Dave & Buster’sslow food service

Hi, I'm writing to make it known just how much our event was ruined by the service we received when we visited D&B at Dolphin mall. We had a private event in the entire venue and even though we had purchased game cards to use while there, the fact that we decided to dine before going to the games made it so we couldn't play more than one game all night. Me and my friends sat at a large table in the dining area and we ordered drinks and food. Not only did some orders not even come at all, everyone slowly left because of the slow service so I had to stay and eat by myself.

When I mentioned to my waiter that I needed my check so I can leave and enjoy the games at least a little before the event was over, he explained that they were understaffed because there were only 4 waiters. What I found incredible was that there were only 5 large tables and we hardly ever saw our waiter. If 4 servers can't handle 5 tables they should've been stationed in the dish area, not scheduled for an event that size. We tried asking other employees, even tried paying at the bar, but they all just said "talk to your server" and were of no help.

It was very tempting to just walk out since it was taking so long but we decided to stay, hoping it would soon be over. It wasn't. We were stuck there and it felt like getting 1 plate of food was the worst decision we could have made. Because by the time we paid and left the event was over and the venue was closing soon after. So despite having reserved the venue and purchased the game cards, we never had a chance to use them.

Oct 05, 2019

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