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I made an order with a gift card from the disney store for the first time with a 50$ gift card I had got from someone. I was at first looking at the fleece blanket, but the tax went 5 dollars over my budget, so I just ordered two keychains. The two keychains I got arrived, and they were the wrong product. And the correct keychain I wanted was on the form so I do not understand how you could get it wrong. I contacted the services and demanded my refund, and I got 47 dollars back. I then went back to order the fleece blankets I wanted, and they were over the budget when I had just seen that they were on sale. I came back on holiday and they were on sale again for the 5th time of me waiting so I ordered it and it's being shipped now. I check back on my order to find out that the 5.95 personalization I got for both blankets (2 I ordered) were free. I am upset about this because i'm going through more than I should just to get the item I want. You guys are very bipolar with your prices, and I feel drained of my money because I paid so much for something you mad free and on sale just two weeks after my whole purchase. Your customer service is lacking. For being a one time customer this has been the worst experience i've ever had and I feel bad for everyone else who has to go through this same problem. I'm never ordering off disney again. Email: [protected]

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