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On Saturday at 11:35am, I went in to buy 2 pair of running shoes. The attendant walked up and asked, "Are ya'll just looking?" I asked the atendant where the youth sizes were and if there were wide widths for adult size Asics. He pointed across the department to the Youth section with,
"They're over there", followed by, "We only have a one wide width. There at is."; pointing at the Widw Width hang tag." He walked away. I asked waht does "bulk" mean on the label? He replied, "They're on the floor. There it is." pointing at the 11 EEEE on the stand. He continued walking away into the back room. He never returned. We picked out 2 choices in the Youth section; however, the size needed was not on the floor. The attendant never returned. 18 mins went by. Standing in the Youth area waiting for the attendant to return from the back room. There was a family of 5 in the athletic section of footware, an adult holding a running shoe from the display looking for someone to get the correct size, and another adult standing im the Women's section, waiting for the attendant. He never came out of the back room. 22 mins went by. I placed my Asics ($85) on the shelf and told my friend we were leaving this ?!%[email protected]#! place. I looked for someone in Apparel for help. No one was anywhere to see. At the front of the store there were 4 checkout operators and at least 3 associates working on a Phillies display. We left and went to the Mall across the street and purchased $145 worth of shoes. Why have a store open on Saturday and not offer customer service? Dick's sucks! At home, I went online to send an email to Dick's to complain. Of course, I found that they do not have access on their site to customer problems/complaints, only online sales. Again Dick's sucks. As a customer, I can get even by taking my money to their competitor who cares about the customer.


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    Duane berry Dec 02, 2008

    The stupid ladie hung up on me when I ask for the manager What kind of business do you run

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    Visefly Apr 05, 2010

    It's pretty bad when our hours are severely cut and we no doubt have to perform additional tasks because the store manager brings his kids to work on Sat nights. It almost seems that there is a district policy that allows this that allows this to happen. Let me try that and see what happens.

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  • Fi
    Fineble Jun 15, 2010

    I bought goods today 29 April at Dick's in Frisco, Tx. and my receipt said I could get $10 off on my next over $50 purchase but the site leads me nowehre near the review and we only have 2 days from date of purchase to do this.

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  • Zz
    zzzsfdsdfasdf Nov 28, 2010

    So you're crying about a computer glitch which is in no way the store you shopped at's fault? [censor]. Cry about it.

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  • Gr
    grannygam Nov 28, 2010

    I agree. They are not helpful at all. A store recently opened in my area and I was interested to see what they carried. After calling the store to see if they had a particular item, they hung up on me. I thought it was a bad connection, but when I tried to call them again, a different person answered the phone, and like last time, I got hung up on again. I thought about taking my business elsewhere, but I absolutely had to go to this store, because others were not open. Upon entering the store, I did not get a single hello, and every employee looked at me like I was stealing things. I swear it looked like they were going to go to the gun section and grab as many as they could for protection. I never would have thought a 70 year old woman could look so dangerous, and be so disrespected by the younger people. I don't know what is wrong with these people. I'm just pleased that the store name has what it carries. Dicks. All they need to do is open an "a-holes" next door and they will be even more gay.

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  • No
    Norunnofun Jan 15, 2014

    I am an avid runner and need gear from time to time and everytime I need something they dont have it or they have the price jacked up. I have asked to speak to the manager on 2 occasions seperated by over a year of time and each time I requested they stock an item I am willing to buy to from them. Each time I was told that we just sell what they send us. We dont get to make requests of any kind and far as product they stock. At 1st I was angry about this because I am the customer and a good company should listen to what customers need and stock it. But then I realized that this would be the undoing of this bloated place. As of today I will not step foot in that store. I will buy everything from a local running store that appreciates my business or an online resource. I look forward to hearing about their bankruptcy subsequent reorganization and then closure in the future.

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