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direcpath has no respect for their customer

I just moved into a new apartment and was told that I had to get my internet and tv from direcpath. Had I...

horrible case of abuse

Our condominium recently switched to Direct Path for TV services. We pay TV services everymonth as part as our condo fees. We recently signed-up for their internet services. We never got a bill for the internet service and a couple of months later we noticed our internet AND TV had been disconnected. After calling customer services we found out they disconnected our account because of past due bills. Note again, we never got a bill nor a disconnection notice until 4 days AFTER they disconnect both services. This has been pending for the past 2 weeks. Customer service keeps saying that the Accounting Dept will call us to resolve the issue. Well, THEY NEVER CALLED US BACK, and every day for the past 2 weeks we have been calling customer service and they keep saying the same thing... that Accounting will call us back. Our TV service is paid every month by our condo yet, Direct Path still has not put the TV service back on. IT HAS BEEN TWO WEEKS!!! THEY SUCK!!! THIS IS CUSTOMER ABUSE!!! WE PAY FOR TV EVERY MONTH AND THEY WILL NOT TURN OUR TV SERVICE BACK ON!!!

  • At
    atlrfl Jan 11, 2011

    I agree with you, this company is HORRIBLE!!! After recent and unusually heavy snow this week in my area (Atlanta), my satellite tv stopped working. This outage is caused by snow accumulation on the satellite dish (it has happened before) and can be solved with hot water, however because the dish is on the roof, I do not have access to it. I called Direct Path to report the outage, knowing that it would be days before they could send anyone out because the roads were in such bad shape. When I spoke to the representative she explained to me, in that scripted and rehearsed tone we all HATE so much, that she could not report an outage unless 2 of my neighbors also called direct path. I tried to explain to her that I understood immediate service was completely unreasonable and that I was not asking for that and was instead asking to be placed on a list for a technical call when road conditions were safe again. I was told again, and again, and again that my neighbors must call for any outage to be declared, and thus receive service. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told none where available, after pushing heavily to speak to a supervisor for 20 mins I was finally told one would call me when they got out of a meeting. After ending that call, I spoke to several of my neighbors who confirmed they were having the same issue and had called them selves within the same hour. They too had been feed the line about 2 other customers must call. When I received the call from the supervisor about an hour later, I wash shocked by how unabashedly RUDE she was. She continually cut me off until one point I had to say point blank, "excuse you, I am not being disrespectful, I am being very reasonable and you will let me finish what I am saying before you share any comments about what I have said." Her only solution for the problem was that I PAY $65 for a technical visit. I tried to explain how crazy direct paths 3 call policy was; "why should I, a paying customer, have to depend on my neighbors to get service from you for your product? When I pay my bill does my neighbor next door also pay part of my bill for me? If not, why isn't my account treated like the individual account it is?" I refused the technical visit (for $65) and asked to speak to the supervisor's superior, she told me she didn't have one, which I find VERY hard to believe. The issue will be resolved when the snow melts but that could take several days, days after the roads are safe to drive on, days after a technician could dust or melt the snow off of the dish! This company is HORRIBLE, they ACTIVELY attempt to take advantage of their customers! Customer service is based overseas even though its corporate headquarters are here in Atlanta, the representatives barely grasp the english language and make any experience frustrating and something to be dreaded. My apartment complex, a Gables community, has bared comcast, cox & att from providing internet and tv service in the complex. If you live in my complex you have no other choice but Direct Path, which makes me really upset with Gables... oh on a side note... Gables wont send any of their people to dust the dishes off because they says their contract with direct path bars them from doing so. I highly recommend that NO one has anything to do with Direct path or Gables for that matter (due to their relationship with direct path, which I wouldn't doubt it a FCC violation).

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frustrated to no end

I can't believe as a potential new customer you would allow your Philippine reps to be on the front-line of your service calls. These are pure idiots you have attempting to service customers. On two ph calls this evening one lasting more than 30 minutes until I got so frustrated with the incompetent rep that I hung up. When calling back and requesting a Supr. the same rep attempted to fool me into believing she was a diff person. Even I had enough sense to know better I then got Ana who claimed to be a supr. Again I noted my frustration with her and she did not have enough cust savvy to say I apologize for your frustration but let me help you. After asking to confirm what the other rep told me I asked her about the $2.95 paper stmt charge and if I choose to have online billing would the fee not apply. She put me on hold and for 10 mins I waited for her to return. Now my level of frustration went to straight pissed off. I realized this is cheap labor but is it really the kind of cust serv you want to be a reflection of your company. If it is then you really need some guidelines to good cust serv and let me tell you I don't think there is enough training you can provide those idiots you employee overseas. In the US we have over 8% unemployment so companies like yours can hire absolutely the most inadequate people working for you. This was such a horrible experience I will not be moving into the complex your company provides service to because if I can't talk to the people I would be paying money to for a service I surely can't trust your other employees or future service to be any better. If your company were the last company on earth providing this service I would rent movies to avoid having to deal with the likes of your representatives. This may fall on deaf ears but you really need to address the training of your reps. More importantly they need to be able to understand and speak English that would a starting point. However, at the price of your service I don't think customer service is what you are really concerned about. In addition you have the nerve to want customers to take a survey after they talk to your incompetent cust reps. this is just the most ridiculous service I have had in a long time and these days it does not take much. Let me give you a company you could learn much from American Express try it. Unless you move your company or some portion of it to the states where we speak English you should refrain from asking for customer feedback because it apparently is not an important factor in you operating your business. Feel free to respond to this email I really would be surprised if I ever hear from you. I just hope no one asks people that live in that subdivision about your company.

they are overpriced, rude, incompetent, and unreliable

We were forced into getting DirecPath because it's the only Cable service our apartment complex offers. They said it would be 2 weeks until they could come out and install it. When the guy got there, he was incompetent - he had no idea how to install an HD cable box, he pulled a bunch of wires out of our wall and left his tools there, without installing it. When he left, the cable mysteriously stopped working. The next day, his supervisor and a trainee came out and got the cable up and running, apologized for the previous guy's negligence, and said they had been working on the internet for the whole complex but that they just got it up and running. What a coincidence, right when they get to my apartment, it's running again?

He said the HD channels would take a day or so to "pop up, " and only about half of them did. The cable and internet worked fine - for about a week. Then they both shut off at the same time. The customer service rep said the soonest they could come out would be a week from then. As I write this I am at my mother's house, using her computer because I have none of my own. This company monopolizes apartment renters into buying from them - they are overpriced, rude, incompetent, and unreliable. We pay enough for their lame-### service that they could at the very least come out and fix their shoddy cable and internet when it needs fixing - but they act as if it's not urgent enough to come right out. Maybe it's because they're so busy dealing with all these complaints!
I've noticed that ever so often there is a "nice" comment - obviously planted there by an employee after a manager says "we've really got to make ourselves look better - Barbara, why don't you write a little comment about how great the customer service is."

worst company ever

You should never move into any apartment community that tells you they Have DircPath as the communications provider. It is the worst company and how the owners of apartment complex's got into these contracts will never be understood. The DirecTV service is fine but DirecPath owns the equipment on site and it kept working. Their techs will tell you that they have not upgraded the equipment and you are just out of luck. You can not go anywhere else and get service. It it is DirecPath run to another complex where anything or even DirecTv stand alone is offered. You will then get to watch TV when you get home...And don't even ask how bad the internet service is... you will laugh (or cry if you already live at one of their properties). It is a joke.

  • Ca
    cab713 Sep 14, 2009

    DirecPath sucks. I've been billed for four months since I canceled my service. They have now put me into collections for not paying the bogus bills. I've called every time I received a bill, and I've been told it is being taken care of. Stay away from DirecPath. They have horrible customer service!

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  • Ko
    Kort Oct 26, 2009

    I have to agree with you all. Was lied to by the leasing agent when I first checked out the apt complex and was ready to sign the apt. Turns out that direcpath is the only cable provider here. And for an amazing $40, plus another $50 install you get 3mb down. I waited for 2 weeks for them to setup the internet, the appointment magically kept changing dates and getting pushed back. Finally it's set up and the speed is no where near the 3mb down 512kb up. I have to agree their phone support is horrendous. Was promised the connection would be looked at for about 2 weeks, no tech showed up. Finally called and cancelled the service. Also fought back the fees they tried to charge, cancellation, install, monthly. Since the service never really worked properly in the first place. BBB rating for the company is an F. Agents really are not knowledgeable enough to answer questions. Online support doesn't exist. Even the website itself is lacking in information. I think the company would fail completely if they weren't able to get exclusive agreements with the apt complexes.

    Have switched to the other internet provider which is at&t dsl. The costing a bit more and speeds are somewhat better. But at least I can rely on them for customer service when the need arises.

    Truly a horrible company to deal with. If I had known about this company's reputation and lack of service, I would have found another complex to live in.

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  • Do
    Dolfan0925 Dec 01, 2009

    I have DirecPath because I have to. I wasn't told before I signed my lease and was told by the local cable company that they cannot provide me service. So I'm forced to have this or nothing, like crappy government services. And just like crappy government services, they know you can't go anywhere else, and that they don't have to worry about quality of service. I'm on hold again, for the same problem I had 2 weeks ago, which is now the 4th time I've called in to complain about it. It sucks because I had DirecTV for a year a few years ago, and had NO problem with them at all directly. But DirecPath is a sleezy nasty money-grubbing slumlord middleman. They serve no purpose at all except to cause me greif. If their company didn't exist I would have a dish, that I could call DirecTV and have them walk me through fixing my own signal. But because I have DirecPath, I have no dish, and no self-support other than restarting the receiver, which never works. I have to call Tech Support, which I have been told by the guy that comes to fix my service is in the Phillipeans, talk to "Ted" who doesn't know English worth a crap, they have me restart my box, and ask me like 5 times if it's started back up yet. Nothing gets fixed, and the soonest they can have someone fix the crap THEY'RE causing is a week from now! OVER AND OVER!!! I've been here 6 months and they've been out to fix my crap at least 6-8 times. I've literally lost count. And the whole time I'm typing this review I'm sitting on hold, while my HD channels randomly freeze every minute or so. Same crap they've come out to fix the last 3 times.

    So in conclusion, I would rather cut my wrists with a dull knife full of tetnis, than ever get DirecPath again.

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  • Di
    DirecPath Customer Care Nov 18, 2011

    Dear Valued DirecPath Customer:
    We sincerely apologize for your experience and appreciate your feedback. Rest assured we are committed to improving your service experience and would like to speak to you further in order to do so. Unfortunately neither Measured Up, nor Complaints Board provide any details from which we can use to research your account history. Please feel free to reach out to us via our online customer satisfaction survey by logging into your account and clicking ‘customer survey’ at http://my.direcpath.com/users/login or by calling 866-430-7284 and asking for a Corporate Call Back Request. We look forward to talking with you soon!

    Sincerely, DirecPath Customer Care
    866-430-7284 24x7

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  • Se
    seniortakenadvantageof Mar 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my apt complex only had direct path i had never heard of it before and went on to rent apt big mistake i had direct path and direct tv, they were installed together, equip came together, 3 months after i moved in apt complex cancelled contract with both companies, and i was given a box to return equipment, everything came together i sent back together later i found out directpath took money out of my bank account for equip without my knowledge or consent which is fraud, i called and they said i was suppose to send some equip to direct tv and some to direct path, i sent all to directv when i called them they said they get this all the time, and they take directpath equip and throw it away, i feel like i have been scammed by these companies, and are letting legal aide at the senior citizens center deal with this issue, to all do not deal with direct path or direct tv you will regret it

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