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They are so tricky..They advertise that it only costs you the shipping and if you use a code the shipping is only $1.95. That's the only true part. I got the trial tube of whitening and decided to cancel as I just couldn't afford it right now. I was never told that if I didn't return the tube within 60 days I would be charged $58.76. I called the number to cancel (toll free) and told them to cancel any futher orders. First I was told that the shipment was already sent and I owe the $58.76. They couldn't change that but wouldn't send anymore. I asked when the shipment went out and then I was told that it wasn't shipped yet but I still owed the $58.76. I tried to tell him to cancel it. I owe nothing. He said to send it back with a tracking number and if they rec'd it by 8/28 then the cancellation would through but I'd somehow still owe them.

This is such a scam like you won't belive. The minute you put in for your trial, you owe them shipping and $58.76. They said it told me this in the print (sure, I'll bet you needed a magnifier to see it) at the bottom of the ad. Sorry...I never saw it. But I did see it was free except for shipping.

This may work great but I'd never buy from someone who has to scam you to sell the products...



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      Aug 28, 2009

    I agree with Sue.

    Most of these online teeth whitening websites are scams. Once you fall for it, your finances go down the drain.

    Never ever give out your Credit card details to online sites. You may as well be swiping your card to its limits for some one else.

    Have a look at this rather informative article on the same subject.

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  • C
      Oct 21, 2009

    If only there was a Simon Templar (The Saint) in our world to deal with these people.

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  • L
      Nov 30, 2009

    I've had the same problem with Dazzle White. It's a Scam. The funds are withdrawn from your credit card account to a foreign country (Greece?) along with exchange fees. Why would anyone in the US want a membership in a fitness club in the UK???

    I tried calling the number from Mr. Satisfactin there, and it was consistently busy for three days. Now the phone call will not go through and you get the hangup signal. I finally just had my card cancelled.


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  • J
      Jul 20, 2010

    I also agree, I just went thru this today. They are a bunch of scammers and cheats. They should put it in BOLD print that if you don't cancel within a certain timeframe you are enrolled in some program and they start billing you $87.47 until you can get through all the confusing email cancellation process! Then they threaten to put your name on a internet credit card fraud list! What a joke.

    John Crouse

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