Diamond Tours Trip #1550967bus trip to mackinaw city, michigan

Relatives of mine recently went to michigan with diamond tours trip #1550967. The trip was great until they got stranded in illinois for five hours when the bus "broke down". Luckily, this didn't happen on the side of the road, but when they stopped for lunch. Once the other bus arrived & they headed home, no apology was offered by either driver — the one who'd driven on the trip nor the "new" driver who brought the bus!!! How rude!!! Even though it wasn't the driver's fault, one of them should have apologized to all of these people!!! They finally arrived at their destination at 1:00am to a dark parking lot!!! Then these seniors had to drive home at that time of morning!!! It was mentioned by others on the bus that the previous trips they'd taken on cline buses had also broken down!!! Don't think they'll be going on any more of these trips! Looks like your company doesn't care about their travelers!!! They still have never received any kind of apology from anybody!!! Very unprofessional & very poor customer service!!!

Oct 03, 2019

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