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Warning to potential buyers: you will need to file a complaint with the federal trade commission

In the words of their own customer service supervisor, "sales will tell you anything you want to hear".

This includes outright lies. Once you have a problem or try to get what you paid for:

They do not return phone calls

They do not reply to emails

Customer service will laugh at you

The email to the chairman is a diversion. It goes to a low level damage control person.

This is not a legitimate company. It is purely a sales scam.

They also put a fence through the middle of their former "partners" best resort and gratuitously destroyed the facilities there. This is emblematic of their business practices.

Expect to be stonewalled


  • Ro
    Robert Heughan Jan 22, 2009

    I purchased in August 2008. What a mistake. Some of this that Mr. Buford is stating is happening to me. No return of calls, no return of e-mails, agressive collection staff, not getting the resorts we said that we could get by the sales agent. Worth far less than what they sell it for.

    R. Heughan

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  • Tm
    TMM Mar 07, 2009

    I have gone through the many changes from Sunterra to now Diamond resorts. I will have to disagree...I went on your typical owner update recently and was shown how they are now implementing their new approach to this industry. I signed up for a 90 minute presentation and they stuck by that. They were not pushy and were professional. They have started to renovate and add properties and the access to the "Club Select inventory" has been useful. Anyone that knows anything about timeshre knows that you are not going to get what you paid for it in total back but the better accomadations and the ability to pass it on to my kids is the reason we did it.
    This industry is not perfect but it is better than the alternative...nothing back and in a one room hotel.

    T. Mohr

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  • Bs
    bstark Apr 03, 2017

    @TMM My husband and I just went through the absolute worst experience of our lives at a Diamond Resorts sales presentation. We were lied to, made to feel insignificant, humiliated and ultimately insulted. We are already timeshare owners but if we ever plan to buy another week it most definitely will not be from Diamond Resorts. Worse than the old Westgate hard sell by a long shot. Do Not Do The sale Presentation No Matter What They Offer You. I am still shaking.

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  • So
    soldak1 Apr 23, 2009

    Buying from Diamond Resorts is the worst possible decision you can make.

    We bought from Sunterra many years ago. We have almost finished paying off our 11000 points. However now Diamond Resorts has raised the maintenance & "other" fees so high that the fees are more than it would cost us to stay at the resorts without being owners.

    We are out 15k and will have to pay more to stay at a resort now than if we never bought in the first place.!!!

    According to what we were told & our contract fees were set by Sunterra. But don't expect Diamond Resorts to follow your contract. You will have to take them to court to get them abide by the terms of a contract.


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  • Na
    natxlaw May 21, 2009

    If Diamond Resorts International is not a scam, they sure acted like one today. They went over time on the presentation by almost double (told me 90). The salesman lied to me about the person having my gift not being on the premises to try and keep me there longer, then folded when I got irate. There presentation consisted of a pure chicanery, showing irrelevant data comparing the price of 40 years of hotel to prices that did not include annual fees. A salesperson who could not answer my questions regarding the company's portfolio of assets said "That's an irrelevant question, " because I would not commit to buying something if she answered it.
    I expected high pressure sales, I did not expect asinine and transparent lies that would not have fooled me as a 10 year old, or that the company sales strategy would be completely disinterested in the prospect of my business if I did not purchase this very day. That makes me think that they know they are selling a bad deal. Anyone who claims to sell a property interest for 10's of thousands of dollars and does not want you to have time to check them out is certainly not someone a wise consumer will do business with under any circumstances.

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  • Ru
    rucineman Jul 15, 2009

    I must be one of the lucky ones. I absolutely enjoy my Vacation Ownership property. I enjoy how I am not stuck taking the same vacation over and over year after year. The Club system that DRI uses is beneficial to me, since it pays for a lot of things I need or use during a vacation. I truly believe I get a lot for my buck. And I appreciate their point system and how often I can use it knowing the points will be replenished each year for the rest of my life.


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  • Bs
    bstark Apr 03, 2017

    @rucineman I, too, appreciate timeshare ownership, but the way Diamond Resorts conducts their sales is not civilized. There are other more courteous and reputable companies who do not treat potential buyers like animals.

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  • Na
    natxlaw Jul 20, 2009

    Well Rucineman,

    If you are in fact a real buyer, and not someone from that sheister sales office in Williamsburg, (the one I alluded to in my above post) I am about to make you hate me, hate Diamond, and eat your words, so get ready to hate and eat . . .

    After the high pressure sales presentation full of smoke and mirrors, I did as the sales staff assured me was NOT my best option, and researched what their timeshares went for on the resale market. While the Diamond people had tried to sell me points for about $3 per point, I found many sellers willing to sell them for $1 PER POINT. I liked 66% off, but that was only the beginning.

    Natxlaw Hooks the Big Fish . . .
    As I investigated further I learned more, much from the other branches at Diamond Resorts, who unlike the sales staff were helpful and truthful (also shocked at my claims of the sales staff). I wound up finding 15000 Diamond Points up for sale in a Dutch auction. I won these points, the same type Diamond tried to sell me for almost $50, 000USD, for a mere $300USD. That’s right $300 for a Diamond Gold membership. Another Dutch auction featured 20000 Diamond Points and went for $1.50, but those points (and of course fees) did not start until next year so that buyer will have to wait a bit longer.

    Natxlaw’s Beef . . .
    I never said Diamond Resorts was not a good deal for SOME people. It offers accommodations in comfort levels that would be out of most people’s price range at a full service hotel. My problem is a sales staff that tries to sell memberships by lying, marketing them as an investment (it is not an investment, someone paid 50K for this and I got it for $300), or skewing financial projections to make memberships look like something they are not (i.e. leaving the substantial annual fees out of the 10+ year figures they show you), like equivalent in price to staying at Motel 6 a few times a year.

    Epilogue . . .
    So when I am soaking it up with the other suckers on my annual stays with Diamond, I will casually mention “This Gold Membership was the best $300 I ever spent, ” and watch them choke on the cherry in their cocktail. Though they will hate me, they might learn something and make wiser choices in the future.

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  • Az
    AZBigIron Oct 11, 2009

    We just came back from a Diamond resort in Sedona and were able to withstand the sales pitch. We were prepared for the pitch, but have to say they were very prepared and rehearsed. After we said no, over and over, they finally sold us the "sampler" package - around $890 for 7 nights which includes a location we were going to anyway. Good deal. But you have to be prepared for the pitch and able to withstand it. Not for the uninitiated. Too bad they have to resort to selling on an emotional basis instead of an intellectual one.

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  • Ch
    chris vittorini Nov 08, 2009

    I have been a timeshare owner for 6 years with Sunterra, which is now Diamond Resorts. If you read the comments on this site please take note of my expierience. My wife and I own at the Grand Beach Resort in Florida, we tried to book this year and come to find out that the point cost to stay at our resort has gone up, and now we were unable to stay there. We did stay down the street at Cypress Pointe which is better for the Kids but is an older property. Two years ago we stayed at Powhatan Village in Virginia, and the unit we stayed in should have been condemed! My wife and I, and also my children were repeatedly bitten by fleas. Yes Fleas! We called down to the front desk to get moved but were not successful. They didn't call us back at all, and we had to call again in the morning. 4 of us slept in the pull out couch that night. The next day they moved us to another unit, and in that unit the roof leaked on the second floor all night long! Needless to say this place is a DUMP! This year at Cypress Pointe my oldest daughter got ring worm... and yes we are very clean people. The place looked nice, but after walking around the unit for a while in barefeet, we noticed that are feet were BLACK! Dirty! Do not fall for their investment promises because you will still end up in an old unit on your next vacation. They were just granted a loan for 184million dollars to renovate some of their resorts, They should take some of that money and demolish some of the disease ridden units they currently own. I would never invest anymore money with this company.

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  • Ch
    ChefDan72 Dec 31, 2009

    My wife and I signed up for the "90 minute" presentation and attended yesterday at the Lake Tahoe property.

    I don't want to re-hash everything that was said above about how terrible of a company Diamond Resorts is BUT please trust that all of the complaints above are very accurate!!

    Our tour took 3 hours-we told them that we HAD to go at the 90 minute mark but they still kept us-

    I am fairly certain that there was a microphone under our table so that they could listen in during the extended absences of the sales person-maybe I'm wrong?

    I want the 3 hours back that they STOLE from my life!!!

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  • Yo
    yoohoo Jan 13, 2010

    I must disagree with all these negative postings. I have owned points with Diamond Resorts and have no regrets. To the people that posted there "opinion" but do not own a timeshare, they have no voice in the matter. You guys should rent from me and pay my timeshare off for me. As for the guy who claims he bought 15, 000 pts for $300, this is not possible. Do you wanna know why...because you do not get points on resale. Points are activated by the developer and DO NOT carry over on resale. For those of you reading this, you should visit Diamond Resorts blog forum of posting from REAL owners and you will get the real scoop.
    FACTS: -Diamond Resrts has the ONLY points system through Interval Intl.
    - Diamond Resorts owners DO NOT have to deposit a week to see the available inventory.
    - Diamond Resorts as of Jan 1, 2010 posted a 93% satisfaction rate when they surveyed their existing owners.
    - Diamond Resorts has more owners than any other company registered in Interval Intl.
    So...for all you non-believers, don't buy the product and keep renting hotel rooms. Collect your rental receipts and when you spent enough to buy the product you will own nothing and Diamond owners will travel on their maintenance fee. As for the complainer that feels he wants 3hrs of his life back...don't go to timeshare presentations and quit being a mooch.

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  • Do
    donmatzen Jan 16, 2010

    We've never had a problem with Diamond Resorts, except one and then only minor. They did not post our 2011 points correctly. When I called and discussed it, the individual stated it would take 3 -5 days to check into the matter. It took 6 hours and it was resolved.

    If you want to deflect the cost of HOA dues, apply for a Diamond Resorts Chase Visa card. We reduced our HOA dues by 50% for 2010.

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  • Fr
    FRUSTRADA Jan 25, 2010

    My husband and I were given a week in St. Maarten by some friends who own a timeshare there which at the time was Sunterra. We went to the presentation and had planned not to buy anything, BUT we were given, what we thought, was a great opportunity as the gentleman who sold it to us said we could use our points in Dominican Republic where we have family and friends. So we thought, at the very least we could send family on a vacation there to use our points...come to find out, since all the resorts are all inclusive you have to pay an extra $50 per person per night!! If I book my stay through an agency in DR I would be paying around that each night for a whole week. Why would I pay withh my points and then pay again?!!? We were not told this at the time of sale nor were we told that club dues were anywhere near $800! We were also not told that exchanges with Interval Int'l are based on shareholders "giving up" their timeshare! Each and every time I call Diamond Resorts I learn something new about my timeshare that I never knew, all of which makes me so unbelievably angry that I wish I could sue! I don't know what to do with myself as I am in debt with something that I cannot stand to pay off.

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  • Da
    DanielThaler Feb 02, 2010

    Anyone who is saying something good about timeshares is a plant. It is one of the biggest scams thought of in years. I know so many disgruntled and unhappy people who are so regretful for having fallen for all of the lying and fraudulent claims. I'm stuck with mine now, I guess for the rest of my life. Even though it's totally paid for, I still regard my situation as being "stuck with it." Maintenance fees are ab0ut 900 dollars, and have steadily increased over the years and will continue to do so. It is so fraudulent I'm surprised the Feds cant get involved somehow. I wish someone would organize a tiemshare owners association, and all of us acted as one cohesive group. NO ONE pay their maintenance fees for a year. I mean literally NO ONE. Do you know how much revenue they would loose? I woudn't consider it at as being a "deadbeat." When people act together and say we've had enough, THINGS HAPPEN. All anybody want is a fair shake and some semblance of what we were told, even promised, about our timeshares.

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  • Fe
    Fester72 Feb 05, 2010

    Of course I never checked, but I want to know if it is possible to buy points from places other than the resorts themselves? A few posts above this I read about a Dutch auction or something. I enjoy the Tahoe property, but I am concerned that despite asking multiple times it takes a miracle to get into one of the new rooms. I am almost ready to ask them to show me a new unit other than the tour one.

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  • Go
    Goldenbergs280 Feb 07, 2010

    I must say, all these complaints have given me a good chuckle! My husband and I have been owners since the Sunterra days and have been happy about the changes Diamond Resorts have made. No, I am not a "plant" as some folks have posted! We regularly attend our "updates" and always expect them to go a little longer. Usually we get to talking about our lives and lose track of time. In all of our experiences, only once did we encounter a negative, "pushy" salesman, but I can't recall the gentleman's name. The sales staff has always been extremely pleasant & it is worth it to us to save some money on dining or activities. We find value in our ownership & always get to where we want to go. We are planners by nature and have always found that, with enough notice, we are able to get into the resorts we choose. My husband and I own with RCI and find it a more cumbersome, outdated system. It seems as though many folks are posting, but aren't even owners.

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  • Nu
    NumberOneSucker Feb 26, 2010

    I never thought that I'd be one of the people that P.T. Barnum said was "born every minute." That's right, I'm a sucker. We bought a time share while in Sedona, Az about three years ago. The desperate song & dance actually convinced us to part way with our hard earned cash. The sad truth hit home the first time that I attempted to book a timeshare and the subsequent failure to find absolutely anything available. And that's why their "math" is lie.
    Their pitchmen will show you how, over a span of years, you could spend well thousands of dollars more on hotels as compared to what you're paying for the time share.

    The timeshare formula has nothing to do with reality.

    Here's the reality--with a hotel room you'll always be able to go anywhere and stay anywhere as long as you want by simply booking it. You are not limited to one week out of the year.You won't be billed for maintenance on the hotel room after you check out (hey, that's included in the cost of your bill!). You can come back next week and you won't have to over and above the cost of the room just to book the room!

    Finally, I simply do not believe that the positive comments posted here are from real customers. If they are, they do not have even an entry-level clue of the value of a dollar.

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  • Na
    natxlaw Feb 26, 2010


    You can indeed purchase the points elsewhere! Just google "time share sales."


    You are so transparent in your chicanery. No real person goes looking at a complaint and then joins to post one comment. With the Rucineman account you were not even clever enough to cloak where you were from, Williamsburg VA. Williamburg VA is the location of a sales office and two Diamond properties. Why would ANYONE from Williamsburg buy a timeshare in their home town? When I see someone joining just to post one comment, I am very suspicious. If you have any sense, you will give this up. The dumb people reading this are going to believe the sheer volume of discontent. The smart people are going to see that you are a fake, and think you are a shill from Diamond. Also, whenever you post, the rest of us are alerted to it and will finger you as a one comment wonder. A mad customer has a dog in the fight. A sales peon from a time-share company has a dog in the fight. A SATISFIED CUSTOMER HAS NO DOG IN THE FIGHT, So that is clearly not what you are.


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  • Ab
    abshish Feb 28, 2010

    If you want a good deal on a timeshare look at Marriott. They use points, own resort use, and exchange. We have been all over the world and haven't paid for a hotel or vacation in years! It is a great value if you travel more than 2-3 weeks a year, which any family should do to keep their sanity. We have never regretted it for a second.

    We spent the dreaded 90 min at the diamond resort in Orlando. Suckers. I also sense there was a microphone under the table. The sales person actually told me he had had a tragedy with his child. I didn't buy into that. We told them we were not happy with interval international, we used them once or twice. Once he realized that he realized he was not going to sell. We were adamant. Got our money. Also got a 2 night stay in the future with MILLIONS of restrictions. It makes it almost impossible to use once all the fine print is read. I just want to use it for principle.
    Anyway Marriott is a much better deal, with more diversity, etc. You can stay in their hotels or timeshares...

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  • Kl
    KLRcasey Dec 18, 2018

    @abshish We own Marriott, Disney and Diamond ( by default from earlier Monarch Grand Vacations) . Each time we use Diamond points, and by the way we do use our points, we decline the 90 minute owner update because a sales presentation is a sales presentation no matter what they call it . Both our other vacation clubs update us online, ask if we need updates, more time or points, listen to our answer, and then say “ have a nice vacation let us know if we can be of service” but Diamond pushes and pushes and calls and calls. The Diamond inferior product just keeps trying to sell; they don’t seem to get it; they already sold me, I AM AN OWNER and I’m trying to use the Diamond product! With their rough handling I am learning to dislike the product and their methods- so I don’ t go to owners updates; certificates and gift cards and cruises don’t appeal to owners like me. I want peace, quiet, free time, ( I already paid for it and continue to pay through maintenance fees), a real STAYCATION with service and pampering, no sales pitches, and put the updates in writing on line or in the mail. I’ll let you know when I want more points or weeks!

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  • Tj
    tjmm01 Mar 03, 2010

    Well I AM a timeshare owner at DRI Maui and I totally got SCREWED! I originally purchased an every other week from Sunterra - Two years ago while staying at my home resort on Maui they wanted me to come for the sales pitch - which I did because I wanted to learn how to sell my timeshare. I am not a gullible person but man the sales rep was good. He had me convinced that converting my week to points would allow me to vacation every year in Maui and I bought it hook line and sinker! Man did I get screwed!! The resort is beautiful however I pay thousands of dollars a year on club fees and now will NEVER have enough points to vacation in Maui every year - maybe if I wait until 60 days prior to when I want to vacation I might have enough for every other year - sound familiar? That was where I started when I had my every other year week and I only had to pay the dues every other year. Now I have to pay the dues every year and can not even use my points to go there. Talk about SCAM!! They have NO resale program or buyback. They do NOT help owners connect with other owners wishing to sell their points. They claim to be all about customer service but that is the biggest lie ever. The onsite staff (outside of sales) is typically great. However, DRI as a company is horrific! STAY FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY from owning through them for timeshare. My family has owned timeshare for over 30 years now and I am the ONLY sucker because I went through DRI. Timeshare ownership is awesome - just NOT through them. Please head all these warnings.

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  • Sh
    Shavaun Mar 05, 2010

    I just want to say that all the negative comments are not true and I am not a plant, nor do I work for any timeshare company. I have been an owner for since 2002 and my experience with Sunterra and DRI has been wonderful. I have been able to stay at the resorts of my choice even if I booked 60 days out from my trip. I think most of you are lying and should only speak on what you really know and have experienced. Some of you probably never even been at any of the DRI resorts and are just chiming in on what other people a saying. The properties at all of the DRI locations where I have stayed have been nice. As far as vacation I get at least 4 to 5 a year, sometimes I give points to relatives.

    Last year I stayed in Vegas for 2 weeks, I had two two bedroom units; I took 10 family members to Orlando, stayed at Grand Beach for one week and had to two three bedroom units. My family and friends stayed at Powhattan in Williamsburg in the new units for a week at Christmas; again I had three two bedroom units.

    When I had a problem with my maintenance fee I call the office and got the matter straighten out in a matter of minutes.

    I went to a presentation for RCI and it takes hundreds of thousands of points in order to take a vacation with them.

    I always say self experience is the best, don't rely on what you are reading here, if you are interested in timeshare, DRI works for me.

    I will agree about the maintenance fee being high.

    T. Miller

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  • Ji
    Jim Garfunkel Mar 25, 2010

    I inherited 2 weeks at a Sunterra Resort(Scottsdale Villa Mirage) in 2003. I thought it was OK for $500/year. A few years later I spent thousands of dollars to convert the weeks to points to increase flexibility in use. This was also ok for a while. I went all over the world and was never disapointed in the accommodations. As the fees and expenses rose and my life changed I decided to sell. This is where the problems began. Since the sale was finalized in December, Diamond has done everything they can to make the transfer difficult. First it was simply taking them a long time to make the transfer. Now that that is done, they are telling the new owner that they own weeks, not points. This is almost four months after the documents were legally filed. It is hard to imagine a company this incompetent, so the logical conclusion is that they are all about money and have no understanding of service.
    Has anyone else run into this kind of problem?

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  • Ru
    rucineman Mar 26, 2010

    To Natxlaw,

    Don't come up here and negatively criticize someone you know nothing about.
    FOR THE RECORD, I DON'T work for DRI. I moved to WILLIAMSBURG, VA in early 2009 and attended a presentation IN WILLIAMSBURG because buying vacation ownership was something I was interested in for some time. Williamsburg is Timeshare Central, so I thought "WHY NOT?"

    No, I DONT stay at any of the Williamsburg properties, because as you stated, "Why would ANYONE from Williamsburg buy a timeshare in their home town?" I didnt buy HERE to visit HERE. I did so to go OTHER PLACES. Which is the WHOLE POINT.
    ALSO, I can offer the room at either one of the resorts here to visiting friends and family.

    And when I posted my first comment, I was merely looking up information about DRI and stumbled upon this site. I had - and STILL HAVE - NOTHING NEGATIVE to say about the resorts, or DRI and posted my two cents. It's perfectly fine for anyone to post on a message forum ONCE. I do it to participate in topics that interest me. And I haven't CONTINUED to post here because It isn't my life's mission to investigate a company that HASN'T screwed me over nor is it my interest to check into where YOU sleep at night.

    There's nothing "fake" about me or my posts.
    The problem lies solely within YOU; because of your crappy experiences you seem to think everyone else has to have them, too. Sorry man. That just isn't the case. Thanks for playing. Try again.


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  • Mr
    mr la chat noir Apr 08, 2010

    DRI points free to anyone interested!!! If you are a member and wish to have these points to enhance whtever you hold in points look no further.

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  • Pr
    proublem Apr 14, 2010

    I am a owner with Dimond and an very un happy as well and was given a free week when we sighned up. The proublem we have is that you can't get in to any of the resorts anywhere and I think that was planned on there part and we even gave them a years notice. We have had one proublem after another with them and about ready to drop them as I cant use them and I do have a attorney and he can handle it.

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  • Ch
    chrisnsar May 14, 2010

    Matteresses are too lumpy !!

    Chris N Sarah

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  • Pa
    p.a.milne May 28, 2010

    1/614172 silver member! tried to book 1 week June 2011, showing 2 bed available at Pine Lake for 7 nights! would not accept my usual debit card or a credit card. WHY?????. No wonder new members are frustrated.Answer please

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  • Ls
    LScanlon Jun 02, 2010

    Diamond is EVIL!! Everytime I get a call from them telling me I owe them money I laugh. The sales rep was a liar and promised me so much to get me to sign. I knew something seemed off, but I kept getting pressured by the mulitple reps.

    Since I live in the NE I was told I could use some of my 5000 points in Cali and the rest in Maui, where I bought the timeshare. What a joke!

    Stay far far away from Diamond Resorts. They are liars and cheats and just want your money! It's been 2 years and they still harass me about paying them.


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  • Li
    Liz Deas Jun 15, 2010

    I started out w/Williamsburg Powhatan Plantation, then joined Sunterra, upgraded and now w/DRI...Nothing but more and more nightmares! Over the years, I tried dismissing and giving allowances, but there was an increase of unprofessional, discourtesy, and outright bias and neglience...and there's no excuse for outright disrespect and gross neglience, especially when you're continuing to pay out increasing thousands of *unjustifiably and unnecessary $$ and the company, CEO, staff, others have jobs and are successful because of US...the owners. I could go on and on, of unbelievable horrible stories including embarassing my guest, walking in unannounced *several times unannounced, numerous jacuzzi issues some extreme we couldn't even use and often had to leave and even transfer to other unit, many broken promises, unreturned phone calls and ignored emails, etc. etc. And the Owners Association is a JOKE (no representation for us the owners), the forum is controlled in such a way, many complaints and needful info is blocked from sharing...They know it's far over rated and "some" areas I have really enjoyed the resort site and encountered polite staff, but for most part my experience and more and more DRI owners I speak with, excluding the internet complaints, these owners have felt or experience no genuine concern or support for us, the owners and also experience far less positive sustantial customer service, unreturned calls and increasing fees.

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  • Ve
    VEK92 Jun 17, 2010

    Diamond Resorts International IS THE MOST HORRIBLE SCAM ever existed. BE AWARE! Unfortunately it is a reality of my life now. It is so bad that I am planning to walk away from the thousand of dollars previously invested in it! Extortion, lies and bad service!!! VEK92

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  • Iw
    iwantoutofthis Jul 14, 2010

    I agree this purchase was the worst decision ever. Their website has a place where one should be able to put these complaints and said complaints should be observed and corrected. PROBLEM is they never post ANYTHING negative about their business practice. The MAINT Fee's are beyond ridiculous, price gouging, then there's the other BOGUS fee's as well. This last year I paid $1400+ in Maint fee's and Club Dues. These fee's are for 5500 points every other year in Kaanapali Maui. I agree with a previous poster, I can vacation CHEAPER than it costs to use my current time share.

    I'm disgusted with all the Sales staff etc, leaches I will call them, living the FAT life over there in Maui. They all sponge and funnel our dues and fees to maintain their place in Paradise.

    The high pressure sales with the temptation of the property being a wise investment is another ridiculous endeavor.

    Bottom line, a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT needs to be implemented for numerous business practices from "out of control" rising Maintenance fees to new fees that initially never existed. The management clearly has no issues implementing these new "fee's" with little explanation of where the funds will be allocated. I'm tired of paying for an overly saturated staff of hob-nobs on the board who clearly generate new reasons and fees for the Timeshare owners, so they can continue to LIVE where we can now no longer afford to visit...LEACHES!!!

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  • Da
    danymac77 Aug 07, 2010

    My wife and I just got back from a "sampler" we bought last year after staying in Williamsburgh VA last year. We almost bought last year, but with the economy and job outlook we thought we would wait a year. This year we were in Orlando. The salesman was rude, insulting and just out of order. He was basically calling us fools for not buying at the price they were offering. Thank goodness we are done with Diamond Resorts Intl. We will never use them again, and I am glad I didn't buy. The other complaints (in regard to sales pressure & presentation) I have read on here are 100% on the mark. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company.

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  • Da
    danymac77 Aug 07, 2010

    My wife and I just got back from Grand Beach in Orlando, we bought it as a "sampler" last year when we were at Williamsburg and did not buy the entire package they were offering. We almost bought last year, seemed like a great deal, but with the economy we decided to hold off. The salesman we got in Orlando a few days ago has to be dealt with to be believed! Multiple times he told us he is not a salesman, he does not work on commission, he is only doing this to clear up the backlog of "samplers" that Diamond Resorts Intl. discontinued sometime after we bought the sampler package. This salesman went as far as using his 4 year old child’s 9 operations as a sledge hammer to get us to buy. He went as far as saying he "gets annoyed" when people complain about paying 200 bucks a month for this or 400 bucks a month for that when he has these mounting medical bills. If I didn't hear it with my own two ears I would not believe it. After my wife and I stayed an hour past the 90 minutes required we said we really can't but this year, please give us your card and when things get better for us (economically) we will call you. He said "I don't have a card" and said good bye to us and walked away while we were still sitting at the table. This company is to be avoided.

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  • Sl
    slamindelta Aug 09, 2010

    These type of people are the ones that call into a customer service center just being rude to the agents and looking to be mean to get what they want. That is not they way to go about anything. Being an owner there is very worthwhile!! They havve great resorts at most locations, some are updating, the people are friendly and the "sales people" are hospitable. The person i met with I do not consider a sale person but a personal friend and vacation helper. So for this bad mouther, shame on you.

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  • Bi
    bigkahuna Aug 17, 2010

    We have been seeking a Owners List for for our primary Resort Point at Poipu, for months with promise to deliver it never happened! The reason Diamond knows once all the owners of units actually have a opportunity to communicate they will all know just how bad Diamond is hosing us all on Maint Cost! and the quality of Management they are providing.One of the comments above mentions that their family can stay a a resort for less money where they are not a owner, Point at Poipu that is very much a accurate statement!! Timeshare sales/business will always have issues but companies like Diamond stink it up so bad they make it really hard for the companies that have some hint of moral/ethical fiber.I have a friend who works for Marriott in Timeshare though not sales he says they have complants but never do they sneek relatives of officers of their company on to the board of directors of the resorts something Diamond is very handy at doing(Control Us by controlling the Board).--Big Kahuna

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  • Az
    AZBigIronAgain Aug 31, 2010

    We just completed our very last high-pressure time sales presentation. We bought the "Sampler Package" from Diamond in which we paid $890 and agreed to sit for another two hours of high pressure tactics. Once again, we didn't buy anything. Further, we learned that there's a whole big world out there of time share re-sales. Instead of $44, 000 for an ocean-front condo, we can get one for around $8, 000 (or maybe less if we really go shopping). The point system is a shell game in my opinion, vs. the actual deeded ownership of a property which you can get from a re-seller. Anyway, my wife and I felt dirty once again after the sales presentation. Skip the free-bees (and sampler packages) and just go to a re-seller if you can find an honest one.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Duffy Aug 31, 2010

    Each and every one of you have your certain situation/position or experience to share, In the end, after you hit "enter", I'll bet no one from this forum actually reaches out to help you.

    So, you just write into a "GREAT BLACK HOLE"...What ashame.

    If you need some real help, not buyers remorse after reading these posts, then reach out to me and I would be happy to assist.


    Patrick C. Duffy
    Chief Experience Officer

    [email protected]

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  • Ud
    Udon'tSay Sep 08, 2010

    I am at the Maui Club as I write this note. I am here as a guest of an owner. We were hit up by sales personnel four (4) times. We made the mistake of going to an "orientation" about the resort and local area activities and that it would not be a timeshare presentation. It wasn't but we were invited to attend one. There we said we would attend a 90-min. presentation on ownership. We were fortunate to be given a heads up by other visitors, so within hours cancelled on attending the presentation. We had 3 phone calls from sales staff to reschedule, reconsider, etc. We love Hawaii and still thinking of taking a look at DRI through resales I wound up here.

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment here. We will not be purchasing. Any business will have some discontent, but the number of unhappy owners speaks volumns.

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  • Pa
    Patrick Duffy Sep 08, 2010

    We are sorry that this small number of dissatisfied comments had such and influence on you. Instead of the 450, 000 that use the membership with great satisfaction that you should also be aware of also...

    No matter what we are always here to assist you or help you in your transaction and or thought process.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Duffy
    Chief Experience Officer
    Diamond Resorts International

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  • Ts
    TS-This Oct 14, 2010

    When we bought it was Embassy Suites Vacation Resort (2000) and I have used the other properties in Tahoe and wanted to go to Kaui. Now under the DRI folks I lost all of my privilages to any other property unless I "update". Why would I throw good maney after bad? Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.

    I bet if someone could look into all of those additional "operational expenses" there is something going on there that is making someone a bunch of $$$$.

    I believe Diamond resorts is in material breach of my contract with Embasy Suites (and have felt this way for a few years as the maint fees skyroketed). I did not buy in to a single resort, how can a contract be changed without my knowlege or consent? There are other areas of my contract that DRI just chooses to ignore. Instead of a time share with trading power it has become a joke. People I know can get a better deal on expedia or orbits and stay at a resort that does not look like a bottle of Pepto...

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  • Pa
    Patrick Duffy Oct 16, 2010

    Maybe if you could be a little more specific with me at;

    [email protected]

    Then you could be better informed of the fact vs your perception.

    Give it a try? You won't have anyone else answer you with better assistance.

    Best regards,
    Patrick Duffy
    Chief Experience Officer
    Diamond Resorts International

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