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dell inspiron 15 i7 laptop

I am a first year university student. I purchased a brand new Dell inspiron i7 laptop with an AMD Graphics card at the beginning of the year from Matrix Warehouse. However I am very disappointed with the performance of the device. I experience a great amount of lag when using the laptop and it often overheats and crashes. It also struggles to perform basic tasks, such as opening windows explorer etc. This has left me very disappointed with the product on which I heavily rely on. As a student, it was very difficult for me to gather the money to purchase this device which was very expensive (R12000). Is there anything that can be done to fix this problem as this is not what is expected of a brand new laptop. My device is still under the factory warranty and is less than a year old.


I work with dell servers with a large company and the support I get is great... Did I say great But...

order cancelled by dell and no refund

I bought a laptop on DELL website on 07 November 2018. My order was cancelled by Dell on the next they, they said the address informed in the order was different of my bank address which is not true.
Anyway, today is 12 December 2018 and haven't received my money back, they always say that I am going to receive the money in 5-7 business days or that they are working on the case. That's unacceptable, I am very disappointed with this company.

dell financial services

To whom it may concern: I have today followed up and made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. With...

product does not operate as specified and lousy service was provided

On November 19th, I chatted online with with a Dell representative concerning the purchase of 2 laptops. I...

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false advertisement

Order number [protected]
On 11-22-2018 AT 6:12 pm EST I purchased 3 Inspiron 11 3000 at the advertised cost of $119.99 per system. When I printed the receipt I noticed the price I was charged was considerably higher than it should have been. Being a customer of Dell for years I assumed this was simply and error and sent an email to ask that it be corrected.

The email I received back from customer support told me they could not reimburse the total amount of the difference between the advertised price and what I had been charged but they would happily give me a $25.00 credit.

I contacted customer service by phone. I was told the advertised price applied if I was purchasing only one system. If I wanted more than one system I would be charged more per system. There was no mention of this condition on the advertisement nor in the famous fine print. Further I was unable to cancel the order because it had already shipped. The sleeves I ordered have shipped but the systems have not . Cancel them now. I will return the sleeves if they arrive.

I have never had this kind of treatment from Dell in the past. I have no idea what has happened to the company. My puny purchase will mean nothing to the bottom line of the company and the absence of customer service after the sale will continue to be nonexistent. Regardless, I shall debug my residence of all things Dell and seek systems from Dell competitors. Then pass the word to family and friends to keep them from falling prey to this kind of deception.

Cancel all orders

false advertisement

dell inspiron 15-5=3552 computer id 624be914-0afe-44db-ae24-eb447806015a

I purchase this computer earlier this year for a work computer. I read good reviews online about it. However...

dell inspiron download caused software issue

On November 15, 2018 I followed the Dell alert to "Restart my system". My computer did not work after this and it is only 6 months old. I called Dell Tech support and the only way they would fix was by my signing up for a software warranty at $170. All that was needed was to restore the computer to before the download. I should not have to pay to fix what they broke and believe that this is a way for Dell to collect more money. Consumers need to be aware.

xps 8930

Machine makes tons of noise.

I have sent it to Houston once - even though I paid the most expensive warranty they have so I could get in home service. They refused to send anyone out unless I diagnosed the problem myself.

They returned it - making the same noise.

I called again. They sent a tech to the house. Still makes the noise.

I will never buy Dell again.

laptop inspiron 5700, service tag, dell s r [protected]

List of problems 9-28-18: [protected] - Latest problem started On Start-up with a Windows black command screen...

inspiron 15 system tag 29y3732

This unit has been stored for non use, I called tech support and was sold a hard drive I didn't need and a recovery USB stick I already had.
The problem is this, when my employee turned the unit on in the AM a couple of months ago the system gave 3-beep code with the message enter System or Admin password and would go no further. I view this as deliberately and fraudulently forcing people into paid service. In my research I have found several people with the same problem and on occasion were given codes to allow the systems to boot.

We have used nothing but Dell systems Desktops, Laptops and Servers in my 14 years of being in business. We are now researching HP and other suppliers. What was once a first class tech support team of past to the now aggravating and incompetent tech support is a real shame. I expect an answer to a resolution ASAP.

Gary S. Oriani
Command Technology Solutions LLC

all in one computer

the hard drive went out the day before the warranty ended. Best Buy St Petersburg, said they can't use the...

dell inspiron 15-352

we purchased this hunk of junk from Wal-Mart online in april 2018. it is so slow, it's worse than my original...

dell federal systems

In attempting to place orders for a government customer (SupplyCore PO #s 384729, 385015 and 385014 valued at more than $50, 000) we were asked to combine the 3 POs which we accommodated, were asked for documents not required for the government contract we work, were bounced between Charles W. Graf, Timothy Borel, Briana Luisi, Kyle Sims, Austin Cremer and Jennifer Northcut in trying to resolve, we were completely ignored for several days, were, eventually, told that Dell could not fulfill the order and directed to a distributor with whom we were told would be the same price. It was more than $800 added cost. Charles blamed a 'new system' for the issues, Tim (though our original contact) literally just stopped responding to our inquiries at all and the other associates (presumably because they didn't know anything about the specific transaction) created more confusion by giving us conflicting information about how we were to proceed. As 9/30 marks government fiscal year end (arguably the most critical time of year for both government customers and prime vendors) we cannot recover the lost funds. This is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered in my 30+ year career in customer service.

tech service dispatch [protected]

I bought my laptop in Feb and have had problems with speed since then. Many hours on the phone, chat and sent...

customer service and inspirion

The weekend is just about here, a time when people get to celebrate the hard work they do every year. Starting August 31st many of us will be online evaluating the choices and prices of the companies that will be vying for our consumer dollar. Or, put another way, your hard-earned money. Among the deals, you can anticipate concern electronics of almost every kind, including computers. This is a good time to remind you to be wary of Dell. Hundreds, I know, have read the posts I put up on this company's abominable treatment of consumers, particularly where the computer warranties are concerned. What I personally experienced in Dell was a company that doesn't care aa whit about their customers. Not at all, no matter who you talk to or what level. It is my opinion that Dell has the worst customer service of any company, anywhere and I've been around the globe. If you're just coming to the discussion here's a short recap. I had a laptop, the one Dell was advertising as it's flagship and it developed a problem malfunctioning after only months of use. I sent in my laptop, filled out the proper paperwork, and my request was denied almost immediately. "This is your fault, " they claimed. "You're not covered because you spilled something on the keyboard. I explained that "no" nothing was spilled on the keyboard unless it happened in their shop. Even as a six-year-old I knew electronics and water do not mix. They offered to fix it for $385 which frankly I could afford but there was no way I was going to have the money extorted out of me. I told them I was going to start a mass media campaign educating the consumer to be careful about where they buy their computers. There are companies out there that do remember what customer service is and who genuinely care about those who buy their products. Lenovo (I have four) is one of those companies. Honestly, I have never been treated better and whereas Dell would duck and dodge, Lenovo said, "we'll send you a box and label." What could be easier? A week or two later my computer arrived and has been working like new. Not just this difference in attitude that needs to be considered. When I wrote Lenovo, I got an answer, a prompt and logical one. It was apparent that Dell was not going to do anything from the start. Insofar that I consider my self a reasonable person, I said to Dell. Just send me a picture of the damage and the technician's report. I know I didn't spill anything, I'd like to see your proof that I did. Nothing. It's been close to a year now. Nothing. Dell has a decision-making team made up of various managers from the organization, so far as I can tell. The woman who spoke for the team was useless and the team a joke. If they do engage in discussion and conflict resolution there is no sign of anything having taken place. All you get are glittering generalities and a repeat of the party line. Lenovo's executive customer care team is as good as it gets. From the very first exchange, you know you're in good hands. I wrote Michael Dell and I wrote key members of the Board. Again, nothing.

I had a way of calling a multi-billion dollar company's CEO who wrote back the very next day. He was so disgusted with Dell's behavior that he authorized his company to buy the Dell laptop from me. He did this even after I explained that it came back worse than when I sent it to Dell. Now it was wholly trash, a very expensive doorstop that cost me hundreds of dollars. In less than a week I had this refund from a person who knows injustice when he sees it and who cares about customer rights. Indeed, he cared enough to solve a problem that wasn't his. There are good companies and good people out there.

Dell won't change its behavior because I am a disgruntled consumer, who gave them bad reviews for a year (and almost a year to make good on its warranty). It may, however, change its attitude and practices toward consumers if 100, 000 or more of us do not buy their products this weekend.

There you have it: a genuine caveat emptor moment.

Remember Labor Day starts with "L" and so does Lenovo.

dell 3268 7gen/4gb/1tb/core 13 dell vostro dell cpu not functioning/dead

Prodect service tag - g1w5fn-2, express service tag.-[protected] cpu supplied through gem id [protected] in dy. chief electrical engineer/con/bg/n.e. railway/gorakhpur -3 nos on 27 march/2018 is not functioning from last 10 days.
The cpu was supplied from the firm orion solutions (gorakghpur), cont no. [protected] and cell no. [protected] which is refusing to repair the cpu.
Kindly arrange for the repairing of the cpu as soon as possible because this is hindering the official government work.
Office phone no-
Divisional electrical engineer - [protected]

dell inspiron 7779 laptop

purchased this in august 2017 In April 2018 i had to go thru four days of back an forth with there so call technical support team which I could hardly understand finally they said to send it back to be repaired it come back fixed for 2 weeks same thing again overheating I dealt with it While using it this morning it completely shutdown an wont restart of course warranty just expired an no help from dell at all so now I'm stuck with a year old laptop which cost around 900 dollars that is useless I do play a online game with anywhere from 40 to 45 thousand people a night online from all around the world I will do all I can to inform everyone of them of what kind of useless laptops dell has .

  • Updated by ultrastranger · Aug 14, 2018

    purchased this in august 2017 In April 2018 i had to go thru four days of back an forth with there so call technical support team which I could hardly understand finally they said to send it back to be repaired it come back fixed for 2 weeks same thing again overheating I dealt with it While using it this morning it completely shutdown an wont restart of course warranty just expired an no help from dell at all so now I'm stuck with a year old laptop which cost around 900 dollars that is useless I do play a online game with anywhere from 40 to 45 thousand people a night online from all around the world I will do all I can to inform everyone of them of what kind of useless laptops dell has .

inspiron 3475 aio

I purchased this computer online back in April. I have had many issues with it. I was not able to get it set up right away due to an insane schedule. By the time I got it set up and used it enough to know it has many issues it was past the 30 day return period. I have spent multiple hours on the phone with tech support, only to have the issues persist. I have also spent many hours trouble shooting on my own. This is a brand new computer that is 100% useless to me. It will not even run Support Assist.

Dell will not offer any other recourse to my situation except to offer more phone support.

I spent too much money on this computer and some expensive software (Cyber Link Photo Director and peripherals) to help me with my photography hobby. Due to the malfunction of the computer the software is useless as well.

I have 20+ e mails to and from Dell in an attempt to resolve this issue.

I don't know what else to do.

laptop inspiron 15 series 5000

We purchased the lap top in January 24, 2018. We have had it serviced 3 times and finally the service company...