Direct Expressdirect express stealing from disabled vets. seniors

L Dec 04, 2018
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I'm done with direct express/ comerica bank they think they can steal from disabled, veterans, and seniors and get away with it because its been on going the day they opened and has not stopped, they get away
Making people homeless, hungry, mental and physically sick they need to be stopped!!! Their ceo said its only a few hundred, he is a liar! That piece of trash needs taken out so he can starve and be homeless, taking advantage and making money off the people that are the least able to care for them self and fight back, this will stop. This month it was my turn to have my check stolen after helping friends deal with it for years, we are done! So sad to see vets, seniors beg for their own money, we are a group that will stop this, because no one else will! We are tired of get pushed, not a damn thing to lose not even our pay because they already stole that.


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    Jackie 02532 Dec 17, 2018

    Contact sentor Warren, ask for Abby Webber in Springfield office they will help to get your money back

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