollywood - Super season passes

We are Seniors and have enjoyed many years using Super Season Passes. Because of the dangers of Covid-19 We have been trying to request a refund because we do not feel it would be safe to risk our...

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Dollywood - Not worth it

Me and my family purchased season passes to both parks in 2016 and 2020. We we're very excited. However in 2016, we purchased them mostly due to the new ride Lightning Rod. We had visited Dollywood...

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Dollywood - Package deal with dream more and dollywood

Mike and Andrea Cooksey, 641 Old Norcross-Tucker Road, Tucker Georgia 30084. 404.556.0202 The weekend of December 15, 16, and 17th we had reservations at Dream More. We thought we had purchased a...

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Dec 05, 2019

Dollywood - Super season pass

I purchased tickets online and was doing the 9 month payment plan. I was checking account and was charged full price instead. Called customer services and was told that I would now be unable to do the 9 monthly payments and would also lose the bring a friend free ticket for Christmas. I do not feel like this is right, since there was a mistake when I was purchasing. I was informed that I would be charged 9 monthly payments online. Not sure what went wrong during transaction.

Dec 01, 2019

Dollywood - Food service

We have been to Dollywood multiple times the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year was horrible. My in-laws are season pass holders and come quite a bit. It has been our family tradition for the...

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Oct 29, 2019

Dollywood - Park rules?? Who knew??

I feel so badly for my family and I'm disappointed beyond description over our visit to Dollywood!
We arrived at Dollywood on a rainy Friday evening, October 25, 2019 at approximately 5:00 p.m. Ordinarily, the inclement weather would have kept us away, but going to Dollywood's Fall Festival for the first time was a specific birthday request for our daughter's 40th birthday. We had watched costume events, sponsored by WBIR-TV, and quickly decided that our 3 year old granddaughter would just think the whole thing was fantastic/awesome. She had to be a dinosaur, I would be a scarecrow, Pappy a hotdog and Aunt Jill would be the witch!!!
Upon arrival at the ticket booth, I was informed that our daughter, would not be able to enter the park! I was told that you were not allowed to have anything on that would obscure a guest's identity. WHO KNEW!! There isn't anything that is clear on the matter of wearing costumes at Dollywood. Based on previous media of Halloween at Dollywood, costume contests, etc., there is simply NO WAY one would even begin to think that a costume/makeup could prevent entrance.
I was told that they would allow her to enter the park IF she removed her face makeup. My husband and daughter were very upset, as was I, but we were willing to do what needed to be done; captive audience with a 3 year old in a stroller!
I was talking with my family and the ticket attendant, stating everything would be fine; we would see the lights and enjoy the park after dark and then return the next day. The attendant then said, "So you will be purchasing 2 day passes?" I know that my look was incredulous as I said, "No, we are here well after 3:00 p.m., so we will be returning at no charge in the morning." It was at that point I was informed pretty matter-of-factly that Dollywood did away with that rule in 2017. Needless to say, no adult in our party wanted to return to Dollywood the next day, or any other day!
We managed to get most of Jill's makeup removed and entered the "Park???" I completely understand the safety aspect of running the park. I am a Risk Manager. I understand that things can and some must close during rain. After paying full ticket price for what could be a 3.5 hour visit, it appeared that the park had more or less closed down. Nothing "lit up the night sky". It was so dark that it was difficult to see.
Our granddaughter was able to ride on the carousel and we all loved the gospel band that did continue to play. I gave the Lord thanks for the opportunity to be at Dollywood to hear them sing and play.
In total, our visit inside the park lasted approximately 2 hours. By the time we left, the rain was a steady downpour, making a very bad situation even worse. The roads exiting Dollywood were beginning to flood.
I think Dollywood's Mission begs to be addressed: CREATING MEMORIES WORTH REPEATING. I sincerely hope the memory that was created that evening is NEVER repeated and somehow forgotten.

Oct 22, 2019

Dollywood - Rides and staff

We purchased 2 day tickets because I love riding roller coasters. Our first day. Monday October 21, on the first ride I chose, the lightning rod? I think was the name, I was struggling to buckle. The lady comes up and says " your to fat" and I can't ride. I'm only 250 lbs. I was humiliated as I climbed off and the roller coaster went on. I didn't ride any ride after that. we basically spent 100$ a ticket just to walk around a Craft fair. I spent $100 to be told I'm fat. Horrible first and last experience at dollywood

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