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Discovery insure short paid a claim due to a towing issue. The vehicle however is fitted with the DQ Track system which supplies a customer with the service of Discovery being pro-active and arranging assistance in a serious accident. No service was delivered by Discovery, even claims of the tracking system being removed when the system is still installed in the vehicle. Discovery Insure is definitely the leader in unethical claims processing. Please be aware of this. If queries are logged to try and resolve it, nothing is done about it and no callbacks when trying to contact them.


  • Mo
    Moippy Aug 27, 2015

    U just summarised how i feel. Highly dissapointed. Their reaponse to my complaint on hellopeter- "we will call you during the day" ... Uhmm its now 17:25

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  • Jo
    joasche May 05, 2016

    I am absolutely disappoint with my insurance premiums for the month of April. My premium has increased by R200 without me even being notified about it. when I contacted the Call Centres I was told that the email was sent through and there is nothing they can do about it and they will resend it. Had I received the email I would have Cancelled my insurance immediately as I cannot afford the new premium. Please contact me on 0815362801 id no 5907305222086

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  • We
    Wessel Antha Jun 29, 2016

    This seems to be the norm with all claims at Discovery Insure.
    I've had a DQTrack fitted on my vehicle, which got stolen on 28th May 2016. Though they did notify me of "unusual activity" within moments of the vehicle being stolen, it is now 32 days since and they still haven't settle the claim ... status being "awaiting final validation" ...
    Trying to obtain a "reasonable" explanation for the delay, I'm only successful in being promised some one will contact me ... which is still to happen.
    Discovery was however very efficient in collecting another premium for the second month subsequent to the vehicle being stolen.
    Pending the finalization of the claim, I can't acquire a replacement vehicle.
    My employer has been very accommodating, having appreciation for the fact that I'm less mobile in the absence of a vehicle.
    Going on 5 weeks, has seen the employer becoming less accommodating, ... to the extent that I'm running the risk of getting sacked for not being at work as per my contract of employment.
    Discovery is totally indifferent to this situation.

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  • Mi
    Mimmie Human Jul 29, 2017

    YES i AGREE - SEND NUMEROUS MAILS - up and down - no one follow up and phone back.

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  • Mt
    Mtembu May 02, 2018

    my car was with the panelbeater for a period of 1 month after the accident I had with the taxi upon upon receiving the car I found out that the damage was not sorted and I informed discovery and they haven't got back to me for a month now I have been making numerious calls and they say they will get back to me but nobody does this is not right as water is getting inside my car when it rains .

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  • De
    Dear Mathwasa Jul 15, 2019

    Discovery Insure does are bunch of crooks, they said why you join their insurance, you get 50% back of fuel. is the second month now I'm getting R91 but my spending is almost R3180. they are owing me R1500 of fuel back in total

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  • Ri
    Riana Grobler Nov 20, 2019

    Good day

    We have cancel our discovery drive about 6 month a go and still waiting for the money from our access account to pay out. Please pay the money out.

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