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U Jul 15, 2019

I decided to visit the Disney store located at the Oxford Valley Mall in PA, on July 13, 2019 with my 8 year old daughter. We walked in the store no ones greets us and we proceed to look for the character T-shirts. My daughter was looking forward for the Lion King and Toy Story. She is looking and grabbed the one shirt but it wasnt her size, so I took a look at the shirt and folded it not as perfect but I still folded it and placed it back where it belongs. I walked over to the section behind it and I noticed the one shirt as I am looking for my daughter size I noticed that my 8 year old was also looking on the other section of course in front of me, than I hear the lady at the register telling my 8 year old for every Tshirt she puts back not the way the were she was going to start charging $5, and for each additional $10, $15 $20. I looked over her and said... excuse me? Are you talking to my daughter she states oh yes and repeats herself I then tell her that I clearly heard her although I was highly upset it was clearly she was rude towards my 8 year old not only that she was very sarcastic and un-professional. So I reached out to see if my daughter had did something. She basically was saying if you touch it and unfold them I will start charging you money $5 to start and for each after $10, $15, $ me that was not funny at all. I grabbed the T-shirts although they were folded not as perfect and placed where they belong and I try to refold them. The T-shirts were not messy nor out of place I was so confused. I left offended my 8 year old was so sad and very scared at the way she approached my little one in front of other customers. I decided to leave and not spend a penny more nor less at that particular store. She did not have the slightest odesity to walk over to us to apologize I was disgusted with the service and treatment. I felt discriminated. It was out of her place to approach a child in such manner the store is visibly a children store for God sake. I will never visit that one location ever.

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