Daraz.pkwaterproof double bed mattress sheet protector

N Aug 04, 2018

The product does not resemble to the picture provided by the company on net.
There is a joint in the near center of the sheet from where urine and liquid can pass.
The size is not exactly 72*78. The quality is not good. Terry cotton shown in the picture is entirely different. Its size is about 2 inches smaller may be due to that joint.
So due to these reason it is useless for me so kindly return it and refund my payment. Thanks.
Date of order:2.8.2018
Date of receive:3.8.2018
Seller SKU:SH876
Shop SKU: MA252OT11BMCSNAFAMZ-5026527
PRICE: 1650
Total : 1749 rupees
Purchase ID: [protected]

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