Del Tacooutrageous experience and their best employee


A few months ago, I visited Del Taco on Roscoe Bl. in Panorama City, California. It was the strangest experience I have ever had I am a regular customer of Del Taco and visit more than 3 times a week. This visit was in the very early morning hours. I remember this because my son just got home from a bar and asked me to get him some food. I was alone and in my pajamas. As I pulled up a shirtless man rushed to my car and said, "There has been a shootout. The gunmen are still at large. I need you to give me a ride out of here."
I could see the guy was deranged and told him no and procxeeded to order and drive through. By the drive thru window exit were 3 men who were joined by the shirtless man. I drove up to the window and paid for my food. Then this shirtless man jumped on the hood of my car grabbed my windshield wiper to pull himself up and put his face up to my windshield and Shouted, "I guess food is more important than saving a human life."
I rolled up my window and waited for my food as this man continued to rant and rave. Then, the unimaginable happened...AS THE EMPLOYEE PREPARED MY FOOD, THIS DERANGED SHIRTLESS MAN CRAWLED THROUGH THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW.
I was frightened beyond belief. I could not see where he went inside. Just then one of the other men went to the window to see where the shirtless man went and looked in my window and seen me in my pajamas. He then tried to talk to me asking questions. I never said a word as I was too terrified to speak. I wanted to drive away but I already paid.
I was also concerned because I could not see the employee for some time and I worried about her well being...
After a while, the employee brought my food. She was such a happy girl with such a big smile..truly a beacon of light. She even asked if I wanted any hot sauce. After getting my food I drove away eventhough the other man was still trying to talk to me.
I went back sometime that week to speak to a manager. The manager was aware of the event and did not believe it to be extreme. I told her of the bravery of the employee but the manager did not seem interested in my opinion.
Just the other evening, going through the drive thru the same employee, [removed], was there. I will never forget her bright smile. She told me what happened after I left. She said the man would not leave and the police were called. She waited an hour and half with this deranged pychopath in the restaurant as she continued to serve customers before the police showed up. AN HOUR AND HALF THIS PETITE GIRL DID NOT LEAVE HER DUTIES AS YOUR DEL TACO EMPLOYEE.
I believe her bravery and calmness during this extreme situation should be commended and I request this letter of recommendation be added to her employee file.
Del Taco should be proud to have Selena Menedez on their team.
Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion

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