DHL Expressdelivery

F Feb 13, 2020

I order on line an Apple product: smart battery case for my new iPhone.
This is the tracking number for the DHL express delivery is [protected]
Call the customer center on Wednesday 12th of Feb to be deliver on Friday 14th of February instead of the original delivery Thursday 13th of Feb.

I did insist with Stephanie the delivery must be done on this Friday morning because I'm flying over sea and I will not be in Hong Kong for the next 6 weeks.

Customer officer did guarantee me it will be done and deliver this Friday morning.

Received a call this Friday morning at 10.37 by a DHL agent saying the delivery cannot be done this morning without giving me the real reason.
He told me the will call me back. I never received the call.

Called the customer center and spoke to the same lady Stephanie I had on the phone last Friday.
She did admit the driver forgot to take the parcel this morning so that's why no delivery.

I would like to be compensate. I would have to buy the product again because the delivery didn't happen on time and I need it during my trip.
This is unacceptable.

This is the product

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