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Re Mar 01, 2016 Pietermaritzburg

Re: Liberty Midland Mall

We had come through to the store to purchase some items.the store was very busy and the queue was long.One of the employee was diverting the customers to another counter for card purchases.First of all, instead of starting from the front, she starts from the back of the queue.The lady behind us ended up in front of us in the other queue.We waited for more then half hour in the queue.Since this was frustrating, my mom had decided to confront her regarding this, as the people in the main queue who were standing way behind us had paid and left.This lady was very arrogant and rude with us, and had no way of talking.The descent thing to do was apologise for the inconvenience, but she had no way of talking
to a customer.and the shocking part was in front of a crowd of people.In my opinion this goes against any company rule or
regulation.After telling her I am going to report this, she points to the customer desk and says go ahead.I have never experienced this in any store before, and being a large corporate, this is unacceptable.Her name is Irene Jenny.

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