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DiGi Telecommunications review: Barring of phone unable to pay bills

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I have been in the US during the pandemic and could not return to Malaysia. My phone got barred and I could not get any cell service. Not having cell service does not allow me to pay bills as I need to get a TAC from banking institutions to verify the payment. The ONLY way to get cell service temporarily unbarred is one of 2 ways.
1- Call Digi with our Digi phone, which I could not since I had no phone service.
2- Use MyDigi App on your phone, which requires a TAC to register. So I could not get a TAC since the phone was BARRED.
They have NO web based option to get the phone unbarred.
This is all due to a late payment of RM 156.88.
So they ask me to ask a "friend"to make the payment for me.
This is their solution! Completely inadequate and unacceptable.
After over 8 years as a loyal customer I will drop this company.

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Jun 30, 2022 6:17 pm EDT

I'm having the same issue and have been using digi for more the 10 years,its completely unacceptable


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