Dollar Rent A CarI ordered a hyundai elantra, I needed ample space for my special needs brother

M Aug 15, 2018

We got to Dollar rental at Bradley Airport
We got an upgrade, we got a Hyundai donate of some sort, we asked for a transponder
They didn't provide one, we thought they did we drove off and about 40 mins down the rode I realized we didn't have it we turned around it was torrential downpours, we lost over 1 1|2 ours driving back only to tell me that the license plate could of done the same one told us that.. frustrated beyond words we left and drove go my brothers house the tire pressure light came on and the the engine light came on and the car was sputtering we drove to Hyannis and turned it in to a Hertz the lady was very nice and gave us a Ford focus.which was too small for my special needs brother who is 6 2 so we had to figure out different plans for him. I had such a challenging time with this whole experience it put me through so much anxiety and loss of time with my family, my sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and my time was interrupted through the stress of dealing with the people at Bradley Airport and the woman and her co worker were not helpful and thoughtful in the whole car turnaround and leaving without a transponder and getting lost in torrential downpours. I am seeking a full refund and someone being compassionate around my circumstance. Thank you for your time
Joanne Canina

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