Del Tacocleanliness

T Jul 21, 2019

I went into Del Taco. I usually go through the drive-through. The food is great and I love
eating there. I asked to go to the bathroom. The woman gave me a long stick with a key on the end. She had one stick for men and the other for women. I unlocked the door and gave her back the key and then went to the restroom. While eating a man came in and wanted to go to the restroom. The woman behind the cash register to the stick off a hook on the wall. The man went to the restroom and took the key in with him. A few minutes later he came out with the stick and gave it back to her. She then put it on the wall behind the cash register. The next customer came in, ordered and she went and helped my the food order and gave the order to the next person. She did not wash her hands after handling the key stick. This went on while I was there. I can not eat there anymore. I talked to a friend and was told all Del Tacos have those bathroom sticks. Thank you.

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