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I was really looking forward to this show, as we spent the best two weeks of our lives on the Serengeti and surrounding areas. While the photography was everything to be hoped for, Discovery opted to create a ridiculous anthropomorphic soap opera out of the lives of the animals. Saying that a baboon "had to focus in order to win back his mate" ascribes human motivation to another species. Giving names to the animals is bad enough, but to then edit footage in order to create ridiculous story lines around them is unforgivable. We dropped the show after the first episode.

Aug 08, 2019
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  • Fl
      Sep 10, 2019

    I strongly disagree with this review. Serengeti was terrific. Loved every minute of it. The photography was fantatic

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  • Er
      Sep 12, 2019

    Having been on two Safaris, including one in the Serengeti, I also strongly disagree with the review which mocks ascribing human motivations to animals. In fact, current research indicates that animals have far more "human-like" feelings than was previously thought, and the extraordinary photography, which captured the closeness of the elephant mother to her baby, the zebra mother to hers, the lioness to hers, etc., was some of the most memorable and moving nature photography I have ever seen.
    Don't let that first negative review discourage you from watching this entire series.

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